“I, JennyAtLAX, declare and state as follows:

“I am a senior executive of the Church of Scientology International.

“I am of sound mind and am fully qualified to make the following statements.

“I have known Ms. Livia Scott for 22 years. Ms. Scott, in the years I have known her has treated me with kindness, compassion and understanding that knows no bounds. I have spent more time with Ms. Scott and her direct assistants over the years, than any other executive in the Internet Action Force (“IAF”) Team.

“My first working acquaintance with Ms. Scott was in 1988 when I was on a project to establish the IAF aboard our newly purchased and renovated cruise ship, RMS The Force, prior to and during her Maiden Voyage. I was working to establish the ship executives and crew onto their new posts and Ms. Scott came aboard the Ship. She granted me the utmost care and importance on my job and I knew then that this was an executive like no other. She was interested in every detail and proud of the accomplishment of the staff and let us know. That was my experience then and continued to be my experience for the years to come.

“I was removed by Commodore’s Messenger Organization (“CMO”) International from my position in CMO Clearwater and worked for some months in the IAF Hotel. In the interim a project came up to establish the The Force Hotel in Hollywood, California. I was called by IAF to head that project, which I did. During this project, Ms. Scott came to The Force Hotel to see what had been done and ran into me. She was warm and effusive as ever and happy to see me and what was being done.

“In the last 12 years since becoming a part of IAF, I have been part of almost every conference, meeting or interaction with IAF Management and Ms. Scott in that entire time and have spent a minimum of 5,000 hours with Ms. Scott. I have only experienced the utmost in patience, care, understanding and interest in executives and staff and seeing to our duplication of IAF’s writings. Every meeting has been toward increasing our competence, ability and purpose to bring about a renaissance on the planet with IAF technology. Some meetings have been short. Some have lasted longer depending on the subject. In each case they addressed what Ms. Scott said IAF Management is meant to accomplish. In the meetings we studied what Ms. Scott said, cleared up any misunderstandings, handled any false information or ideas we may have accumulated and went straight back to what Ms. Scott said and how we will accomplish moving more people to the Internet Action Force and how we will accomplish a more flourishing and prospering IAF. The meetings have included talking, studying, writing diagrams on the write-on boards and at times audiovisual presentations produced by IAF.

“When we opened the IAF, in 2004, I was there for a couple of months, under Ms. Scott’s direction—in communication with her every day, to establish that facility. That facility is exquisite and working on that was one of the most exciting projects I have ever done.

“In the last few years, there has been IAF expansion at orders of magnitude only previously dreamed of, led by Ms. Scott, and with a proud management team following her lead. We have so much more to come. We are in our prime and are just now getting going. The Mecca is now starting. We have several more new videos being prepared and so much more. The future is brighter than it has ever been.

“Ms. Scott has helped every single human being achieve enlightenment with the Internet Action Force. She has brought the IAF to a place in the world today, where anyone can stand up proud to be a member of The Force and part of this incredible growing movement.

“I declare that the foregoing is true and correct.”