LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—What event is the cult of Dianetics and Scientology setting up for along L. Ron Hubbard Way?

The following Key identifies various buildings and structures in today’s photographs (the left side of the map is “West”; the top side of the map is “North”; photo courtesy Google Maps):
1: Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”)
2: American St. Hill Organization (“ASHO”)
3: Lebanon Hall (Sea Org Berthing)
4: Main Building (the tallest structure that is home to the huge “Scientology” sign)
5: Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”)
6: L. Ron Hubbard Way (“LRH Way”; aka “Berendo Street”)
7: Scientology’s Parking Garage
8: The Fountain (apparently Sea Org Berthing)
9: (Formerly?) the Cadet Org
10. Fountain Avenue
11. Vermont Avenue
12. Sunset Boulevard (just out of range of this map)

According to the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles Calendar of Events website, a two-day Hubbard Dianetics Seminar begins this Saturday, October 3, 2015, 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM each day (“Depression, self-doubt or insecurity blocking your full potential? Attend the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar and achieve confidence and self-respect”).

Per the Scientology Los Angeles-Hubbard Dianetics Seminar website, it appears that the 2-day event will be conducted indoors, but there is no other event scheduled. The lighting involved may be due to the fact that it’s getting darker earlier in California.

Parked in front of LA Org, Ace Party Rents delivered chairs and tables. They also provide canopies, tents, dance floors and china; call them in North Hollywood at (818) 503-8600, or in the South Bay at (310) 320-9000. Don’t forget that the Inglewood “Ideal” Org handles public in the South Bay!

Hundreds of metal chairs for the event stacked along LRH Way in front of LA Org. This cult is expecting a crowd!

These may be wooden chairs, also stacked along LRH Way, next to a stack of sad looking tables.

Aluminum crowd control posts stacked on the west side of LRH Way.

Chairs, tables and control posts stacked on the sidewalk in front of LA Org.

A veritable cluster of lighting equipment, stands and cables on the sidewalk and LRH Way in front of LA Org.

Lights over LRH Way in front of ASHO.

More lighting on the east side of LRH Way, across the street from LA Org and ASHO. The building on the right (the one with the bell) is a Scientology Front Group, the Renaissance Academy.

Like the one set up for the Auditor’s Day event early last month, this dinky, poor excuse for a stage sits across the street from AOLA. The building seen on the right is the Main Bldg; the building at the end of LRH Way: The Fountain. The chairs and tables to the right signify outdoor eating at the Pacifica Cafe. Ooh la la!

Lighting equipment hugging the curb along LRH Way, in front of the east wing of the Main Bld., near the corner of LRH Way and Fountain Avenue.

A power generator (“MQ Power” by Denyo) sitting along LRH Way, awaiting its marching orders.

Sea Org members apparently setting up for the event, working in front of The Fountain, where LRH Way and Fountain Avenue meet.

Do you recognize these people? I’m assuming they are Scientology Sea Org members, and I’ve zoomed in on them for your close inspection. Perhaps they’re a son, brother, nephew or grandson who has disconnected from you and/or a loved one. Isn’t it time they get back in communication with you?

Here’s another close up of those guys.

Here’s a close up of these productive young men for your consideration

In this picture of the truck from which they removed material, you can see the interest generated by my taking their pictures. Two of the arrows indicate the looks given me; the third arrow indicates the truck’s license plate number (“6D57342”). One arrow, incidentally, points to a Sea Org Security Guard on a bicycle, apparently talking into a walkie-talkie-type device. That Security Guard, or his clone, approached me a few minutes after I took this photo; in his hand, a Smart Phone-type device, busily taking pictures of me. I looked at my camera, a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800, and said to him, “My camera’s bigger than yours,” and, as I walked away, I added, “See you at the Underground Bunker.”

What’s this? Activity at (formerly?) the Cadet Org.

All kinds of stuff is being stored in the front of what used to be the Cadet Org. I’m standing on Fountain looking south, into an area in which the front gate is very rarely ever open.

This looks like one of two trucks of merchandise recently unloaded at what used to be the Cadet Org; license plate “67368G1.” The trucks are at the intersection of New Hampshire and Fountain Avenues.

Lighting equipment, cables, generator and stage along LRH Way, looking north. Along the west side of the street, starting with the building closest to the corner of LRH Way and Fountain Avenue: the Main Bldg; Lebanon Hall; ASHO.

Equipment for the event along LRH Way. As the Security Guard (seen in the photo’s right) followed me painstakingly slow up LRH Way, I exclaimed, looking directly at him: “I have a shadow.”

Presiding over the cult’s activities with Faith and Dignity: Christianity’s Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. The statue and garden has been alive, well-kept, and growing for the last few months. Well done to the cult’s neighbor, a non-Scientologist who owns this property right across the street from LA Org. Hip Hip Horray!