This is the cult of Scientology’s sign on top of the Guaranty Building at 6331 Hollywood Blvd., in Hollywood, California. While wogs were waiting with baited breath for the Hollywood Christmas Parade to begin at 6:00 PM, Sunday, November 29, 2015, Celebrity Centre had a trick or two up their sleeve for them.

This is the front door to the Guaranty Building. Look at the wreath above the door. How festive.

What’s this? A stage set up in front of the Guaranty Bldg., which also houses the “L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition.” Excuse me, but isn’t the founder of that cult dead?

Here’s that stage again. Notice the guy dressed in black, standing to the left of the stage. He’s noticed me taking pictures and he’s oh, so proud (but not for long as I will puncture a hole in his sail within the next few minutes).

Here’s that guy in black again; the insignia on his shirt reads: “Celebrity Centre.” Notice a Sea Org member standing behind the counter on the right side of the photo, probably manning reception for the L. Ron Hubbard Death and Lies Exhibition. Notice the Christmas tree on the left side of the photo. What? A Christmas tree in that exhibit (don’t forget that L. Ron Hubbard hisself once said, “There was no Christ.”)?!

Above the front door to the Guaranty Bldg. is a beautiful Christmas tree, an interesting addition by a cult who follows everything L. Ron Hubbard ever said with such blind faith, zeal and gusto.

Here’s a good picture of the Man in Black. Notice the Sea Org member standing in the doorway with the camera aimed at a group now standing in front of the There-Was- No-Christ-Tree. Also notice the stand just to the right of the Man in Black. That stand holds a light that filters various colors that you’ll see in later photos.

This is a good photo of the S.O. member holding Reception at the L. Ron Hubbard Death and Lies Exhibition. Perhaps you know her. Maybe she’s been forced to severe all ties with you because you know Scientology is a cult and she doesn’t.

This photo gives a pretty good idea of the group of people in that earlier Kodak moment in front of that tree. Notice the crown, robe and sash across the red-headed lady’s chest (it starts with “Mrs.,” but that’s all I can read).

Notice the Man in Black who is now on the phone. That happened after I had a little talk with him; perhaps he’s reporting me to Security. Darn, does this mean I’ll be chitted?

Here’s our conversation:

FRED [to Man in Black]: What’s the stage for?
MAN IN BLACK: There’s going to be a speaker later on.
FRED [noticing the “Celebrity Centre” insignia on the Man in Black’s shirt]: A speaker from Celebrity Centre?
MAN IN BLACK: I don’t know.
FRED: I know you’re just trying to get on the good grace of the people out here [the wogs; the ones waiting for the parade to begin]. Don’t you realize that they already know that Scientology is bad news? [As I walk away] Good luck.

Here’s where that filter changes the lighting to blue. Notice the lit room below the “Exhibition” sign, because I zoomed in on activity in that room in a later photo.

Now the filter changes the lighting to light blue.

Now the filter changes the lighting to purple, orange and blue. Notice again more activity in the room below the “Exhibition” sign.

Here’s where the Man in Black probably tells Security about the conversation I had with him.

Here is the Man in Black and, most likely, someone from Security (the Angry Gay Pope should be able to confirm that).

Here’s where “Jesus Christ” attempts to save mankind from the cult of Scientology. Bless you, Baby Jesus!

The guy with the “Jesus Came to Save You” sign marches closer to the front door of the L. Ron Hubbard Death and Lies Exhibition.

Here the “Jesus Christ” sign parks in front of the There-Was-No-Christ-tree. Notice the filter’s colors (purple, red and orange).

“Jesus Christ” isn’t moving; now the filter’s colors include orange and green as reflected on the Guaranty Bldg.

The cult of Scientology goes blue when “Jesus Christ” and his loud, recorded message repeats, over and over again, “Repent or Go to Hell” in front of the L. Ron Hubbard Death and Lies Exhibition.

I’ve zoomed in on the activity below the “Exhibition” sign, or should I say “Exhibitionists” sign? These two Sea Org members are performing a drill on a course. That drill is Opening Procedure By Duplication. That guy is repeating, over and over and over again, the phrases: “Look at that bottle.” Walk over to it.” “Pick it up.” What is its color?” “What is its temperature?” “What is its weight?” “Put it down in exactly the same place.”

Even the bottle is blue.

Here’s a photo of that guy in the last photo, the girl’s twin, or coach. Notice the clipboard in his hand as he’s writing down any observations that the drill may be having on his twin (the woman in the other picture). Op Pro By Dup in 1977 when I did it is not, from what I’ve read, what’s being delivered today. Today’s alteration of technology may slowly drive either one of these people insane because the drill is designed to be performed once, and only once. But under the direction of the cult’s fearless leader, David “Let Him Die” Miscavige, Scientologists everywhere are being forced to redo this drill ad nauseam.

On an upper floor, a Sea Org member peeks out the window. Do you recognize her?

On another floor and out a different window, another Sea Org member stands looking longingly out the window at a life she used to have… a life with a real Christmas tree… a holiday with loved ones… with family, friends… presents… and good cheer.

Perhaps you recognize her. Perhaps someone will rescue her before it’s too late.

She’s smiling, but is that because of memories of a better time she had before Scientology?

Ho, Ho, Not!