Using this webform enables you to file a complaint against any scientologist in the country. When you click “submit” your complaint will be sent to your state licensing agency which has the power to investigate and take action against a scientologist’s license (that is, if he/she/it has one). No complaint filed = no state action.

You have the option of filing an anonymous complaint by not including your personal information below.


Get the complaint process rolling immediately by filling out the form below. Use the pull down menu to select the state. Then just fill in the rest of the specifics and press Send. The complaint will immediately be sent to the appropriate state agency contacts.

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Nature of Complaint (Check those that fit what happened to you or your loved one):

_____ Body Routed
_____ Coerced into “Treatment”
_____ Confidentiality Break
_____ Crime
_____ Death
_____ Drug Trafficking
_____ Falsified Ethics Folders
_____ Falsified Pre-Clear Folders
_____ Financial Irregularity
_____ Forced Drugging
_____ Forced to Attend Friday Night Graduations
_____ Forced to Endure Countless Boring Events Hosted by David “Let Him Die” Miscavige
_____ Fraud (Billing, Financial, insurance or otherwise)
_____ Harmful Drug Effects
_____ Harmful Effects of the E-Meter
_____ Harmful Effects of Dianetics
_____ Harmful Effects of Scientology
_____ Inappropriate prescribing for non-medical reasons
_____ Involuntary Commitment
_____ Love Bombed
_____ No Biological Test for “Mental Illness” (no blood, urine or other lab testing)
_____ No Biological Test for Underlying Physical Condition
_____ No Informed Consent
_____ No Restraints
_____ No Sexual Misconduct
_____ No Unethical Conduct
_____ No Use of Force
_____ Permanent Serious Injury
_____ Physical Illness Misdiagnosed as “Mental Illness”
_____ Questionable Billing
_____ Restraints
_____ Sexual Misconduct
_____ Threats
_____ Unethical Conduct
_____ Unprofessional conduct
_____ Use of Force
_____ Something else that didn’t seem quite right
_____ Something during an Auditing Session that Smelled Really, Really Bad
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I understand ClamSearch.net will receive a copy of my complaint to the state licensing agency. I authorize ClamSearch.net to share my complaint with an attorney and understand an attorney may call me if he/she is interested in learning more about my case. If you have information about a crime committed by a scientologist, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately as well as filing the state licensing agency complaint above.

Inspired by “An email that demonstrates how much Scientology loves going after the ‘evil psychs’,” The Underground Bunker-Tony Ortega on Scientology, October 2, 2015.

Also inspired by “File a Complaint Against a Psychiatrist,” Psychsearch.net.