(Through a report delivered from the sanctity of Los Angeles International Airport, Terminal One, Women’s Bathroom, Stall No. 3, JennyAtLAX explains how, through a lecture given in late 1954, L. Ron Hubbard predicted the future of Scientology which she calls, “Hypnotism, Scientology-style.” “In fact,” JennyAtLAX adds, “give that lecture a listen [a link is provided at the end of this blog entry]. Replace the word ‘Hilter’ with ‘Miscavige.’ Then, replace all references to ‘psychoanalysis’ and ‘psychiatry’ with ‘the Golden Age of Tech Phase 2.’ The similarities are fascinating yet frightening.”)

It’s a well-known “secret” at the Church of Scientology’s clandestine organization, the Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”) that there are plenty of reasons why HBO produced Alex Gibney’s 2015 documentary, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. Among the “Top 10 Reasons”: that songster Frank Sinatra was, in actuality, a spy sent by the Marcab Confederacy to planet Earth to hypnotize the world!

L. Ron Hubbard has written extensively about Sinatra’s sojourn to Earth, a second-rate planet in a tenth-rate solar system. In the ACC lecture given on 27 October 1954, “Hypnotism, Scientology-style,” LRH described in detail Sinatra’s success, a technique that later became the standard operating procedure of snakes, dogs, bums, temple priests and witch doctors from Los Angeles’ Valley Org to Flag’s Fort Harrison in Clearwater, Florida.

Sinatra’s introduction to Earth society by the Marcab Confederacy is also well-documented. He began his musical career as an idol, charming the skirts off of bobby soxers, when he released his first album, 1946’s Look Deep into My Eyes. During the early 1950s, he experienced a professional and creative block when America started wearing 3D glasses in the hopes of not becoming the effect of him at the box-office (Sinatra spent most of those years handing a veritable mountain of pink sheets and crams in the Qualifications Division back in Marcab’s first Ideal Org). His career took off in 1953 after he scored the Academy Award for Best Actor in From Here to Marcab. Later, he released a number of hit albums (such as In the Wee Small Pupils; Songs for Swingin’ Stupefiers!; Come Trance with Me; Only the Dull). In 1961, he formed his own record label, Drowsy Records (finding continued success with albums such as Ring-a-Ding-Dull; Sinatra: Spellbound at the Sands), toured the galaxy, and became a founding member of the Razzle-Dazzle Pack and entranced both celebs and statesmen alike, most notably John Fascinate Kennedy.

LRH knew early on of Sinatra’s humble spy beginnings. Said LRH of Sinatra in that 1954 lecture:

“In hypnotism, there are four levels of determinism: non-determinism, self-determinism, pan-determinism and Sinatra-determinism. In Sinatra’s world, he reasoned, ‘I can determine my own actions, the actions of others and everything else.’ Thus, he captured Earth and sent legions of fans to record stores, movie theaters and concert halls worldwide. Sinatra had fair determinism on the second dynamic (sex appeal); his state of beingness dropped out his own self-determinism (on the first-dynamic; that is, self) to a marked degree and had second-dynamic determinism markedly. You know, ‘swoon,’ girls. Sinatra: damned little self-determinism, tremendous amount of second dynamic.”

Just before his death in 1986, Hubbard likened Sinatra’s appeal to that of his protege, David “Let Him Die” Miscavige. LRH looked into his crystal ball and foresaw the future, predicting Scientology in the year 2015:

“We have a fellow by the name of DLHDM; has tremendous group-determinism, doesn’t he? He is a magnificent group determinist. Oh, magnificent. No self-determinism at all to amount to anything. DLHDM gets down and chews the rug and tears up tablecloths. And he gets so mad that he doesn’t know whether he is screaming or spitting. And he just goes into a complete fit, punching, beating and stomping everyone and everything in his path.

“And yet this individual can determine the third dynamic (the group), can’t he—observably can, because he unites Scientology and sends it forward to obliterate psychiatry and the world-at-large, so Scientology can commit, in essence, group suicide.

“All right. Here we have an example of an individual who has almost obtained fourth-dynamic (mankind) determinism. But DLHDM can’t just limit this to man as a species. It could also be the whole species of cockroaches or the whole species of rats. It could just be one species. DLHDM, in fact, is intent on running all dogs. You know, he wants to take care of dogs, be the Patron saint of dogs. Just look at the multiple mutts he totes around headquarters in Hemet, California: pooches dressed in blue vests and stripes that mark them as Sea Org Commodores. DLHDM’s dogs are higher ranked than humans, buddy, so you’d better damn well salute them! Thus, DLHDM has almost obtained fifth-dynamic (all life forms) determinism.

“Air is sixth-dynamic (the physical universe) determinism; the very air you breath is DLHDM-owned. Better skilled than any nuclear physicist we currently have, DLHDM is right now determining the course of the sixth dynamic with great expertise.

“Now, seventh-dynamic (spirituality)—well, actually, we have a whole legion of people highly trained as Golden Age of Tech Phase 2 auditors who, with DLHDM at the helm, handle the seventh-dynamic. They are seventh dynamic determined. Their studies are so concentrated on the seventh dynamic, that as we go back down the line, we discover that they are very poor on the first through the fourth dynamics, pretty damned good on the fifth, fair-to-midland on the sixth, but smashing on the seventh.

“Here DLHDM has the ‘magicians’ of Earth; people who produce things like the Introspection Rundown and New Old New Old OT VIII, present it to Scientologists, who then simply bend over and demand more. What great expertise!

“Let’s go up a little higher and see that there’s such a thing as an eighth-dynamic (infinity or the Supreme Being) determinism. In DLHDM, we see that manifestation. When Scientologists think of the Creator, they think of DLHDM, who made all of this. He’s the overall determinism. by speaking of the Supreme Being, we are, of course, speaking of the Pope of Scientology, DLHDM. He is very strong on the eighth dynamic; he has good eighth-dynamic determinism. But he sucks on the rest of the dyanmics. In other words, we have DLHDM as the Exclusive Thing.

“What kind of a situation is it where an individual has all his dynamics all the way cut down to a point where he permits DLHDM to express all these dynamics for him in a sort of an hypnotic state, hmm? He’s been put in a non-determined category, isn’t he. And it all goes, as it goes in Ideal Orgs around the globe, according to DLHDM, a fate worse than death; you know, DLHDM, DLHDM; not my responsiblity, not my responsiblity. And we get these eight dyanmics, then, very markedly suppressed by asking the Scientologist—the clam, the sheeple—to simply ‘step off the boat.’ That’s hypnotism.

“You get a Scientologist to agree that he’s under control on one dynamic or another and the next thing you know, why, DLHDM has him in a state where he can declare, “OT IX and OT X are ready for release; all we need are for all Scientology orgs to become Saint Hill-sized now,” and by God, the Scientologist will see OT IX and OT X, and will beg, borrow or steal his way to Platimun Meritorious status at the International Association of Scientologists (“IAS”)! And this is the immediate result of suppressing dynamics thoroughly.

“This practice of hypnotism is an expert, well-channeled. extremely well-practiced suppression of as many dynamics as possible where DLHDM is concerned. In Scientology, it’s expressed as mass hysteria. You have today Scientologists worldwide reaching the pinnacle of “The Bridge to Total Freedom,” yet go into an hysteria with them starting all over again at the bottom of the Bridge with the Survival and Purification Rundowns.

“It is enough for DLHDM to come along and declare himself the Pope of Scientology and moan and groan about the slovenly conditions of Scientology’s orgs in America, and he shot upscale the percentage of empty pleasure palaces coast-to-coast to a point where it is now an alarming trend. See, he popularized it. But, actually, he is in a position of authority and control, and all of a sudden he started talking about Ideal Orgs, Ideal Orgs, and giving the Valley Org in Los Angeles as an object example.

“DLHDM has become absolutely insistent about communication, and he’s started to take solid form. He’s put it in writing through orders, policies and the like. That’s the first thing. This sold-form relay of communication is expressed on sort of an hypnotic level. All of a sudden, DLHDM communicates to Scientologists that what they ought to have are fine Saint Hill-sized Ideal Orgs. And sure enough, fine Saint Hill-sized Ideal Orgs spring up like wild mushrooms. Cities, towns and even hamlets across the globe are getting Ideal Orgs now. Whoever heard of Ideal Orgs before?

“So the problem of hypnotism is simply the problem of control. It is the problem of determinism. When DLHSM starts in, he’s got a Scientologist there who is to some degree subjugated to his will. And DLHDM then, by a process—a gradient scale of agreement, such as “The Bridge to Total Freedom”—builds up the fact where DLHDM has actually taken the place of a Scientologist’s will. Control and will has been transferred in this case.

“And in 2015, that is the goal of Scientology! And Scientology has no other goal!

“If you can just get a Scientologist to transfer over and be the Pope of Scientology, why, you’ve succeeded. Think of what you would do as the Pope of Scientology if every Scientologist was to become you, and that’s all. That’s your total cure, to have Scientologists become you. DLHDM is trying to get the Scientologist to transfer into his identity.

“This is the condition of Scientology in 2015. It is an hypnotic condition by which one takes a Scientology service—auditing or training—and puts it into an hypnotic rapport to such a degree that the service then sort of moves on an automaton basis, totally on the advices of DLHDM.

“Pan-determinism is the road out. But does this mean that DLHDM must seek his own sanity and escape over the hypnotized bodies of Scientologists? No, it sure doesn’t.

“DLHDM cannot use Scientlogists as steppingstones for his road up or out. When he uses others as steppingstones, he will discover that he is suppressing one of his own dynamics, which is one of the trickiest problems that anybody ever faced.

“Perfectly all right for DLHDM to say, ‘I am going to be the Pope of Scientology,’ and say, ‘Well now, the way I’m going to become the Pope is to simply stand everybody up against the wall that disagrees with me and declare them all Suppressive Persons.’ And the individual that does this is eventually mowed down—so that somebody looking at it and not analyzing it all will say that he who lives by the Declare Order dies by the Declare Order.

“This isn’t true, by the way. He who doesn’t live by the Declare Order in a civilization that is living by the Declare Order—he dies much quicker by the Declare Order. The whole problem here is simply how long does one hang on.

“But by going out and declaring everybody, and so forth, DLHDM is actually suppressing one of his own dynamics. He’s suppressing his third and fourth dynamic.

“DLHDM goes around issuing a whole slew of Declare Orders, shooting down his own populace, or ordering all Scientologists to redo the Bridge, or ordering Scientologists to disconnect from their loved ones, friends and work associates, or hiring a bunch of security guards to toss everybody that didn’t obey him into “The Hole”… same thing, only it’s just a little slower look. This situation would never result in any greater freedom or progress for anybody. All it would result in would be the depression of the individual who was doing it. ‘Do not send to find for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.’ Now, that’s a very, very true statement.

“So if we look across the whole field of Scientology—including their Front Groups: Narconon, WISE, ABLE, Sterling Management, Delphi, ad nauseam—we find that DLHDM has induced hypnotism on all dynamics merely by suppressing the determinism of a Scientologist on those dynamics; he’s supplanted that determinism with his own will.

“Because of DLHDM and the joke that Scientology has become, Scientologists today have too many curtains, too many doors, too many labyrinths stretched out in all directions, all composed of too many lies. Somewhere out of this there was one or two or three or four ladders, certainly, by which you could stop circulating in the midst of these labyrinths and getting trap doors slapped in your face, and so forth. You could stop this and come out along some kind of an even line and walk out into some sunlight and look at this thing as a fairly clear picture, and view out in front of you.

“It will be necessary for the Scientologist in 2015 to locate some of the central threads of truth and weave them together in some fashion so that a ladder is thus created. But the Pope of Scientology has dragged his flock along this line far deeper into, and departed further into, more arduous, more onerous methods of control and duress.

“A Scientologist is in a rather puzzled state of sleepwalk. He’s asleep, you might say, to the degree that he is suppressed on any dynamic. How much of a dynamic is alive? Well, as much of a dynamic is alive as is alive. And where’s the rest of the dynamic? It’s asleep.

“A Scientologist in 2015 is terrifically suppressed, yes. As you unsuppress him, you’ll find, of course, that he will go up through bands of anger and be upset with the world at large. It’s like somebody waking up and finding out that the person left to guard the house had set it on fire. And a Scientologist, of course, would get resentful about these things.

“So then, a Scientologist’s waking up is much more important than his going to sleep, yet Scientology has been on a 180-degree vector. It insists that the only way to make a man well is to put him to sleep; the only way you can make a man ‘sane’ is to put him through the Golden Age of Tech Phase 2; to beat in his anchor points with whips on the Introspection Rundown: these are DLHDM’s ways to make men ‘sane.’ And nobody, in all the millennia man has been on earth, has ever made one individual sane or better with any mechanism which suppressed his dynamics.

“So as Scientologists go down the dwindling spiral, as their abilities, urges, dynamics in life suppress, they’re going gradually to sleep. And they go gradually to sleep on the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and seventh and eighth dynamic.

“Hypnotism is an activity engaged in by DLHDM; hypnotizing them is simply his dramatization. His version of Scientology helps the Scientologist all out—makes it unnecessary for him to exhibit any volition or initiative. Scientology gives you the promise that all you’ve got to do is relax and it’ll all be done for you. Lots of energy everywhere; no need for you to create any.

“Scientology specializes in putting people to sleep about things. For instance, the Scientologist of 2015 has gone to sleep on the subject of Ideal Orgs, IAS Lifetime Memberships, patron statuses, donations, redoing the Bridge from the bottom up, and the like.

“Scientologists have become very, very null to these things. It’s about as sensible to be completely null to these things as to go and get yourself a great big black panther, see, and then neglect to feed him. And then put him in your bedroom and forget; go to sleep on the subject that you’d done it. Duhhh! That’s just about as safe, you know? And yet, Scientologists everywhere have simply gone to sleep on these subjects.

“See, the Church of Scientology is falling apart. And Scientologists just stand there completely unaware of it. And obviously, to anybody who could look at all, Scientology is falling apart. And a Scientologist would just stand there and let Scientology fall in on him—if he were asleep on the subject of religions collapsing and imploding, and so forth; he wouldn’t even notice it.

“What is this all about? Is it any big unconscious reaction? Yes, it’s an unconscious reaction. Scientologists aren’t conscious of a still-existing problem. They are blind to this problem. They no longer see this problem.

“A very curious manifestation: the Church of Scientology has been unable to exert any control of any kind over DLHDM for a long period of time—some decades. DLHDM is always completely unpredictable. And by the way, many people will tell you it is very good to be unpredictable. If they’re telling you it’s very good to be so very unpredictable, they are simply telling you that they’re scared. You see, you’d only have to be unpredictable if you were afraid of other forces. And these people think of it as a virtue. They’re pretty crazy—people who have to be completely and continually unpredictable. You never know what they’re going to say next or do next. All right. DLHDM has been utterly uncontrollable for a long, long period of time. Unpredictable is uncontrollable—same thing. You have to be able to predict to control.

“And so, the condition has finally come about to where Scientology is almost crazy as far as DLHDM is concerned. DLHDM is always doing something peculiar or odd that the church can’t predict, can’t control. The church can’t predict DLHDM, therefore Scientology can’t control him. The church can’t agree with DLHDM on anything because he inhibits anybody agreeing with him. This is one of his manifestations.The Church of Scientology is living, so-to-speak, with a psycho, and such a plausible psycho—you know, it all seems so reasonable—Scientologists keep thinking something must be wrong with them.

“And one day, the church takes a look at DLHDM, and all of a sudden, a black curtain simply rolls down across the front of DLHDM who disappears behind blackness. What is this? Well the church can’t see him anymore.

“This is not a peculiar manifestation. I mean, it happens quite often. In this case, the church blacked DLHDM out. He’s so unpredictable, the church doesn’t dare look at him anymore.

“What does DLHDM’s hypnotism do? It pulls all the pins of prediction out from underneath a Scientologist—in DLHDM’s world there’s always something wrong with the future. A Scientologist is going to lose his ability to predict because he has already given over his control to DLHDM.

“Now, when a Scientologist hands over complete control of himself to DLHDM, he will be unable to predict anything, and life will appear to be a very anxious thing to him, won’t it?

“We could say that the Church of Scientology consists of a number of individuals who have gone almost entirely to sleep. They are walking around to some degree in a trance. And that trance is absolutely no different from an hypnotic trance.

“The way you really knock out a Scientologist as they move up “The Bridge to Total Freedom” is to educate him in an hypnotic way; you educate him monotonously. You educate him under duress. You make the punishment just too horrible if he were to miss any step, any Bridge action or ethics handling along the way. You install an examination system, whereas at the end of each course or auditing action he is supposed to simply regurgitate what he has imbibed back into the supervisor’s or auditor’s face and to their complete and utter satisfaction. And when you get through, you will have wiped out a Scientologist’s control of what he’s studying.

“Hypnotism is accomplished simply by demonstrating to a Scientologist that he is not able to control, but that David “Let Him Die” Miscavige controls him.”

Inspired by Scientology 411, An Eclectic Mix of Satire and News about Scientology, “For OSA Eyes Only! Top 10 Reasons ‘Going Clear’ Was Produced,” April 15, 2015.

Also inspired by ACC Creation of Human Ability, Tape 5410C27 Creation 15, “Hypnotism,” by L. Ron Hubbard.