Scientology After Going Clear
Los Angeles Field Operations
April 23, 2015, 1400 Hours

Fred G. Haseney, your West Coast Correspondent, reporting from Scientology Incorporated’s (“SI”) West Coast headquarters, the Pacific Area Command Base (aka “PAC Base” or “Big Blue”). Today, I visited the Big Blue and found myself followed by a Security Guard. That’s nothing new; in fact, not only am I getting used to it, but I’m taking a few minutes here and there to see what’s going on behind me everywhere I go.

I went to the southwest corner of Vermont Ave. and Sunset Blvd., where I picked Scientology Incorporated’s rejected “free” Dianetic/Dianetica and Personality Test tickets. While at the bus stop, I spoke to a lady about what it is the LA Org’s Body Routers (“BR”) do. I suggested she avoid Scientology at all costs and, perhaps, attend church instead. She smiled widely, patted her purse, indicated that she had a Holy Bible in hand, something that she “attends” to often (and will be doing instead of being lured by a BR).

I scored a bunch of “free” tickets today and as I walked by BR Frasier “We Know Who You Are” Not, I declared:

FRED: Keeping America Beautiful!

The refuse rejected by raw public inspired video, so I shot a little for your enjoyment.

From the southeast corner of that intersection, I took a picture of Frasier Not, who then tried to hide behind a lamp post but couldn’t (not quite).

Next, I went to visit the Scientology Media Center.  From where Hillhurst meets Virgil and Sunset Dr., I headed east along Sunset Drive. From a gate onto SMC’s  property, I shot a few pictures of the back area. I didn’t see a soul, not until a a passerby commented on “the crazies” who call the SMC home; her dog, Woodie, chimed in, barking up a storm. When I looked back over the gate, yes, sure enough, the dog drew someone into view.

STRANGER: Hey! This is top secret!

Well, I felt busted, but only for a moment because the guy BELLY LAUGHED (he’s obviously a contracted worker and not a Scientologist):

STRANGER: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
FRED: Whew! Thanks! I needed that!

I then snapped a photo through almost every other window in SMC’s building that lines Sunset Dr., because, for some strange reason, today I could see into each room and through the open door and/or window out into the outside hallway or courtyard (with remnants of blue tape stuck on the inside of the windows, it appears that paper covering the windows, to protect them during painting, had recently been removed). There are Scientology Incorporated signs lining that corridor (or, perhaps, it’s an outside courtyard), including one that proclaims, “Volunteer Help In Any Given Year” (it must be that David “Let Him Die” Miscavige stat thing he’s always so excited about: # of asses wiped, # of square feet of carpet laid, etc.).

I circled the block to SMC’s front where I encountered another Security Guard trying desperately to anonymously take my picture! He stood in the Security shack and every time I tried to walk by, he stuck his arm out, camera in hand, in an attempt to take my picture. So each time, I stopped to lend aid. I mean, what good is an ex-Scientologist who can’t stop by the side of the road to help a person in need? We’re the only ones who can really help, ya know?

FRED: Are you trying to take my picture?

The SG ducked in the shack, arm, hand and camera with him.

FRED: How about if we take a picture of each other at the same time? Would that help?

No answer. I started to walk by, but out pops the arm, hand and camera.

FRED: Do you want me to pose?

No answer. No arm. No hand. No camera.

FRED: I have a pretty good smile. Just tell me “when.”

No answer.

Fred: I’m not the “enemy,’ you know.

No answer.

No Fred!

On my way back, I passed three BR at Vermont and Sunset, two more were on their approach from the Big Bloated Blue: a young guy and a girl. Maybe you know them. Maybe they’re a friend of yours, or perhaps a family member, someone you’ve been worried about; someone you were forced to disconnect from. In this case, now you know where they are and they are, well, basically okay.