I, JennyAtLAX, declare and state as follows:

When we opened the Narconon Gulf Coast Rehab aka “New Life Detoxification Program” aka “Blew It By The Sea” (where we’ve been panhandling $cientology doctrines and scriptures to an unsuspecting public in the town of This Is Your Destiny, Florida), I was there for a couple of months, under Mr. David Miscavige’s direction—in communication with him every day, to establish that racketeering activity. Mr. David “Outside-All-Possible-Bounds-of-Decency” Miscavige was there at the opening of that “Idle Narconon” and he couldn’t have been less interested.

Blew It By The Sea is exquisite and working on that is one of the most exciting schemes to defraud that I have ever done.

In order to promote the $cientology religion under the guise of providing drug rehabilitation, I got the staff set up in the new “Bridge to The Bridge” (including Claudia “Do-Not-Say-We-Have-70%-Success” Arabesque and Dr. Louis “Get-Back-In-The-Box” Casual), getting them trained (as unqualified addiction counselors, medical professionals, specialists with degrees in Psychiatry, and patient-turned-counselors), grooving them in (how to route a program graduate to the nearest $cientology “Idle mOrgue” for further services), working on promotion (via mail fraud and wire fraud) and reaching out to the local community, bringing in unwitting patients seeking help.

Mr. David Miscavige, Leader of the Cherch of $cientology and Chairman of the Board (“COB”) of the Religious Trechnology Center (“RTrC”), was bored, literally. All he would do while he was there was pretend to work on legal matters for a short time and then left. He did not want to have anything to do with servicing the public, caring for the staff, training them, nothing. Mr. Miscavige didn’t want to get involved. That gives a good sample of this man as a $cientology executive. He did not care about Blew It By The Sea staff or the public.

The Cherch of $cientology, instead, stole Lucy Guidotti’s $40,000.00, and, for the Christmas holiday, have gone to Big Bear, California, to ski and celebrate.

We know what we’re doing. We’re not stupid, you know.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.




Comment from Lisa Hartman to JennyAtLAX: You’re awesome. Thank you so much for coming forward!

Comment from OTVIIIisGrrr8! to JennyAtLAX: As one can see from the declaration of JennyAtLAX, COB has nothing to do with either the operation or management of Narconon. An OSA investigation, however, has revealed that the Brazilian Psychiatrist Dr. Juan Gabriel was sent in by the APA to infiltrate and sabotage Narconon. Until this secret Psych was sent in, Narconon’s success rate was 95%. We in RTC have assigned JennyAtLAX to confront and shatter the hidden Psychs in Narconon and bring order to the scene.

Originally posted at “Scientology hit with 25th lawsuit by Las Vegas attorney as he goes after Florida rehab,” The Underground Bunker (Tony Ortega on Scientology), December 23, 2014; updated January 22, 2015.

Photos Courtesy:
Blew It By the Sea, This is Your Destiny, Florida.
Claudia “Do-Not-Say-We-Have-70-%-Success” Arabesque, Legal Affairs Director, Narconon Int’l.
Dr. Louis “Get-Back-In-The-Box” Casual, Medical Director, Blew It By The Sea.
Lucy Guidotti versus Blew It By The Sea.