Re: Adolph Hitler:

“A fellow finally will get things to such a point—that it mustn’t happen again—that he can’t be anywhere else but right where he is. See? And it just mustn’t happen again. He mustn’t be anyplace else; he mustn’t do it again; then the next thing you know there mustn’t be anybody else. See? He’s gotten to a point of where—no duplicate, and you get Hitler. Mustn’t be anybody else. He mustn’t be anybody anywhere. He’s going to make the whole German race commit suicide one way or the other— maddog them on in order to impale themselves upon the bayonets of their enemies, as just the finest goal that a German soldier could have.”

Re: Julius Caesar

“And before that, we had a fellow by the name of Julius Caesar and he had this same goofball computation. And after he got through with Roman troops at one part or another of the world—he did quite a bit of conquest—why, everybody looked around, and you know, they didn’t have any more troops.”

Re: Napoleon

“And we get a fellow like Napoleon. He was forced into an ‘only one’ classification at the French military academy. He was a Corsican, he was poor, he was pretty freaky, the boys made a lot of trouble for him, and so forth. And by golly, he came out of that fully convinced that there could only be one person left on earth—Napoleon.  Fortunately, he didn’t have the cannon and so forth to effect this (obviously to him) desirable goal: There must only be one person left on earth—Napoleon.  And whatever he said to the French people, he did succeed in one thing which we can measure even today. He reduced the stature of the Frenchman by one inch. This was… The goal of Napoleon was to wipe him out, of course, but he did manage to reduce his stature one inch. So we know Napoleon has been present because the Frenchmen are one inch shorter.”

Re: Four-Feet-Thirteen

Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, Karen de la Carriere, Steve Hall and others, are documenting and protesting the “only one” shrinkage of David Miscavige (“Four-Feet-Thirteen”), Chairman of the Board (“COB”) of the Religious Trechnology Center (“RTrC”).

Does that mean we’ll be able to identify $cientologists in the future as four-feet-twelve?

All quotes by L. Ron Hubbard, Tape 5410C11 8ACC7, “Opening Procedure by Duplication”; transcript available as such: “5410C11 Creation 06 Opening Procedure of Duplication.


Comment from Artoo45 to JennyAtLAX: Fabulous. I can never get enough of Hubbs in his full, batsh•t crazy, make-it-up-on-the-fly glory.

Comment from Stacy to Artoo45: Talk about making it up on the fly! Did I read that correctly? Because Napoleon existed, the French are now an inch shorter in stature? Which freaking pills was LRH taking on that particular day? I really need to stop being so utterly floored when I here new (to me) LRH blatherings. I should expect it to be, as Artoo says, “batsh*t crazy,” but I somehow always manage to forget just how random and illogical he was.

Comment from Kim O’Brien to JennyAtLAX: HUH ?

Comment from Observer to Kim O’Brien: Jenny does tend toward the oblique, but if you read the post with Miscavige in place of Hitler, Caesar and Napoleon, and Scientology in place of the German people, the Roman troops and the French, it’s all relevant to Scn’s current situation.

Comment from JennyAtLAX to Observer: Exactly, Observer! The way you summarized the obliqueness in my earlier posting is a job far better than anything I could have ever done; you’re hired!

Comment from Kim O’Brien to JennyAtLAX: So… read your post, edit it in my mind, change the names around in my head… and then your post will make sense? Um… how many years did you waste in the cult? DM is not Hitler, or Caesar, or Napoleon. He is a whack job cult leader who is only given power because people give it to him. Sweet jeebus… how many ashtrays did you yell at?

Comment from Artoo45 to Kim O’Brien: Check your Irony Meter’s sarcasm setting. You’re rock slamming for nothing.

Comment from Kim O’Brien to Artoo45: Rock slamming? LOL… lemme guess… another scientology term that makes zero sense. Got it. I had to look it up… but voila. “Rock Slam to Rto” Index: An erratic E-Meter needle movement, see RS. Rock Slam:The following is the only valid definition of an R/S: the crazy, irregular left-right slashing motion of the needle on the E-Meter dial. R/Ses repeat left and right slashes unevenly and savagely, faster than the eye easily follows. The needle is frantic… A rock slam (R/S) means a hidden evil intention on the subject or question under auditing or discussion.” (Tech Dict. p. 356) [others]

Comment from Artoo45 to Kim O’Brien: Don’t ever change.

Comment from JennyAtLAX to Kim O’Brien: What Four-Feet-Thirteen does when he opens his eyes first thing in the morning every morning.

Comment from stillgrace2 to Kim O’Brien: I don’t think it’s that complicated, Kim. It’s a collection of LRH quotes about specific people.

Comments from Kim O’Brien to stillgrace2: OH… well… now I get it. I did not know that it was an LRH thing. I don’t recognize his work. Thankfully. I am glad to know that I have such a visceral reaction to it .

From “One Scientologist is Out to Teach HBO a Lesson for its Upcoming Documentary,” originally posted at “The Underground Bunker (Tony Ortega on Scientology),” December 29, 2014.