Scientology After Going Clear
Los Angeles Field Operations
Saturday, May 23, 2015

This is Fred G. Haseney, your West Coast Correspondent reporting from Scientology Incorporated’s (“SI”) West Coast headquarters, the Pacific Area Command Base (aka “PAC Base” or “Big Blue”).

“You may have seen them standing on street corners with a handful of leaflets, distributing them aggressively to passersby.” —Paulette Cooper, The Scandal of Scientology (Tower Book, 1971)

In “Los Angeles Field Operations” for May 19, 2015, I included one photo of two women (Scientology “Body Routers”); the woman on the left in that picture turned away when I shot the photo so as to not get her face on camera. This week, at the southeast corner of Sunset Blvd. and Vermont Ave., I caught this same person on camera (I’ll call her “Miss Glasses”). In the photo, I’ve zoomed in on her. Take a good look. Do you know her? Has SI’s toxic “Disconnection” policy forced her to cut all ties with you? Is she, perhaps, your daughter, your grand-daughter, your niece, cousin, or sister? Were you once her husband or boyfriend? Did you once work side-by-side with her or were you her boss? Or, perhaps, you worked for her.

Through Field Operations, my intention is to  warn non-Scientologists that Scientologists live in a bubble. Anyone who questions their actions or shows concern for that “perfect world” of theirs is cut-off and silenced by the heavy hand of Scientology Incorporated. Likewise, Field Operations hopes to melt the barriers that “Disconnection” have created. Let’s reunite those who have lost a loved one, a friend or a co-worker because SI has forced their bubble dwellers to “Disconnect.”

Notice that she is intently counting the “free” Dianetics film and Personality Test tickets in her hand. Why? Is she planning on keeping them? Does she hope to be able to use them as redeeming coupons? Does she intend to turn them in at the end of her day for bonus points? I think not, missy; you’d better get back out there and get rid of all those remaining tickets. But it’s midnight, she might declare, and there’s nobody to Body Route (“BR”)! As a result of her misconduct, she’ll be assigned to the RPF; while her fourteen roommates pack up her belongings, she’ll be forced to stand outside Kaiser Permanente Medical Center’s Emergency Room until the wee hours of the morning, the only place in the neighborhood (day or night) where she’ll find people to BR to the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”). (Gee, I’m sounding a little like JennyAtLAX. I sometimes forget that JennyAtLAX handles “satire” on this blog while I’m assigned its “seriousness.”)

By this shot, “Miss Glasses” had reunited with two other BRs on the same street corner. Those two, I believe are both Sea Org (“SO”) members, although I’m not entirely sure of the girl on the right. The guy (I’ll name him “Peter), however, is a different story. He’s an active BR for, I believe, LA Org, and when I say “active,” I mean he treats the streets of Los Angeles as one would a stage, entering from stage left and dancing to stage right.  He dances, he struts, he almost flies (as if he’s in a Broadway revival of “Peter Pan”) from non-Scientologist to non-Scientologist.  The last time I saw him, he danced his way across a street in order to give a “free” Dianetics film or Personality Test ticket to a woman—new-born baby in her arms—a young woman completely and utterly wrapped up in the joy of motherhood. The BR saw, apparently, none of that, and hoped that she’d blindly follow him to his org. (She politely declined his offer.)

Today, at the southeast corner of Sunset and Vermont, I saw a BR try to coax a non-Scientologist (who another BR had given a “free” Personality Test ticket to across the street) to go to LA Org with him. The non-Scientologist, however, wanted nothing to do with it, and as the guy left with the “free” ticket still in his hand, I followed him for about a block. After I caught up to him, we had a good conversation about Scientology Incorporated. He told me that he intended on throwing the ticket away, but he wanted to be polite to the BR. “In fact,” he said to me, “I’m going to take of that matter right now.” I watched him walk up to a garbage can at a bus bench and throw the ticket away. Good job, fellow American!

I have a message for Ally, a non-Scientologist: “Way to go, Ally!” Why?, you might ask.

Body Routers at LA Org have blank “Appointment” cards that they fill out for non-Scientologists so that those people can return for testing or test results at LA Org on a later date.  This card served as a reminder for Ally to go to LA Org on May 22, 2015, at 9:00 AM, in order to “receive a factual, scientific assessment” of her personality test (a test she apparently did) “by a professional evaluator.” This is the front of Ally’s “Appointment” card:

Hey, LA Org, have you wondered what became of Ally? Well, I found her “Appointment” card in a trash can at the corner of Edgemont and Sunset (Thanks, Ally! You did yourself a favor when you fled from those money-grubbing Scientologists!).

This is the back of that card:

Let’s find out what author Paulette Cooper had to say about the Personality Test in her expose, The Scandal of Scientology:

“Those who have accepted the invitation… may have submitted to the… Oxford Capacity Analysis [Personality Test], probably not realizing that the B.Scn, D.Scn, DD, and BA degrees of the girl who wrote the test stood for Bachelor of Scientology, Doctor of Scientology, and Doctor of Divinity in the ‘Church’ of Scientology only.”

Here’s a photo of a public Scientologist who has just served himself a snack from a bag in the trunk of his car. He’s probably on a break from course. He’s driving a Mercedes Benz, and reminds me a lot of a younger Dr. Stephen Price. (Dr. Price, of Shaw Health Center of Los Angeles, is or has been, apparently, David “Let Him Die” Miscavige’s personal chiropractor.) For all I know, this could be one of Dr. Price’s adult-aged children. (Is anyone in the viewing audience good with license plate numbers? California 4ZEX384):

I took the photo of “Mr. Mercedes Benz” from the sidewalk between LRH Way and Catalina Street. Next, I turned left onto Catalina St. as I noticed boys in blue about to enter 1414 Catalina St. (facilities used, I believe, by Bridge Publications in 1977/78, when PAC Base opened; notice the security guard on bicycle behind those boys in blue, further down the sidewalk):

My theory is that 1414 Catalina St. is being used by SI to house, train, reeducate and/or enslave SO members in the Rehabilitation Project Force (“RPF”).

It is my understanding that RPFers often or always travel in pairs which keeps them in-line without threat of escape. In the late 1970s, RPFers wore dark blue jump suits. In 2015, it appears that RPFers wear blue pants and blue t-shirts/sweatshirts. I believe the two guys in that photo are on the “buddy” system: where one goes, so goes the other; they never (or shouldn’t ever) loose track of each other, and they should always arrive at their destination together.

Here’s a shot of a lone woman entering the building:

Why, you may ask, if she’s an RPFer, did that woman arrive by herself? I think she may have been forced to do so; it may have been more important for her survival to forgo her “buddy” in order to get to post or course on time. A minute or so later, another lone woman (I’ll call her “Miss Lost”) shows up at the entrance to the building. She took on a crazed, wild animal look; that is, until a Sea Org member showed up and let her in. Before the SO member arrived, however, “Miss Lost” tried repeatedly to gain access to the building. She’d punch a number in the code box, then swipe a security card, and pull at the door to open it, but nothing would happen. The door didn’t open and no one let her in. That only caused her to get more excited about her circumstance; soon, she began to sway and swing from code box to swipe machine to door, then back to the box, the machine and door, again and again.

Here are a few shots I took (which includes the arrival of a SO member with access to the building;  that SO member became, in a way, Miss Lost’s “mom”; Miss Lost immediately began to cower and grovel in the SO member’s presence; the look on Miss Lost’s face shows the inner little girl in her, all too aware of the scolding that she’s about to get from her cool, calm and collected “parent”):

While I’ve never been in the RPF (although I served two years in the SO), it is my understanding that being in the RPF is dehumanizing and worse than “punishment.” I have read first-hand accounts of how people have spent years in the RPF, sometimes “graduating” from it, only to be sent back for more “correction.” In 1977-78, I witnessed such cruel activities as a member of the Cedar Estates Services Organization (“CESO”), when I served food to SO staff and washed their pots and pans in the galley at PAC Base.

While I observed “Miss Lost,” a PAC Base Security Guard (“SG”) showed up to my left (I’ll call him “SG #1”; he’s on the sidewalk along Catalina, closer to Sunset Blvd.):

Soon, another SG showed up to my right (I’ll call him “SG #2”; he’s also on the sidewalk along Catalina, further south toward Fountain Ave.):

Notice that SG #1’s attention is directed toward the entrance to 1414 Catalina St, and SG #2 has spotted me across the street. Meanwhile, a third SG enters the picture, not on bicycle, but casually walking down the driveway from the rear of LA Org and the American Saint Hill Organization (“ASHO”). SG #3 has not looked in my direction, and seems to have his attention completely focused on the entrance to 1414 Catalina St. and “Miss Lost” (I’ve provided a close up of SG #3 in case he’s your son, brother, friend or co-worker from whom you’ve been forced to “Disconnect”):

In the next photo, two SO members walking toward Sunset Blvd. on Catalina St. are directed by SG #2 to use an alternative route to reach their final destination (the two SO members did an about-face and left the area quickly):

I have to be honest with you, I left as soon as I could because I thought the security guards had arrived because of me.  In hindsight, I don’t think that’s the case; I think “Miss Lost” became disconnected from her RPF “buddy,” and an internal alarm had been sounded to ensure her “safe” rescue/return. In fact, I returned the next day, using a different point of entry, and stood amazed that I could shoot a little video of the entrance to 1414 Catalina without attracting one or more SGs:

This short video, shot from the west side of Catalina Street, between Sunset Blvd. and Fountain Ave., shows action along the sidewalk on the other side of the street, as Scientologists (apparently all SO members) approach the entrance, off-camera to the left, to 1414 Catalina St. (apparently, all the boys and girls in blue entered the building while the others did not).

First, you’ll see a pair of people walking from the right of the screen to the left. They’re dressed in blue; apparently RPFers. Then, you’ll see two more pairs of RPFers followed by a solitary person who ran to keep up with his fellow RPFers (probably a lone RPFer told to stay with another pair). At one point, you’ll see a tall SO member, male, walking from the left of the screen to the right. Lastly, you’ll see a SO member (the one dressed in dark pants, white shirt and vest), giving another Scientologist, SO or non-SO member a “Locational” (notice how the SO in the vest directs the other to “look at” and, most likely followed by the command, “Touch that,”as in “Touch that tree” or “Touch that sign.” Such an assist is designed to help an individual to “get in communication” with his environment and “to come to present-time”).

Recent activity along LRH Way seems to have included the installation of some heavy-duty lighting (perhaps for “Peter’s” stage debut?):

In that photo, you can see a blue building further down the street; that’s the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”). In the next photo, the underbelly of the beast… er, um, I mean, of the lighting fixtures says “PAC”:

The lighting has been installed so as to shine on the west side of the street, probably at or in front of the “Flag World Tour” posters that are displayed just to the north of the Canteen and behind the benches on the sidewalk:

The Scientology Media Center (“SMC”) is a beehive of activity. Not. Here, paint is applied to a security gate (that’s not an RPFer; I’ll bet that’s a SO member from Golden Era Productions):

Not much has changed to the entrance of SMC except for the black lights facing up at the bottom of the wall in this photo:

About the only other person visible is this guy behind the front gate, which, when closed, looks a lot like prison bars:

Scientology Incorporated’s Body Routers contribute to dirty intersections; every day I pass by and see the likes of this, sad, rejected and dejected “free” Dianetics film and Personality Test tickets strewn on the sidewalk, in the gutter, in planters, etc:

The parking lot that faces Sunset Blvd., between LRH Way and Catalina St. got a face lift a few years ago. The beautiful bushes that had been there for as long as I can remember were ripped out, and an equally nice set of bushes were planted in their place. You can see those bushes in this photo of the “Scientology” sign that faces Sunset Blvd. (the arrows in the photo point out the bushes):

Those innocent-looking bushes, however, have become a favorite dumping ground for unwanted “free” Dianetics film and Personality Test tickets.  In the next three photos (one of which has arrows that point to teeny-weenie pieces of ripped up tickets lodged in the bushes), you can see what many in Los Angeles have to say about Scientology Incorporated: