By JennyAtLAX, January 19, 2015

In an unprecedented move yesterday, Reactive Airways refused a refund for Psych Hellis, $cientology’s International Justice Chief.

Last week on Reactive Airways official website, Mr. Hellis purchased a round-trip ticket from Los Angeles, California, to Tampa, Florida, in order to attend a scheduled Inquisition. When PayPal later rejected his online payment due to the airline’s weight restriction, Mr. Hellis demanded a refund.

“I couldn’t think with their reasoning,” Mr. Hellis said during a telephone interview. “First, Reactive Airways subjected me to a security check.” Mr. Hellis then supplied us, by fax (after figuring out that scanners even exist; he later admitted he could have sent us the document in a PDF file from the very beginning), a list of the questions Reactive Airways tried to get him to answer:

Reactive Airways Security Check (“Sec Check”):

  • Have you ever enslaved a population to undermine Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever sacked a city Reactive Airways was in?
  • Have you ever sunk, or otherwise destroyed, a non-combatant vessel of Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever abused hostages, or prisoners traveling on Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever annihilated anyone flying on or employed by Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever poisoned food or drinking supplies on Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever strangled a passenger on Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever deliberately spread disease on Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever deprived people of flying on Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever committed a murder on Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever destroyed a culture on Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever stolen a body aboard Reactive Airways?
  • Is anybody seeking to discover your whereabouts besides Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever broken a treaty to make Reactive Airways look bad?
  • Have you ever upset an ecology Reactive Airways was a part of?
  • Have you ever been a crook on Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever obliterated a language Reactive Airways spoke?
  • Have you ever deliberately trained anyone aboard or employed by Reactive Airways in untruths for power or profit?
  • Have you ever defiled religious places, persons, or objects on Reactive Airways?
  • Have you ever practiced terrorism aboard Reactive Airways?

“All I wanted was a %#@*^&$ refund, so I refused to do their stupid, useless Sec Check,” Mr. Hellis griped, “When I complained and asked to speak to someone in charge, Reactive Airways sent me to their Ethics Department, where they attempted to interrogate me even further.”

Here is a copy of the “Ethics Check” that Mr. Hellis reluctantly supplied us:

Reactive Airways Ethics Check:

  • What suppressive acts do you have against Reactive Airways?
  • What violations have you committed of a Reactive Airways Trademark License?
  • Have you misused, invalidated or alter-ised legally or in any other way the trademarks and service marks of Reactive Airways?
  • Have you used the trademarks and service marks of Reactive Airways without express permission or license?
  • Have you held, used, copied, printed, published or reproduced in any manner, confidential materials of Reactive Airways without their express permission?
  • What violations have you committed of Reactive Airways copyrights, including any manner of reproduction, publishing or selling without the express permission of Reactive Airways Library?
  • How have you attempted or accomplished to change or squirrel the technology of Reactive Airways as listed in Reactive Airways books, bulletins, policies and/or writings?
  • How have you issued alter-ised Reactive Airways technical data or information or instructional or admin procedures, calling it “Reactive Airways” or calling it something else to confuse or deceive people as to the true source, beliefs and practices of Reactive Airways?
  • Have you organized splinter groups to diverge from Reactive Airways practices, still calling it “Reactive Airways” or calling it something else, or using “Reactive Airways” data to distract people from standard Reactive Airways?
  • Have you or your group falsely designated their service or product as “Reactive Airways”?
  • How have you misrepresented Reactive Airways?
  • What unauthorized use do you have of the materials of Reactive Airways?
  • Have you infiltrated Reactive Airways to stir up discontent?
  • What are your anti-Reactive Airways actions or intentions?
  • How have you been hypercritical of Reactive Airways?
  • Have you publicly departed from Reactive Airways?
  • Have you made public statements against Reactive Airways?
  • Are you responsible for civil suits brought against Reactive Airways without first calling the matter to the attention of their International Justice Chief and receiving a reply?
  • How have you committed theft, dissemination or sale of the confidential upper-level material of Reactive Airways?
  • Have you impersonated a Reactive Airways officer/member or Reactive Airways employee?
  • What Reactive Airways documents or materials have you stolen?
  • Have you committed sexual or sexually perverted conduct contrary to the well-being of Reactive Airways?
  • Are you guilty of willful or negligent out-security of the advanced material of Reactive Airways?
  • Have you violated Reactive Airways charters?
  • Have you instigated destructive activities against Reactive Airways?

“I honestly tried to contact their International Justice Chief,” Hellis howled, “but emails, telephone calls, faxes, telexes, even pleas sent by Western Union and smoke signal went unanswered.”

“First, I wrote up all my overts and withholds. Next, I worked my way up through the conditions and even determined a way to strike an effective blow against anti-Reactive Airways groups I have been supporting, but Reactive Airways wanted nothing to do with it,” moaned Hellis. “Then I found a way to disconnect from any antagonistic individuals, including family members”

“I know that to rejoin this group is the ONLY HOPE FOR MANKIND. My eternity is waiting,” Hellis wailed.

When we attempted to reach Reactive Airways for comment, the airline refused.

Re: Attached to the email was a doctor’s note saying that [Mike] Ellis [International Justice Chief, Cherch of $cientology] was suffering from “acute bronchitis with reactive airways, as well as bilateral serous otitis media.”

See “Earache my eye: A Scientology official’s excuses why he can’t fly for deposition in fraud suit,” The Underground Bunker (Tony Ortega on Scientology).