(Note: an introduction to this series, “Body Routing Not,” can be found by clicking here.)

I’ve purchased Lawrence Wright’s Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief in paperback. Barnes and Noble received their first shipment of that edition recently. It’s easier to wave the paperback at a passersby than it is the hardback.

Today at 4:00 PM, on my way home, the bus turned the corner from Vermont onto Sunset, just two blocks from Scientology’s West Coast headquarters, the Pacific Area Command Base (aka “PAC Base” or “Big Blue”). I saw one Body Router (“BR”) on the northwest corner, two on the northeast corner, and a gaggle of them on the southwest corner. For a little while, all of the BRs just kind of stood around, looking at each other with their thumbs up their butts. I got off the bus, but as I approached the street corner, I noticed that one of the BRs had just handed a “free” ticket for a Personality Test or a Dianetics movie to a victim! With only four seconds to spare before the light changed, I ran across the street (all six foot four inches of me), arm outstretched, waving the book, proclaiming, “Read the Scientology expose! Read the book, see the movie, Going Clear!” As I left, I explained to the gaggle that I am alarmed at what David Miscavige is doing to their church. A couple of young female BRs actually looked somewhat enlightened, as if they had been unaware of the book or the movie.

I continued west along Sunset, and when I arrived at L. Ron Hubbard Way, one of the BRs recognized me from before (this isn’t the first time I’ve touted the book and movie). He had someone with him (a Sea Org member from abroad, I believe), and they stood with me for a couple of minutes. I pointed at the Scientology complex and told them I had arrived in PAC before any of those orgs were open. “In fact,” I added, “my first day in the Sea Org turned out to be all-nighter in order to complete the renos of Los Angeles Org so she could be opened to the public.” That BR crumpled up his face a little and waved me off as he walked away, but I calmly, with good intention, got his attention, for he turned around to see me as I stated, “We’re not in agreement with what David Miscavige is doing!”

Comments from Tony Ortega’s website:

“You just keep on keeping on!!!”

“Ha ha, you win. Love this story. Maybe, just maybe some of those naive body routers will come on over here and start reading. I have to say, too, that it can’t feel good for a regular citizen to have to deal with these people hawking their shit on every corner.”

Pictures courtesy, and inspiration from, Something Can Be Done About It (Mike Rinder’s Blog), “LA Org Bodyrouting,” December 17, 2014.