Purgatory has become an important place in the holy religion of Scientology Inc. (“SI”). In its efforts to become accepted as a Church, SI practices ruthlessly the works of David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board (“COB”). SI plays an essential part in the salvation of their public: the preclear, the Clear and the Operating Thetan (“OT”).

The Holy Church of COB is made up of three parts: COB Militant, COB Triumphant, and COB Suffering, or Purgatory. This triple COB makes up the mystical body of SI. In the Gospel according to COB, SI is the Kingdom of COB; Purgatory, just as the terrestrial SI, is a province of COB’s vast kingdom.

The three sister COBs are in continual communication with each other called the Communion of COB. Those incessant relations have but one object in mind: to conduct SI’s public to eternal glory. The three COBs support peopling COB’s Heaven, that permanent city: Flag, Mecca of COB Perfection.

COB has a duty to his public in Purgatory; he has to alleviate their suffering. At Flag, admission to OTVII includes a devotion to those souls in Purgatory: COB’s Prayer for the Dead.

COB’s devotion to those in Purgatory is his wholesome and holy thought, that they may be loosed from sin.

COB is Sanctity itself, and sin cannot endure before COB. When sin manifests itself in COB’s public, the Sanctity of COB exacts expiation. Expiation is made through the rigor of the Security Check (“Sec Check”), and it is terrible. COB’s Scripture says that Sec Checks must be terrible, because COB’s Sanctity is infinite.

The Justice of COB is terrible; it punishes with rigor even the smallest transgression. The least transgression displeases COB infinitely; when COB’s Sanctity is offended, even the smallest sin assumes tremendous proportions, and demands tremendous atonement.

All Praise be to COB.

Inspired by Something Can Be Done About It (Mike Rinder’s Blog), “Andy Porter Speaks,” March 7, 2015.