LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—Today in Scientology, it must be Auditor’s Day, because they’re setting up for it along L. Ron Hubbard Way. I didn’t set out to take photographs of clam activities at 7:00 AM; a beautiful sunrise drew me out instead. As I walked home along Sunset Boulevard, however, I noticed that about half of LRH Way is partially blocked off, and I imagine that as the day progresses, the clam’s shell will close even further.

The Virgin Mary still proudly oversees the heretics; the clams; the Scientologists; the lovers of Xenu. This display, situated across the street from the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”) is decked out even more religiously elaborate than the last time I photographed it. Added recently: a small statue of an angel; a photograph of the Virgin Mary. The flowers and their arrangement are just beautiful, and I bet this pushes Scientology’s buttons to no end. Good going, neighbor!

Here we look south along LRH Way. That’s the American Saint Hill Organization (“ASHO”) on the right. The Scientology “cross” seen above ASHO actually adorns the top of the Main Building of PAC Base (“Big Blue”), the building that’s shaped like a “V” and faces Fountain Avenue (the Main Bldg’s east wing can be seen just south of ASHO).

Not very many people are scheduled for this event. Are these all the chairs that the clams plan to use? Auditor’s Day events in the past have taken up the entire parking lot behind LA Org, seen here in this picture.

In this photo, we’re getting closer to the stage for the event (it can barely be seen on the right side of this picture, further south along LRH Way). On the left side, the blue building is the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”); at the end of LRH Way, where the road meets Fountain Ave., the blue building is “The Fountain,” housing for Sea Org members, I believe. To the right of that is Scientology’s parking structure, infamous for the location of the dumpsters that members of
the Rehabilitation Project Force (“RPF,” the Sea Org’s internal prison) have been known to scrub with toothbrushes and, I believe, forage, at times, for food.

There are six lights (aimed at LRH Way and, for the most part, non-Scientology households) on this display in front of ASHO.

The morning sky is what drew me with camera in hand; this display with seven lights aimed at LRH Way is in front of one of Scientology’s Front Group schools, the Renaissance Academy (Kindergarten to Sixth Grade).

Here we’re facing west, staring at the entrance to ASHO. Notice the cameras and lights sitting on top of the roof, all aimed at LRH Way. One of those, incidentally, would soon draw Security on a bicycle to the area (but not before I shot a bunch of photos).

More displays and a lot more lights aimed at poor non-Scientology neighbors. The display on the right is in front of ASHO; the display to the left of that stands in front of Lebanon Hall as well as the walkway between ASHO and the Main Bldg.

This is another display; this photo details non-Scientology housing next to AOLA.

In this photograph, we look north along LRH Way and are standing on the west side of the street. Check out all those display unit (each one with six to seven lights, many aimed at non-Scientology housing).

Here we face the parking lot behind AOLA; behind me is the event stage. Notice the seats already set-up facing a screen.

To the left is the dinky event stage marking Auditor’s Day (“Standard Tech” proclaims the screen behind the stage). The seating area is normally for the “Ideal” Pacifica canteen. Maybe you know one of the staff or few public people seated here.

Here’s another view of the stage and some of the people seated in the canteen area. To the left is “The Fountain” at the end of LRH Way, next to their parking structure. Behind the stage is the east wing of the Main Bldg. I would imagine that as the event begins, big displays will be moved to block people from looking into the event area.

Seating behind AOLA; in the background is the Continental Liaison Office as well as access to offices of the International Association of Scientologists (“IAS”), the Fleecewinds and FLAGGED.

As I stand in the middle of LRH Way looking north, security arrives on bicycle. The building at the end of LRH Way is part of Kaiser Permanente Hospital.

Here’s a close up of the Security Guard, a guy I’ve never seen before around PAC Base. The guy in the black t-shirt got pretty excited and even nervous about my presence there. When I aimed the camera at them, they split up and looked away. After this shot, I walked west along Fountain Ave., and then north along the Catalina St. side of PAC Base. The Security Guard followed me, of course, and spent a few minutes in serious conversation with a female jogger; a conversation so intent that I
wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she’s really an OSA (“Office of Special Affairs”) operative disguised as an exercise enthusiast.

Here’s another shot of the Pacifica canteen area; the staff member with the camera is having a Kodak moment as he shoots a photo of the stage area.