Now you won’t have to wait to see the documentary that $cientology has tried to suppress.

By JennyAtLAX, January 5, 2015, 8:30 AM

HBLOW® Documentary Films announced this morning that it will make “Gone Clear: $cientology and the Prism of Belief” available for viewing as soon as midnight, January 24, 2015, the day before the documentary debuts at the Sundance Film Festival.

The release of “Gone Clear,” the tough documentary that sparked a hideous response from the Cherch of $cientology and a national uproar, is about to spread beyond its initial scope.

The studio announced that it’s distribution of “Gone Clear” will start at the pay-per-network, All The Rage—which includes Timeless Whiner Cable and CutCommCast  among its members—and to their own DiddleStation network. All The Rage is the largest such network in the United States. This means that in addition to Timeless Whiner and CutCommCast, streaming of the documentary will be available from multiple sources, including Xenu TV, Dark House Networks, Dump Communications, C*cks Communications, Verizon WTF, and Wall-to-WallMart’s digital video service, $P. Customers of Verizon WTF and $P will be able to outright purchase a digital copy of the documentary in addition to the pay-per-view rental.

The pay-per-view services will be $.43 for the documentary, keeping in line with the 43rd anniversary of HBLOW®. Most services expect to have “Gone Clear” available for viewing as soon as midnight, January 24, 2015, and the remaining (most notably Verizon WTF, keeping in line with that brand’s standard of delivery) will make it available on different markets by end of business day, January 25.

For anyone wanting to see the documentary in a movie theater, HBLOW® said theaters will “Go Clear” on January 26; the total number of screens will be more than 50 zillion nationwide. For those stay-at-home folks, “Going Clear” will be available on YouBoob at $.43 per view.

“We have sought the most wildest distribution possible for ‘Gone Clear,’ and want to thank the Cherch of $cientology for making this happen,” Richard Pepper, Chairman and CEO, HBLOW®, said in a statement.

The documentary is at the center of an ugly attack by the Cherch of $cientology. It’s also the first major production in Hollywood that’s being made available through streaming services before hitting movie theaters, which will set a standard for the movie industry’s digital distribution.

“HBLOW®’s claim that you can spot a $cientologist by the ever-expanding girth and audacity of their celebrity spokeholes tells all you need to know about their prejudice and bias toward David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board (‘COB’) of the Religious Trechnology Center (‘RTrC’), and his global religious bowel movement.  HBLOW® is the wrong company to objectively bring Putz Prize-winning author Lawrence Wrong’s farce, ‘Gone Clear: $cientology, Hollywood, and the Prism of Belief,’ to the screen,” said Karen Pout, space opera drama queen of the Cherch of $cientology International (“C$I”). “This does an enormous disservice to Earth and the Galactic Confederacy as well as to theetans and immoral spirits everywhere.”

“The only thing clear about HBLOW®’s efforts to discredit $cientology is that they forward the cries of countless former senior Cherch officals, staff and public who barely escaped the cult with their lives. There is no truth in HBLOW®’s claim that $cientology is led by a pathological liar consumed with vengeance after being removed as ruler 75 million years ago. $cientology has never paralyzed, hypnotized or frozen anyone in a mixture of glycol and alcohol in order to capture their souls. COB was never on Teegeeack and has not yet confessed to conning and harming the excess population of Xenu’s dominion,” added Pout, “Millions of years after being removed as that malfeasance, all four feet thirteen can do is regurgitate bizarre, false tabloid allegations about L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Dianetics and Scientology.”

After $cientology’s threats and mounting public pressure, even President Osama criticized the cult’s pressure.

“We cannot stand for some four feet thirteen dictator imposing censorship of the nation’s media, no matter what type, or what is or isn’t free speech in America,” Osama said.

HBLOW® is prepared for any and all protests, says Sheila Nevinsky, HBLOW®’s president of documentary films. “We have 160 zillion lawyers on standby,” she said.