It’s great to read about, and see photographs of, people who have successfully escaped the clutches of that ever-invasive, always-persuasive cult: Paulette Cooper, Jon Atack, Peter Griffiths, and others. With a heavy heart, I read about people still trapped, their eyes blinded by Hubbard’s and Miscavige’s sight: Anne Archer, Nancy Cartwright, Kate Ceberano, Denice Duff and Jenna Elfman.

A year ago, I broke free of Scientology’s “bubble,” with a little help from Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker (and JennyAtLAX).

Like stomach pains that develop following a bad meal, Scientology left a decidedly bad taste in my mouth which resulted in a gaseous explosion that ignited a year ago. Fifty-two weeks without the constant craving of that cult’s promise of “spiritual freedom”; three-hundred-and-sixty-five days of freedom from a future in which I would have, undoubtedly, floundered in their Oat Tee Levels. Antacids such as the Underground Bunker helped soothe once high-levels of spiritual stomach acid. Life in Scientology resembled a never-ending quest for a giant TUMS antacid—something, anything to cure that cult’s heartburn and indigestion.

No more “Hip, hip, hoorays” for Hubbard!

Fred G. Haseney

Originally posted at “‘Miss Lovely’ in London: Paulette Cooper Writes Another Chapter in Her Amazing Story,” the Underground Bunker, August 30, 2015.