My tour earlier today of the cult of Scientology’s PAC Base and surrounding area started out innocently enough, but only after a few minutes, I became demonized on L. Ron Hubbard Way.

Hip Hip Hooray for Hubbard! Not! Let’s begin our journey…

I began my tour of Scientologyland at the southeast corner of Vermont Avenue and Sunset Boulevard where I found two Body Routers from the cult’s Los Angeles Organization. The BRs are the ones dressed like Steak House personnel or Parking Lot attendants (they’re the ones dressed in black pants, shoes, vest and ties; white long-sleeved shirts) in the next picture. The BR with red hair, beard and mustache is new. Notice how he’s walking and leading the black gentleman behind him (the one carrying two packages and reading something in his hand). The redheaded BR is actually using his right shoulder, pushing it slightly forward, in an attempt to shepherd the non-Scientologist to LA Org, where the poor guy will have the life sucked out of him in short order (not to mention every single dollar he has and will ever make). The BR standing on the corner is leading his pack (the redhead and prey). Notice that the redheaded BR holds “free” Personality Test tickets in his hand; likewise, the other BR holds tickets, but those are for attending a “free” Dianetics film presentation. Notice the street sign: 4600 West Sunset Blvd. Behind the trio is the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Notice also the number “13” in the traffic light’s crosswalk signal. Are these BRs or their prey superstitious?

In the next photo, we see that the redheaded BR is seriously studying and learning from the other BR, who is quite a professional at what he does. The BR on the right “educates” the non-Scientologist about the “free” Personality Test (that’s the ticket that the other BR gave the guy; the one that the African-American holds in his hand). Notice the number of tickets that the BR on the right is holding. The BRs and their prey are still at the SE corner of Vermont and Sunset.

After taking photos of the two BRs across the street, I headed west along Sunset to the southwest corner of Sunset and Vermont. As I approached the two BRs in this photo, the guy turned his back so as to not be photographed (I’ve written about him before, calling him “Frasier,” because he reminds me of the character, “Dr. Frasier Crane,” on the hit television show, “Frasier,” which starred actor Kelsey Grammer). As “Frasier” turned away from me, I wouldn’t doubt that he gave the other BR a heads-up about me (she’s new to this neck of the woods).

In the next photo, check out her Sea Org (“SO”) belt buckle (with the “Sea Org” emblem); that’s item #1. And look at all those “free” tickets she’s packing, pardner! Also, the rear of the guy’s vest isn’t fastened properly (it’s also called a “wardrobe malfunction,” something a friend suggested); see item #2. I hope he doesn’t get “chitted” for this and wind up on the Rehabilitation Project Force (“RPF”), where the cult of Scientologist sends SO members it feels need to be “reprogrammed” with intense Security Checks (“Sec Checks”) while working 24/7 doing hard labor, all the while eating the scraps left behind by regular SO members.

In the next photo, I approached the 4700 block of West Sunset Blvd. and L. Ron Hubbard Way (that’s the brick street see to the right). Looking at me are two SO members; I’m assuming the third person (the woman with her back turned to me) is also a SO member. They seem to be waiting for a ride. I bet they’re all SO; just check out how similar the clothing and their stance is. In the background and to the right is PAC Base. The wall they’re leaning against surrounds the Ambulatory Division of Kaiser Permanente Hospital.

There is something oddly disturbing with the next picture. I believe we’re looking at Sea Org members, perhaps members of the RPF. Notice the way they’re dressed (in dark blue and black clothing), unlike members of the Estates Project Force (“EPF”), who wear “blues (which you’ll see shortly in other photos). EPFers are, by the way, new Sea Org recruits who “run on the decks” (as Sea Org members did back in the days when they sailed with Hubbard in the Mediterranean on ships such as the Apollo, etc.), and are indoctrinated into becoming full-fledged zombies, dedicated to “clearing the planet” and “putting ethics in” on Earthlings. Notice how each of these people are so intense and focused on their work, as if they’ve been told, instructed, and forced to behave in a certain way when out in public.

“Are you RPFers?” I asked politely, twice. I don’t think I got an answer (just a look or two), but it probably didn’t help my cause to still be listening to an MP3 player and have my headphones still in place. Oops!

Here’s a close-up of one of the SO members who faced in my direction as I snapped the last photo. Perhaps she is your mother, sister, daughter, wife, niece, aunt, grandmother or, perhaps, a long-lost friend, someone you haven’t seen for days, weeks, months or even years. Take a good look because tomorrow might be the day that the cult’s rabid, toxic and, yes, enforced “disconnection” policy gets abolished!

Here’s another photo in which I’ve zoomed in on another SO member who turned to face my way. Notice the “Sea Org” emblem on her t-shirt. Perhaps you recognize her.

In the next photo, one of the SO members turned to face me and I got a shot of his face. Perhaps you recognize him. Maybe he’s your husband, son, father, grandfather, uncle or brother. Say, isn’t that a “Dianetics” hat he’s wearing?

Man, these guys and gals are seriously focused. Their hands (and heads) couldn’t be buried any further into the ground if they even tried. To the left is the cult of Scientology’s Los Angeles Organization (the SO members are busy working along LRH Way).

In this photo, I’m facing Sunset Blvd., with the SO members between me and Kaiser Permanent Hospital; off-camera and to my right is LA Org. Notice the “Scientology” sign at about the center of the photo.

There are always fresh-picked flowers on display, honoring the statue of the Virgin Mary, which sits proudly across the street from LA Org on LRH Way.

It’s such a beautiful day in the neighborhood. In this photo, I’m on the sidewalk heading south along LRH Way, between Sunset and Fountain Ave. To the right is the American Saint Hill Organization (“ASHO”); ahead of ASHO is the main building of PAC Base. Walking toward me quietly, peacefully are two Sea Org members on course; they’re most likely “twinning,” and the gal on the right will be demonizing me in the next photo!

I’ve been demonized! She’s crossed her fore fingers in the shape of a cross as if warding off an evil spirit!

A close-up of the Demonizer!

A close-up of the “twin” who didn’t demonize me; the one who smiled pleasantly, and with good cheer, at her twin’s adolescent, immature and childish gestures and behavior.

“Are you doing the Survival Rundown?” I asked the good twin. No response.

Notice the clip board in her hand, with the word “Survival” spelled backwards and in big, block, red letters. I’ve answered my own question: these clams are doing the Survival Rundown!

A Sea Org member has alerted PAC Base Security and in this photo, one of that division’s “Finest” rolls in on a bicycle. From this point forward in today’s tour, he will be my “twin.” Notice that he’s speaking into a hand-held device, probably calling his base to report that he has his sights on the “suspect” (me).

“Hello, Security,” I said. No answer (that I heard).

As described in an earlier photo’s caption, here are EPFers cleaning up the seating area of the PAC Base “Ideal” Cafe. It’s ideally idle, something that must surely warm the heart of Scientology’s fearless leader, Four Foot Thirteen: David “Let Him Die” Miscavige.

In this photo, I’ve turned from LRH Way onto Fountain Ave., and am walking west. As I turned around, I spotted my “twin,” the Security Guard I photographed earlier. I’m being followed! To the left is the main building of PAC Base (the building on top of which rests the huge “SCIENTOLOGY” sign, the first thing to go when the cult and its assets someday go on the auction block). To the right is the newly-opened building, “The Fountain,” a place for out-of-town clams and their families to stay while being indoctrinated into the cult. The Security Guard, by the way, is outside the entrance to “4833 Fountain Avenue,” an address forever burned into my mind since 1977, when I did a short run as a Sea Org member.

In this photo, I’m walking north along Catalina Street to Sunset Blvd. As I passed a Sea Org member (RPFer?), I said “Good morning,” to which I got a reply (the only that I heard from anyone today): “Hello!” I hope she won’t get in trouble for saying something to me, something that an RPFer is not supposed to do (they’re not allowed to talk to virtually anyone). Notice the “Sea Org” emblem on her t-shirt and belt buckle and the words “PAC BASE” on her t-shirt. Is she wearing an official “David Miscavige” watch? The main building is off-camera and to my right.

In this photo, I’m halfway along Catalina St., between Fountain Ave. and Sunset Blvd. Here I passed a Scientologist, probably a Sea Org member, moving a container of trash.

“Good morning,” I said. She didn’t answer me.

In the last picture taken today, I turned around halfway between Fountain Ave. and Sunset Blvd., and discovered that the Security Guard had already begun interrogating the female Scientologist I spoke to in the last picture. Notice the Security camera posted on the phone pole to the right. You can be sure that PAC Base Security monitored each and every step I took.