“Pity the Children,” or “Papa Miscavige has to Pay the Bills”

Fred G. Haseney, your West Coast Correspondent, reporting from the Church of Scientology’s West Coast headquarters, the Pacific Area Command Base (aka “PAC Base” or “Big Blue”) or, more specifically, the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”).

There’s a “bait and switch” scheduled at LA Org, 4810 Sunset Blvd., for June 3, 2015.

Here’s the “bait” (or what they want you to think this event is all about): The children. Happiness. The environment.

Here’s the “switch” (or what you won’t know, and need to know, before going to this event): The Church of Scientology has lots and lots of bills to pay. They have a humongous overhead and need YOUR money… that is, everything you have (and then some). Once they convince you to give them your life savings, they’ll make you hand over your retirement to them. Then comes your children’s college fund, every last cent. On and on and on it’ll go until you’re a mindless, little zombie (a most “perfect” Scientologist, that is; a clam, a sheeple, a bubble dweller), but the day you run out of money is the day you run out of church, and Scientology (your “church”) will kick your butt to the curb.

Furthermore, the Church of Scientology IS the Way to Happiness; the Way to Happiness IS the Church of Scientology (they’re one and the same). In fact, two of the biggest celebrity members of the Earth Organization (also known as the “Larry Anthony Earth Organization”) are Scientologists Anne Archer and Kelly Preston. Barbara Lucille Wiseman, that organization’s International President, is a big-time Scientologist (she’s forked over tons of money to her “church” and she’ll want you to do the same thing).

If you don’t know it by now, the “Church” of Scientology is run like the mob; that “church” is a cult run by gangsters and their molls. For this article’s purpose, the “Church of Scientology” becomes “Scientology Incorporated,” or “SI.”

SI ruins people’s lives. SI forces families, friends and associates to disconnect from each other, sometimes with devastating results. SI will take every cent you make; they’ll even guide you into bankruptcy, all in the name of “saving the children”; “helping the environment”; “saving the planet”; “clearing the planet.” They’ll convince you that they alone have the key to your spiritual freedom, and they’ll have you chasing after it, like a donkey chasing a carrot dangling from a stick.

Where in the advertisement (see below) do you see the environment? Where in the Church of Scientology/Way to Happiness/Earth Organization’s ad do you see concern (of any kind) for the environment? Or for global warming?  All you see is a cute little kid; SI will go after the mothers who attend this “open house,” tugging at their heart strings and then (when they’re “not looking”), their purse strings. SI will then yank until that string breaks and everything you hold dear to your heart will fall into SI’s greedy little hands.

David “Let Him Die” Miscavige (“DLHDM”) is their mob ruler; he is the leader of the “Church” of Scientology. DLHDM has tricked Scientologists into purchasing the very buildings they work in, attend class in, and receive spiritual counseling in. He’s invested heavily in swanky buildings around the globe, and is after YOU to pay for the purchase, renovation, upkeep, the utility bills, etc., of his empty pleasure palaces.

After the next paragraph is the copy from the advertisement I tore down after finding it illegally posted to a lamp post near the corner of Vermont Avenue and Sunset Boulevard, three blocks east of LA Org.

Don’t go to this event. Don’t buy ANYTHING from the “Church” of Scientology. Don’t sign anything with SI (especially a contract of any kind).  They’ll try to steal your soul. Don’t give them you name or tell them where you live.Never give them your phone number, address or email address. Anyone who isn’t a Scientologist, is considered an enemy of Scientology Incorporated.  Don’t ever forget that.

Here’s their ad:

Sponsored by the Church of Scientology

Meet other local leaders dedicated to uplifting our community, and discover The Way to Happiness materials and programs that instill a higher awareness of and responsibility for the improvement of our environment.

WEDNESDAY, 3 JUNE 2015, 6:00 PM

Global Warming Specialist [No one specifically named]: What exactly is global warming? How does it affect you personally? And what can you do about it?

BARBARA WISEMAN, Int’l President [of] The Earth Organization: Speaking to reverse the dwindling spiral of our environment through education and action.

Plus Special Celebrity Guest Speaker

Church of Scientology of Los Angeles
4810 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027

RSVP: (323) 953-3200 or LAnewciv@gmail.com

This is the advertisement posted (from which some of the border tore off when removed from the light post):

These pictures are the front and back of the advertisement’s “tear-off,” the section at the bottom from a person to tear off and take with them.