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As I approached L. Ron Hubbard Way and Sunset Blvd. this morning on my way to an appointment, I slowly passed a Body Router (“BR”) from the Los Angeles Org (“LA Org”). He had a victim in tow; they actually didn’t turn onto LRH Way as the victim kept walking west. As they passed me, I held up Lawrence Wright’s national bestseller, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief, and proclaimed, “See the movie, read the book: ‘Going Clear.‘”

Later, as I waited for a bus, a young man passed me, walking north on Vermont Ave. toward Sunset Blvd., with what looked to be his worldly possessions in tow. Behind him, following somewhat slower, a young girl passed by, carrying what looked like were her worldly possessions (each person used a carry on suitcase on wheels with an extendable handle). They were clean-cut yet not on the level of, say, tourists from Europe visiting Hollywood; they carried a slight air of homelessness and even despair about them.

The guy made his way to the corner of Vermont and Sunset, but the girl stopped midway to catch her breath. I could tell that she really didn’t want to continue, but she knew she had to. I observed hunger in them, too, although they didn’t appear to be down-and-out. The longer the girl waited, the more courage I developed, so when she started walking to the corner to join her friend, so did I. A BR tried to get the guy’s interest in either a “free” Personality Test or “free admittance” to see a Dianetics film. When the girl caught up to her friend, a BR tried to interest her in a free test or a film. The young couple weren’t interested in what the BR’s were offering. I stepped up to the young man.

“Are you homeless?” I asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Are you hungry?” I inquired. He nodded affirmatively, so I told him how to get to a nearby Baptist Church that serves breakfast and dinner Monday through Friday. I also told the guy about a faith-based organization in the neighborhood that has a home for men and a home for women that they could apply for housing at. That same organization gives out food, is a good resource, and has the services of a Chaplain, a Pastor, a Case Manager and a Counselor.

It’s too bad that the Body Routers were only interested in “bodies,” and not what the souls in those bodies actually needed.

Then, I watched the BRs try to get two retirees interested in a free test of film. Each retiree looked at the ticket they had been handed, and then they threw it in a nearby trashcan.

One retiree I’ll call “Sam” ended up standing right next to me as we waited for the bus. I mentioned that I had observed the BR try to get him to go to the Scientology building. He chuckled and said something about “that crazy cult.” I laughed, and then he said, “Tom Cruise is in Scientology.”

When you read or see Going Clear, you really get that Tom Cruise is a spokesperson for Scientology Inc., and like lemmings to the sea, his fans would follow him to the ends of the Earth.

“Tom Cruise is an idiot,” I replied, “Wait until you see Going Clear, it’s coming out on HBO on March 29, 2015. The movie will tell you how Scientology Inc. split up Tom Cruise and his first wife, Nicole Kidman. The movie will also tell you about a young woman who Scientology Inc. lied to when they told her they were going to give her “the works” (nice hairdo, nice makeup, beautiful dress and accessories), so she could go on a movie audition. Imagine her disappointment and letdown when she discovered the truth: the “movie audition” turned out to be an “audition” to be Tom Cruise’s next wife (she didn’t “get the part”).

“Sam” and I soon parted yet within 30 minutes, we found ourselves waiting for the next bus. We looked at each other and laughed. I said, “Long time, no see!” He chuckled, and I added, “Tom Cruise is still an idiot!”

Those BRs and I have one thing in common: the Sea Org (“SO”). It is absolutely amazing that the three of us have been trained to “observe the obvious” (in Scientology, that’s something called obnosis). The BRs should be sensitive to the needs of others (they’ve been trained to handle comments and originations; isn’t “I’m hungry” an origination?). I’ve been doing more volunteering the last two years than I have all my live; I’ve helped feed the homeless; I’ve washed their dishes. My neighborhood is an emerging Third World country and needs our help.

Comments from Ton Ortega’s blog, The Underground Bunker:

“Good for you, Fred!”

“Hi Fred, Its funny to point out that between you and the body routers who are ecclesiastical elite, you had an easier time with the immediate needs of people around you, and you did not profit from any of it. Except that you probably had a happier day because of your choices. And those choices promoted good will between people, that like a drop of water spreads expanding rings of effect.”

“What a nice post.”

“That’s a heartening story. thanks for the share, Fred.”

“This says so much so well. Thank you.”

Comments from Mike Rinder’s Blog:

“Good work Fred. God bless you!”

“Good on ya Fred. You are a good example of what happens to a person ‘after the cult’. You care about what goes on!”

“What a great story, Fred! Keep on spreading the word. It’s great to see what you’re doing.”

“That’s a fun story, Fred and yes, Tom Cruise is what you say he is.”

Inspired by Something Can Be Done About It (Mike Rinder’s Blog), “LA Org Bodyrouting,” December 17, 2014.