Scientology After Going Clear

Los Angeles Field Operations
Thursday, April 9, 2015, 4:30 PM

Fred G. Haseney, JennyAtLAX’s West Coast Correspondent, reporting from the corner of Vermont Avenue and Sunset Boulevard as well as the Pacific Area Command Base, Scientology Incorporated’s West Coast headquarters (also known as “PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), Los Angeles, California.

I’ve been living in this part of Los Angeles since 1977, the year I first became aware of Scientology. I’ve seen a lot of changes, a lot of things come and go. Nothing has prepared me, however, for what appears to be the raw public’s rejection of Scientology in one fell swoop.

On my way to run errands early this morning, I waited for public transportation at Vermont and Sunset. As I stood near the trash can, I couldn’t help but recall fondly a fellow Bunkerite’s request for a photo of such a trash can filled with “free” Dianetics movie and Personality Test tickets. When I peaked in the garbage, I couldn’t believe how many discarded tickets were sitting there from the night before. On my return this afternoon, I peeked in the same can and voila! more tickets galore! I’ve never seen this much Scientology-induced trash; the wind is changing, folks! I couldn’t take a photo there, because the trash had been emptied recently (I needed a big, bulky trash can, filled with garbage, so I could lay all of the tickets on top of it in order to snap a good shot).

Next, I toured the PAC Base, taking pictures of the International Association of Scientologists (“IAS”), the Canteen, etc. After walking halfway up L. Ron Hubbard Way, I observed Brian, Nicole (Sims) Wheaton’s boyfriend coming out of the American St. Hill organization (“ASHO”), high-fiving 4 or 5 Sea Org members (perhaps Brian and Nicole have become IAS “Civilization Builders,” or are going to single-handedly renovate and open the Valley Ideal org). Up the street, just past the Los Angeles Org, I noticed a Sea Org member, perhaps a Body Router, talking to a PAC Base Security Guard (“SG”) straddling a mountain bike (I had just talked a raw public person out of going to see the Dianetics movie: “They’ll never get any money out of me!” she declared).

When I ran across LRH Way to get to the Canteen side (as opposed to the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles, or “AOLA” side), I did so purposely as I didn’t want to walk with or in front of Brian (who is a former apartment manager of mine). Suddenly, the SG and his bike were at my heels! For a moment, I thought that I hadn’t properly looked both ways before crossing the street. As I continued to run, with the SG on my heels, I noticed with relief that we weren’t going to collide.

“Shall we race?” I inquired. His response: the standard “Odo” stare (where’s the Angry Gay Pope when you need him?). Then I realized that I was the object of his desire.

“Are you following me?” I asked. “Should I call security?” That was the end of him and I left.

About two blocks away, I found a bulging trash can… with a bonus! Some lucky raw public had wisely discarded an unopened Dianetics DVD, which I used as the centerpiece for the photo of all those discarded tickets!

Comments from Tony Ortega’s Website:

“Great writing and reporting. I love the tongue-in-cheek style. It’s funny while informative. Looking forward to more, Fred. Glad you weren’t ridden over! The dangerous life of a journalist!”

“LA Field Operations. I love it.”

“Fred, thank you for sharing these adventures. The way you write about them makes me feel I’m right there with you.”

“Fred, you’re beautiful.”

“I am astonished they let these things stay in the trash where they can be seen by God and everybody. So Down Scale. In Pasadena, they try to promptly pick up their discarded treasure. One place they tend to miss are the big planter pots at the corners of the building. I guess their icy stare cannot actually penetrate pottery.”

“The whole concept of free tickets for a Scientology Lecture (as far as I know) was invented by Howard Rower – a mission Holder in NYC back in the 60’s He discarded the idea as unworkable, but not before Hubbard found out about it, seized it to his bosom, and made us do it at the NYO. I would be out there in the bitter cold, handing out tickets with my fellow ticketer, to the flood of passerbys, and after a hour of this the sidewalk was littered for hundreds of feet behind us with a carpet of discarded tickets. Having met our target, and too cold to bend over to retrieve the litter, we stamped, shivering our way back to the org in the hopes of getting warm.”

“Simply splendid.”

“Clear proof that the powers that be in LA need separate ‘blue’ cans for recyclables!”

“I have both the fortune of having zero orgs or missions in my state and the misfortune because I I don’t have the opportunity to watch them or screw with them. I think this is what I’d have to say if I was approached for a free personality test: ‘Bite me, alien boy!'”

“Yeah, that’s a great report. Thanks, Fred!”

“Damn, that is frickin’ awesome. Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂 TICK, TOCK, tiny member.”

“Thanks for the great report.”

“Lovely photo composition. That’s where the entire mess belongs—-in the trash can.”

“Keep it coming Fred… love these reports on the ground.”

“Fred, this is an excellent report!!!!”

“This is a terrific report! Thanks.”