Scientology After Going Clear
Los Angeles Field Operations
April 14, 2015, 1610 Hours

Today, I upped the ante and met Big Chief.

Fred G. Haseney, your West Coast Correspondent, reporting from the corner of L. Ron Hubbard Way and Fountain Avenue, Scientology Incorporated’s West Coast headquarters, the Pacific Area Command Base (aka “PAC Base” or “Big Blue”). I walked along LRH Way toward Fountain Ave., listening to music through headphones, while carrying my trusty camera. I stopped to take a photo of a large advertisement proclaiming that the Flag Land Base must be running out of money, thus the new Flag World Tour that’s about to commence. As I contemplated taking a second photo, a female Sea Org member wearing a blue sweater approached me; in her early 40’s, trim; she wore glasses; her hair short, blond. I have no idea what she said, because I had more interest in listening to “Enya.”

Funny thing is, I found myself instantly annoyed.

After thirty-seven years of being approached by Sea Org members just like her, I quickly decided, enough is enough. I’m not strolling for pleasure on LRH Way; this isn’t a pleasure cruise. I recalled all those times when a Sea Org member wanted me to: buy a book; buy a set of books; pay for a course; pay for a bunch of courses; see a DVD from the latest event; come to an event; go to Graduation; be sweet-talked into talking to a Sea Org Recruiter from you-name-it org; give money to the IAS; etc., etc., etc. It’s about time that the Bubble Dwellers know that we all don’t dance the same dance or walk the same walk, just because we might happen to be on LRH Way.

So I upped the ante with my reply:

“I’m an anti-Scientologist. Leave me alone.”

Oh, my goodness! You should see a Sea Org member go immediately into action (or maybe you have). What a trip! As I walked south on LRH Way, the Sea Org gal paralleled my path, head jutted forward, shoulders tightened, steam building and just about to spew from her ears as she arrived at her destination: a Security Guard (“SG”) near Fountain Ave., straddling a mountain bike. As she started talking to the SG about me, all the while not looking at me, I calmly turned around, took off my headphones and stated:

“She’s reporting me to you because I told her to leave me alone.”

I turned west on Fountain Ave; at Catalina St., I headed north toward Sunset Blvd., because at the corner is the sign in today’s photograph that I wanted to get a shot of. As I approached the Security area at the entrance on Catalina, Big Chief made an appearance (“Big Chief” being Odo, the “star” of so many Angry Gay Pope Videos).  Odo didn’t just happen to stroll out of his office at exactly the same time I walked by; oh, no, I’m sure the SG with an earful of that Sea Org woman had already phoned in the alert.

Odo is decent enough; friendly, respectful and cheerful. We talked about my first day in the Sea Org, working an all-nighter on the last day of renovations at Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”); he asked me which renovations i had been involved with (I’ve never had a conversation with any Scientologist in which they asked “which renovations?”). He asked if I live in the neighborhood; I told him that I’ve been living there off and on since 1977. He also recognized me from having been on course a few years back; I said that I’ve worked and trained on the Freewinds, and have also
trained at the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”), the American St. Hill Organization (“ASHO”) and LA Org.

I told him that David Miscavige has made a big mess out of things, turning Scientology into some monster, and that I’m here to document Scientology Incorporated’s downfall. I asked Odo for a picture, but he politely declined.

It’s best that people at PAC Base know up front that we know what they’re doing, and that we’re not in agreement with it.

The sign in today’s picture reads: “Open House—All Are Welcome” Casa Abierta—Todos Son Bienvenidos”

A note to Lawrence Wright, Alex Gibney and HBO: Does the book/movie Going Clear come in a Spanish version? It appears that Scientology Incorporated is running out of English-speaking raw public and are now reaching out to the Hispanic community with their bait-and-switch tactics.