Recently, Craigslist in Los Angeles, California, posted various ads:

  • Be the best parent you can be (Glendale): “We all know that kids don’t come with an instruction manual. So how do we effectively raise our children to be self- determined, healthy and successful adults? What if you knew what children need the most, and how to avoid the mistakes so many other parents make in today’s society? Call us today and find out how you can get these questions answered. 818-957-1500.” (Posting # 4931871668, under “Community.”)
  • Get More Done in Less Time – Effective Time Management (Montrose): “Know the tools to get things done with less strain, less stress and in less time so you can accomplish what you want in life. The “Effective Time Management” Course shows you how to get more done faster, using the fundamentals of efficiency. Contact us today to set up a free consultation or to get more details. 818-957-1500.” (Posting # 4931872916, under “Community.”)
  • Get Rid of Depression: “Do you think you have depression? Do you have painful experiences in the past which are still affecting you mentally? Do you find it hard to relax or carry tension on your back? Does your job constantly give you pressure or negative feelings? Negative emotions can affect your health and your mind. It can affect your job performance, your relationship, and how you feel about yourself. Depression/stress/anxiety classes are available here. We are a non-profit organization. Free consultations are available. We’ll help you get started to regain your happiness. Call 818-957-1500.” (Posting # 4561301150, under “Events- Classes.”)
  • How to achieve Self Confidence Course (Montrose): “Are you directing your life? Become more certain of yourself. Self-Confidence is something most people would like to have more of, but aren’t sure how to get it. Did you ever feel more certain of yourself in the past? Would you like to raise your Self-Confidence? In order to increase Self-Confidence, you have to understand what reduces it. If you know why this happens, you can reverse the situation and rebuild your self-esteem. Contact us today for more details or if you’d like to come in for a consultation. Contact us at 818-957-1500.” (Posting # 4931872350, under “Community.”)
  • Knowing who you can trust (Glendale): “Have you been burned by a friend, employee or romantic partner who you thought you could trust? Learn how to tell if someone is worthy of your trust and love, before you make the same mistakes! Call Lynn at 818-957-1500.” (Posting # 4931873566, under “Community.”)
  • Life Improvement Classes (Montrose): “We offer classes on the following: Handling your finances; Study – learn for application; Marriage – improving or repairing your marriage; Relationships & People – how to get along with others, tools to predict human behavior and much more. Communication; Raising children; Running a successful business; How to be more confident; How to manage your time; Getting motivated; Achieving your goals in life. Our classes are available during the week Monday – Thursday 3:30 – 9:30 & Saturday and Sunday 9-6 p.m. Call or email us, 818-957-1500.” (Posting # 4652437178, under “Events-Classes.”)
  • Need help with Depression? (Glendale): “Life can be hard sometimes. It can be even harder when you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to or have someone help you with stress and emotional issues. Well, you do have someone to help you, call us up for a consultation and start changing your life today! If you don’t want to see a therapist or take medication, we have solutions in handling the anxiety, stress and depression by addressing you as a person. Call 818-957-1500 if you’d like more info.” (Posting # 4931874244, under “Community.”)

Don’t fall for this! It is Scientlogy Inc. at its worst; it’s called “Bait-and-Switch.”

By definition (Google), “Bait-and-Switch” is “the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods that are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods.”

Notice that none of the “ads” says that the telephone number, 818 957-1500, is for the Church of Scientology Mission of The Foothills (Montrose).

All Scientology Inc. wants is your money.

Before responding to such an ad, Google the telephone number first. It might be Scientology Inc. calling you.

If you do find yourself in a Scientology Inc. organization, turn and flee; sign nothing.

If you’re not in Scientology Inc., you are their enemy, and they will treat you accordingly. Never forget that.

Inspired by Something Can Be Done About It (Mike Rinder’s Blog), “Thursday Funnies,” March 19, 2015.