Scientology After Going Clear
Los Angeles Field Operations
Sunday, April 5, 2015, 12:15 PM

This is your West Coast Correspondent, Fred G. Haseney, reporting from the Hollywood Testing Center (“HTC”), west of “Big Blue,” the big Scientology headquarters complex.

The HTC is at 6732 Hollywood Blvd., and is housed in the historic Hotel Christie. The Body Routers (“BR”) in this photo must have dual hats, the other being “Security Guard,” since absolutely nothing is happening in this picture (except for the local dude standing in between them; the guy facing the building).

The guy BR on the right (we’ll call him “Cancer”) is looking longingly in the direction of the gal BR on the left (we’ll call her “Moon”), so if “Cancer” pairs with “Moon,” they’ll have a “moonchild,” something like the one that “Parsons or Hubbard” tried to produce, wrote English occultist Aleister Crowley “Apparently Parsons or Hubbard or somebody is producing a moonchild. I get fairly frantic when I contemplate the idiocy of these louts,” Crowley wrote to a friend.

But, hey! Maybe the guy in between “Cancer” and “moon” is that moonchild!

Disclaimer: I am neither a Scientologist nor a card-carrying member of Scientology Incorporated. Don’t be lured by a Body Router into the HTC or any facility like it. If a BR offers you a free, sugar-free Redbull, flee! If you do happen to stumble into the HTC or one of their “Ideal” Organizations, don’t buy or sign anything; don’t give them any money; don’t make an advanced payment for a service; don’t give your name, phone number, address (home or e-mail) or credit card number. Once you’re on Scientology Incorporated’s mailing list, you’re in for a “Billion Years.” Don’t be tempted by an offer of a “free” Personality test or a Dianetics movie.

If you’re not a Scientologist, you’re considered the enemy, and they will treat you accordingly. Don’t ever forget that.

Inspired by The Underground Bunker (Tony Ortega on Scientology), “25 of the biggest lies told by L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology,” April 7, 2015.