Scientology After Going Clear
Los Angeles Field Operations
April 17, 2015, 1430 Hours

Today, I ventured to the Manor Hotel and Celebrity Centre International (“CC INT”), where Scientology Incorporated (“SI”) feeds off of celebrities and celebrity wannabes.

Chapter II of the Manual of Field Operations* states:

“Reconnoitering the Enemy—A reconnoissance of this nature has for its object the examination, by open force and by day, of the strength, the movements, and the position of Scientology Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as the ‘enemy’). Such an examination is usually done by the commander-in-chief.

“The ability to reconnoitre with accuracy requires presence of mind, quickness of eye, and a great deal of prudence and resolution.”

I passed an entrance that faces Franklin Ave., and a sign that reads: “Open House—Enter Here—Alternative Entrance on Tamarind Ave.” I also noticed a menu posted: “Try our Gourmet Menu at the Renaissance Restaurant.”

Reconnoissance began at 5930 Franklin Ave; from there I walked south along Tamarind Avenue (which becomes Yucca Street as it bends in an easterly direction in order to miss hitting the Hollywood Freeway). When I reached Bronson Ave., I walked north and returned to Franklin Ave.

My exact course followed Franklin Ave., where I turned south onto Tamarind Ave. Up ahead, I saw a wall that’s roughly fifteen feet tall, on the other side of which is the Hollywood Freeway (when built in the 1950’s, the freeway effectively severed Yucca Street’s westward course). As I walked toward the freeway, I noticed on my left, as I passed the entrance to the Manor Hotel and CC INT, a circular driveway and well-manicured shrubbery and trees. I followed Tamarind as it became Yucca as the street bent eastward. I then followed that to Bronson where I turned left and back to Franklin.

As I turned left onto Bronson, I spied a clearly-marked crosswalk, used many times a day, by Sea Org members, coming and going from what appears to be berthing at 1825 N. Bronson Ave. Just north to the entrance of that building is a driveway and a favorite spot for one of SI’s Security Guards (“SG”). Along a low wall nearby is where SI lays out copies of “The Way to Happiness” daily, in an attempt, I suppose, to enlighten as well as lighten the load of their raw public neighbors, some of whom don’t understand the urgency of SI’s maneuvers.

Chapter II of the Manual of Field Operations also states:

“There is a reconnoissance which requires not only intelligence, but also a great deal of intrepidity: it is that which becomes necessary when the enemy makes a flank movement, but does not know positively in which direction it is made, or with what strength. Such an expedition is the more difficult, that the enemy rarely fails to conceal such a movement by strong detachments.”

I first observed that the enemy had engaged such a movement when someone working on an automobile a few feet away from me suddenly stirred. I looked at the guy, who looked at me just a few seconds longer than an Average Joe would. He didn’t say anything; he didn’t have to, because I could almost smell a change in the air. I didn’t have to wait very long.

Earlier, as I circled CC Int and took pictures, a SG had become dramatically more mobile (he had noticed my camera in hand; perhaps he had also received an alert from SG headquarters to keep an eye out for me, a roving reporter who is documenting the demise of Scientology Incorporated). So, when I reached Bronson, it was no surprise that the SG, a man in his 20’s, met up with me. I don’t know what his name is, but I’m assuming he’s a SO member who has signed a Billion Year Contract. Whoever he is, he should be in motion pictures, not in a nicely-tailored security outfit riding a mountain bike at the cult’s beck and call. Scientology Incorporated’s gain is Hollywood’s loss: he’s ruggedly handsome with sculptured features and a gym build that bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud to have inspired.

Chapter II of the Manual of Field Operations states, further:

“An intelligent and brave officer never allows himself to be deceived by first appearances. He endeavors, in every possible way, to ascertain with precision the designs and the strength of the enemy.”

“Would you like to take a tour?” the Security Guard asked me.

“No, I’m just taking pictures,” I replied.

He tried to lure me into CC Int one more time, but I politely declined his offer and left.

The SG and I met up shortly after I snapped a couple of pictures of 1825 N. Bronson, a property owned by SI. Maybe someday in the near future, screenwriter and director Paul Haggis will receive another request for a “TIME Magazine” interview, from another Scientology spy at this address.

*Inspired by Manual of Field Operations by Lieut. Henry Jervis-White (London: John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1852).