‘We in the Church of Scientology have become what we once declared we never wanted to be known as: “bitter Scientologists.” We in the Church of Scientology need to move on with our lives instead of pathetically exploiting L. Ron Hubbard’s former religion, our former friends and celebrities for money and attention to appear relevant again.

‘Sadly, bitterness and anger are common threads through the Church of Scientology’s life. Rather than take responsibility for self-inflicted problems, we are quick to blame others. When we found that our Fearless Leader, Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige, had hired goons to follow his own father and then advise them to “let him die” when it looked like his very own father might be having a heart attack, we tried to help pick ourselves up off the floor. But we in the Church of Scientology have treated everyone around us in a degrading, bullying manner. Our behavior is intolerable.

‘We in the Church of Scientology know the truth we conveniently rewrite in our revisionist history. The real story is that we’ve desperately tried to remain a Church, knowing full well they we are on the verge of expelling ourselves for refusing to abide by our very own high levels of ethics and decency— delusional characteristics and attributes that Scientologists can never be expected to maintain. Our repeated ethical lapses and callous treatment of others has led to an ecclesiastical review which will soon result in the very expulsion of ourselves. We in the Church of Scientology regurgitate the tired myths that we’ve repeatedly tried to debunk, circulated by a huge and ever-growing clique of former Scientologists. We in the Church of Scientology are becoming quite bitter because we’re about to loose the free ride the U.S. government has given us as a “religion” and a “church.” Our very our malfeasance and unethical conduct is being uncovered even as we write this. We in the Church of Scientology are now joined at the hip with a collection of deadbeats, admitted liars, self-admitted perjurers, wife beaters and worse; these very characters are ourselves.

‘We in the Church of Scientology are our very own enemy.’

Inspired by the Daily Mail, “Leah Remini details alleged Scientology plot to recruit her best friend Jennifer Lopez at Tom Cruise’s wedding and reveals the surprising extent of Katie Holmes’ involvement in the Church,” October 31, 2015.