Twenty Four Seven lives in Purgatory and wonders: What’s the nature of my suffering? What’s my condition? How long must I suffer? He hopes to enter into the Kingdom of Scientology Inc. (“SI”) and that of David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board (“COB”), but first must satisfy COB Justice by bearing his punishment in all its severity.

Twenty Four Seven roams endlessly the halls of Purgatory, a prison ruled by COB’s Divinity. “Have mercy on me, COB,” he wails, face pale, body bent. Only through cruel suffering and the pain 24-7 inflicts on others can COB be cheerful and content.

Purgatory is a dungeon that entraps 24-7; want of reason and ignorance extenuates his circumstance. Like a demon, he twists in torment in COB’s fire and ice; his conduct tainted with deceit, deception and dishonesty. COB commands: Repent!  But with each Security Check, ethics condition and amends project, 24-7 is only sliced and diced into smaller bits for COB’s pleasure.

Twenty Four Seven is racked with guilt; bruised and battered, he’s crushed by the might of the Gospel According to COB. Purgatory is a dungeon for his hate, lies, and deceit; pestilence and filth marks his path. He is imprisoned, poisoned with impurities, condemned to live in frightened obscurity, always searching for, but never finding, COB’s forgiveness.

All Praise be to COB.

Inspired by Something Can Be Done About It (Mike Rinder’s Blog), “Is Scientology A ‘Terrorist Group’?” and the threat of violence directed at Mike Rinder by “Twenty Four Seven,” March 9, 2015.