Scientology After Going Clear
Los Angeles Field Operations
Saturday, May 30, 2015

This is Fred G. Haseney, your West Coast Correspondent, documenting the demise of Scientology Incorporated (“SI”). Today, I’m reporting from SI’s West Coast headquarters, the Pacific Area Command Base (aka “PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the Scientology Media Center (“SMC”) and other points in between.

If you could secretly follow any Scientology executive, who would it be?

The next picture (courtesy Google Earth), shows the route I took Tuesday, May 26, 2015, because I stumbled upon a Scientology executive who I proceeded to follow. At approximately 1:00 PM, a door to the parking lot at the Self-Realization Fellowship (“SRF”) opened, and out stepped four individuals. Something about this screamed “Scientology”; it caught my eye as my plans for that early afternoon included your average Field Operation and a doctor’s appointment. With camera-in-hand, I milled about (pretending to be a camera-totting tourist) as those four people went their separate ways. One of them headed toward the PAC Base; something about him stirred a memory (but I didn’t remember his name or level of importance until later).

In this picture, the Hollywood Temple of SRF, located at 4860 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027, is item #1 (see the corresponding yellow arrow). The Shipping and Receiving area of the Church of Scientology is item #2 (see the arrow for that item). The yellow line connecting #1 to #2 travels east along Sunset Blvd., takes a right and heads south along Catalina St., and crosses that street to the sidewalk on the other side.

The next photo shows the sign proclaiming , “Church of All Religions,” founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, who once said: “To commune daily with God in deep meditation, and to carry His love and guidance with you into all your dutiful activities, is the way that leads to permanent peace and happiness.” The other photo denotes their hours of operation: “Book Room / Reception: Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 4 PM.”

The Scientology executive I followed and took pictures of is Ken Long. The Angry Gay Pope indicates that Mr. Long is associated with Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”). In 2012 (and from data gleamed from a letter he wrote from the Church of Scientology Western United States Continental Liaison Office, located at 1308 L. Ron Hubbard Way), Mr. Long held the position of Director of Legal Affairs.

Now, what would attract SI to the SRF? That SRF’s Mother Center will be hosting 2015’s World Convocation, August 16–22, 2015, at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites, in downtown Los Angeles? That they’ll provide “in-depth instruction on the science of meditation,” “group meditations” and “Yoga initiations”? No way! Scientology considers a place like SRF as an “other practice,” something deemed utterly worthless and to be avoided at all costs.

In the next photo, you’ll see items 1-4: (1) This is Mr. Long as he shuffles east along Sunset Blvd (in the distance, you can barely see the gargantuan Scientology sign that flanks the south side of the boulevard); (2) Mr. Long continues walking after turning right, heading south on Catalina St; (3) Mr. Long as he crosses Catalina St. (notice the guy in the yellow jacket on the sidewalk across the street; I think he may have spotted me); (4) Mr. Long passes a Security Guard (“SG”) busy chatting up a pretty Sea Org (“SO”) member, apparently oblivious to the fact that someone in his guard is being followed, watched and photographed.

In the next picture, I’ve zoomed in on the pretty SO member. Perhaps you know her; maybe SI’s toxic policy of “disconnection” has caused the ties you once had with this individual to be severed forever. Take a good look; maybe you haven’t seen her in a while. Maybe she’s your daughter, grand-daughter, sister or niece. Maybe she’s a distant family member or even was once your wife. Maybe you were once her friend, co-worker, boss or employee, until she chose Scientology over you (and the world).

In the next photo, we see two students on the Survival Rundown (“SR”), a co-audit course (which means they’ve paid Scientology a flat fee and have been paired up with another student). I wouldn’t be surprised if this couple are actually husband and wife. Notice the clipboard she holds; the backward lettering seen through the clipboard spells out “Survival” (as in “Survival Rundown”) and “L. Ron Hubbard.”

In order to completely drive each other insane, these students are doing a process outside of their org (a process which might include a “Locational Assist” which includes looking at people and things). In particular, these older, more seasoned veterans of Scientology may be high-level members, among many who have been ordered to redo the Bridge to Total Freedom from, essentially, the bottom up, beginning near the bottom with this Rundown. Many such players have spent upwards to half-a-million dollars to get to Operating Thetan (“OT”) VIII, only to find out they they’ll be forced to do the SR, which may very well include redoing processes that have already been done, are already “flat” and don’t need to be redone (but not if you listen to the quackery spewed by Andres Rodriguez, Senior Case Supervisor Western United States).

In the next photo (courtesy Google Earth), you’ll see items 1-3. Item #1: SI’s Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”), located at 4810 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027. Item #2: two blocks from LA Org is the busy intersection of Vermont Avenue and Sunset Blvd. Item #3: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (“CHLA,” part of which is outlined in yellow), located at 4650 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027. CHLA provides care to over 100,000 children annually, and is the top-ranked children’s hospital west of the Mississippi. CHLA is no small potato.

Enter LA Org’s Body Routers (“BR”), who urge anyone and everyone to go with them to the PAC Base; BR’s do not discriminate when handing out “free” Dianetics film or Personality Test tickets. BRs hawk Scientology’s wares at that intersection which is also popular for bus stops and is used as an entrance to the subway system.

Recently, as the bus I traveled on approached the intersection, I positioned my camera and snapped a photo of what appears to be a SG for CHLA and three LA Org BRs. The BR on the left I call “Frasier Not,” because he resembles the immensely popular television character, Frasier Crane (with “Not” added because a friend of mine didn’t want me to insult good Mr. Crane). “Frasier Not” is the only BR who’s ever talked to me (“We know who you are,” he once declared); he’s a likeable guy as we share a nod or a smile now and then. The BR on the right I refer to as “Peter,” as in “Peter Pan,” for his flits and dances from hopeful victim to hopeful victim along the boulevard.  Notice that in each vest pocket are stacks of “free” Dianetics film and Personality Test tickets.

In the photo (taken through a bus window that could stand a little bit of cleaning), the apparent CHLA SG is to the left; the BRs are to his right. Trying to figure the scenario captured in this photo is a lot like watching a movie with the sound off or a silent film without title cards. CHLA SG, however, is looking at the BRs as if he’s issuing a “last warning”; his emotional level on the “Tone Scale” looks like it’s anywhere from Anger (1.5) to Hostility (1.9). The BRs look as if they’ve just been scolded, maybe for the second or third time. It’s possible that CHLA security has had run-ins with BRs, or BRs have upset or even angered CHLA patients and visitors. Whatever happened, it doesn’t look good for LA Org. (Please note that I’ve purposely blocked the face of one of the Body Routers at that person’s request.)

The next two photos are actually one picture concerning a party of five Scientologists taken on the west side of L. Ron Hubbard Way (“LRH Way”), between the American Saint Hill Organization (“ASHO”) and LA Org.

The first photo appears to be the arrival of a public Scientologist. He’s carrying a large duffel bag and looks like he’s from out-of-town. Notice the “Clear” bracelet on his left wrist (at least we know he’s a “clear” the day I shot the photo or, at least, until the next time David “Let Him Die” Miscavige revokes all “Clear” certificates).

The second photo concerns the public person as prey; he’s walking with four SO members. Everybody is happy and mostly smiling (the long-haired blonde woman beams with joy while the tall guy to her left is tickled pink), especially those who accompany the young man. The guy dressed in the red short sleeve shirt shirt is a SO member at Bridge Publications (notice the “Bridge” logo on his shirt and the SO buckle to his belt). The blonde woman appears to be wearing a pin that would indicate that she’s a SO member posted at the International Association of Scientologists (“IAS”). The tall SO wears an indistinguishable pin; he and the girl in front of the blonde are also wearing SO belt buckles.

Next, we visit the Scientology Media Center, located at 4376 Sunset Drive (an easy walk of a few blocks, east of PAC Base), facilities that formerly housed Monogram Pictures and KCET Television, among others. In the first picture, notice that their entrance has been freshly paved. The sign in the center divider in front of security has been covered over. Perhaps the Church of Scientology has commissioned the folks at Saturday Night Live to provide a sign for their new facility (as in “Neurotology”)?

Vandals have been up to new good along one side of SMC because I noticed at least two broken windows since my last visit (funny, the glass to the lower section of the front door to the [L. Ron] Hubbard College of Administration, located at 320 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004, has recently been replaced; maybe there’s been an increase of vandalism… at least at SI facilities). The photo to the right in this picture shows us the inside of room 34 under renovation, with new walls, ceiling and light fixtures.

Fellow Bunkerite and friend, Michael Leonard Tilse recently wrote me, hoping that the security bars in the windows in the next picture taken from SMC have adequate (legal) security bar releases. If “adequate” and “legal” means that people, if trapped in a room can only escape through these security bars, well, I’m afraid that that won’t happen, because these bars are firmly attached to the walls.

Recently, I retrieved a booklet from a trash can (again, near the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Edgemont St., just one block from PAC Base; a trash can in front of SRF), entitled, “10 Things You Should Know About Scientology.”  The publication, presented by CSLA (does that stand for “Church of Scientology Los Angeles,” I wonder), has a photo of the Scientology Information Center, located at 6724 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, on its front and rear cover. The document appears to be something recently drawn up by SI to help booster its “image” despite buckets of bad press in recent times. Among the gems SI offers are points 1 through 3:

1. This is what Scientology is. (“It’s represented by more than 11,000 Churches, Missions and groups across 184 nations, welcoming millions of new visitors to our sites each year. The worldwide community that comprises Scientology spans 193 languages, employment in 3,200 professions, and 2.8 million community volunteer hours annually.” Enough already with the numbers and unmeasurable, untrackable stats, DLHDM).

2. This is who L. Ron Hubbard was and what he believed. (“He was a beloved friend and mentor and a singular visionary… a genius, a Renaissance Man… a master mariner…” Bla, bla, bla).

3. Yes, Scientology has a concept of God. (“As L. Ron Hubbard wrote in Science of Survival [“SOS”]…” Oh, wait, didn’t LRH pen SOS after kidnapping his daughter from a second wife he wanted nobody to know about? Isn’t that the daughter he spirited away to Cuba after he tried to get his wife committed to an insane asylum? And later, didn’t LRH tell his wife that the dead body of their daughter could be found floating in a river?)

Google “10 Things You Should Know About Scientology” and one of the top results will be for World Religion News (“WRN”), which is most likely a new online front group for the Church of Scientology because it slants their way.  The article’s author is Featured Contributor Linda Wieland, Public Affairs, Church of Scientology. At WRN, you’ll read, word-for-word, the booklet distributed by CSLA. In addition, there are pretty pictures as well as links to videos that you just can’t get in a silly booklet.  Here are a few screen shots from the silly web site:

The screen shots capture a few more of the (more laughable) “10 Things You Should Know About Scientology,” including these award nominees for Worst Declarations Ever:

7. Scientology was founded on the principles of human rights.

8. Scientologists believe in helping others and taking responsibility for our communities and the world. Help is a primary concept and orientation of a Scientologist.

10. The Scientology religion is flourishing under the leadership of Mr. David Miscavige.

But, wait! The fun has just begun, because if you search “Scientology” in WRN’s search engine, you’ll get page after page of pro-Scientology crap, with items such as the following (screen shots of these items are also in the next photo):

1. “In his first-ever interview, David Miscavige tackles misconceptions and falsehoods about Scientology.” (What the online article fails to state in their lead-in is that the “first-ever interview” took place in 1992 with Ted Koppel of ABC News, an interview that embarrassed any Scientologist with half a brain… if SI allowed them to see it, that is.)

2. “The Church of Scientology launched a public relations campaign on Twitter during HBO’s airing of a documentary pitted against Scientology. Alex Gibney’s controversial documentary, Going Clear.”

3. “The influence of the Scientology religion on Musicians and Fans.” “From left to right: Chick Corea, Beck, and Kate Ceberano, three Scientologist musicians who have endured controversy around their beliefs.”

Who are contributing writers Robert Adams, Alison Lesley and Tad Reeves? Nom De Plumes for DLHDM?

Let’s return to LRH Way and visit the home across the street from LA Org, where there’s been a blessing for those who believe (for at least the last couple of weeks). In the first photo, Mother Mary now wears Rosary beads:

In the next photo, the name “Mother Mary” has been inscribed on one of the flower pots. There’s also a sign in which the homeowner gracefully acknowledges donations received, and about to be received, for the purchase of flowers (sadly, I found the sign reversed, so the acknowledgement faced away from the street. I righted that wrong):

The Church of Scientology gracefully unacknowledges the litter it contributes to the sidewalks, curbs and gutters of Los Angeles by way of “free” tickets and booklets.

The next picture points out such rejected trash as evidenced by a discarded, wrinkled ticket thrown into the shrubbery that separates LA Org from Sunset Blvd., between LRH Way and Catalina St. (that’s the Big Bloated Blue in the background; specifically, an entrance to LA Org from the parking lot).

There’s so much SI crap in the way of promotional material that citizens don’t have enough resources to make a proper discard. Witness the next photo of an orange bucket in Home Depot’s “Let’s Do This” campaign from a while back.

One fall, a couple of years ago, Home Depot sent a rallying cry to all the couch potatoes with nagging wives who complained of all the merchandise from IKEA that had not yet been assembled. In that campaign, the nagging wife delivered a swift kick to her hubby’s rear-end every time she saw an orange bucket; a message for her to tell him to “F*ckit, get off your fat ass and get that #$@%$& project done!” Home Depot even urged the excitable spouse to take a photo of the bucket (sans husband, I assume), and share that “Kodak Moment” with #LetsDoThis.

In our “Kodak Moment,” we discover some kind hearted person has left one of those orange buckets a few feet away from the Self-Realization Fellowship. And what’s in the bucket? Discarded “free” Personality Test tickets!

In our last photo for today, we find another rejected item from the Church of Scientology: a newspaper blathering the wonders and amazing tricks available through Dianetics. I found it on the ground next to a palm tree that lines Sunset Blvd., near Edgemont.  This was no ordinary piece of trash, because in it, it had a piece of sh*t.

Yes, I’m sorry to say that, apparently, SO members from SI, whose bathrooms are notorious for being without toilet paper, have resorted to ducking out in the wee hours of the morning, find a tree with a little bit of privacy, and use Dianetics newspapers as…

I really don’t want to jump to conclusions. In their little sheltered, protected worlds, Scientology bubble dwellers believe that theirs is a Church that serves as a “common meeting ground for community activities”; that they devote gazillions of hours to “tutoring, criminal reform, drug education, drug rehabilitation, human rights education, mental health reform, mentoring, character education and disaster relief.” Meanwhile, homeless people in droves do what they can to find shelter and food in PAC Base’s neighborhood, where countless shelters, food kitchens and transitional homes devote the hours of help that Scientologists can only dream of.

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