Recently, Body Routers from the Cult of Scientology of Los Angeles Organization were out in full force at the corner of Vermont Avenue and Sunset Boulevard, in Los Angeles, California. In this photo, two BRs attempt to hoodwink an unsuspecting Wog at the northeast corner of Vermont and Sunset, outside of the Vermont/Sunset Subway station.

What’s a “Wog”? After thirty-seven years in Scientology (which ended in 2014 when I accidentally stumbled into Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker), I define “Wog” as anyone who isn’t a Scientologist. If you aren’t a Scientologist, you’re not much to a Scientologist (especially to a Sea Org Scientologist): your life and everything you live for is a big fat “zero,” a nothing, zilch, nada. Your Wog life and existence to a Scientologist is rather worthless. To a Scientologist, you’re little more than pond scum; someone to avoid at all costs. Getting a Wog into Scientology is Scientology’s way of purifying planet Earth (then the galaxy… next, the universe… and then, to infinity!). To a Scientologist, a Wog is just plain icky. The “Wog world” is everything outside of Scientology. In the “Wog world,” no one is really trying. Remember, folks, if you’re not in Scientology, you’re nothing and a no one!

As I walked across Sunset Blvd., heading south along Vermont Ave., I encountered two Body Routers who seem to be a permanent fixture at that intersection. Without available Wogs to whom they could hand out their “free” Dianetics of Personality test tickets to, the BRs looked a bit lonely and unproductive. “Clearing the planet?” I inquired as I passed them.

Like clams gathering on a sunny day at the seashore, BRs often congregate on the southwest corner of Vermont and Sunset. Everyone at this intersection seems to be a Scientologist. They’re wearing their Sea Org best and carry “free” Dianetics film or “free” Personality test tickets.

I witnessed two Wogs as they were captured by BRs, fooled into going to LA Org where every last dime they own will be extracted from them with considerable ease (you’ve been warned!). One BR smiled as he passed me, thinking, perhaps, “Gee, I wonder if these Wogs will be seeing the Dianetics film AND doing the Personality test? Does that my statistics will be up for the week? If so, maybe I’ll get an afternoon off and won’t have to eat rice and beans all next week.”

As I passed Kaiser Permanente Hospital, a Wog passed me on his way into the hospital. Pointing at the “free” Personality test ticket in his clutches, I declared, “That’s Scientology! It’s poison! Throw that ticket away!” The Wog smiled, agreeing with me as he held out his hand out to mine, and I retrieved the ticket; I then tore it up and disposed of it quickly in the nearest trash receptacle (Hip hip hooray, friendly Wog!).

The elderly gentlemen on the left may be the lady’s twin as they do a Scientology course in which they need to get outside the Org and “look around” and “touch things,” as one might be expected to do in a Scientology “locational assist.” He’s a Sea Org member whose been in the SO for decades; I don’t recognize the lady with the softball shirt on. These two are most likely on the Survival Rundown, which has little, if anything, to do with actual “survival”: if you survive the Survival  Rundown, you’ll be damned lucky.