Scientology only wants your money. Scientology does not care about you. They can often be quite heartless, vampire-like shells who don’t know that what they’re doing is wrong.

Photo Caption: Me and My Shadow, or Where’d Everybody Go?

One way Scientology gets new Scientologists is to get people into their organizations (“org”). In Los Angeles, California, their org is called Los Angeles Organization, or, “LA Org.” To Scientology, a new person isn’t a person, boy, girl, man or woman; a new person is simply referred to as a “body.”

Photo Caption: So many people, so little time.

In LA Org’s Division 6, Department 16, a specially assigned Body Router (“BR”) will operate outside the org (mostly at the corner of Vermont Avenue and Sunset Boulevard, or anywhere between that intersection and LA Org). A BR’s job is to bring “bodies into the shop” (“shop” in this case means “org,” LA Org). BRs hand out tickets; the most common tickets are “free” and will either invite you (the “body”) to go into the org to see a Dianetics Film or to take a Personality Test. Scientology will also try to get “bodies” to attend an Introductory Lecture. These tickets are in English or Spanish, and the org has specially trained people in both languages.

If a “body” falls for this, if Scientology manages to get them into an org, they won’t be leaving without some kicking and screaming. Once a “body” has seen the film, lecture or taken a test, another BR in the org will guide and control the “body” (no kidding) so that the “body” will soon be shaking hands with the Division 4 Public Registrar (“Reg”).

A Registar’s job is to get you signed up and started on a Scientology service (that could be a course or auditing—spiritual counseling—session). Part of getting signed up means you’ll be handing your money over to the reg. A reg is highly skilled at getting your money—all of it, and then some. A reg can squeeze blood from a turnip (a good reg is that good).

Photo Caption: So many cars, so little time.

The problem with that is when a “body” buys a book (any book, no matter how inexpensive, no matter how pressured they are to make that purchase), Scientology gets the body’s name in their database. A “body” doesn’t ever want to get their name added to their database, because with hundreds of Scientology organizations worldwide, the “body” will soon start getting mail, email and telephone calls from Scientologists everywhere looking for much, much more money.

Scientology is narcissistic in that (1) they’ll love bomb you to the point where you won’t know which end is up,  (2) they’ll find fault with you, and then (3) discard you. Being near a Scientologist, any Scientologist, is dangerous, because they’ll make you feel so loved, so wanted, so needed (don’t fall for it). They’ll want you to come to every event, every open house, buy this book, do a course… and it’ll all sound so lovely and wonderful. A good Scientologist can give you good love bombing.

Photo Caption: Damn! He was THIS close!

All Scientology wants, however, is your money. Then, if you’re married, they’ll get you to give them your wife’s money. Do you have children? Scientology will make you go after your children’s College Fund. Have you been paying into a 401K Retirement Plan? Scientology will get their dirty little fingers into that, and they won’t stop there. They’ll get all of your credit cards; they’ll get you to apply for more credit cards, and then they’ll “help” you figure out how to raise your credit limit (again and again and again). Do you have wealthy relatives? Not for long because Scientology will get you to borrow everything those relatives have, whether it’s cash or credit. And then there’s your prosperous business not to mention the equity in your home. Then, when you have nothing left (that is, no money and your sources have completely dried up), Scientology will kick you to the curb before trampling over your body as they go in search of their next victim.

Photo Caption: Is it Thursday AFTER 2:00 PM yet?

Never, ever give a Scientologist your name, address, telephone number, email address or money.

Photo Caption: Blue Christmas

Photo Caption: These are two of the ten Body Routers swirling the intersection of Vermont and Sunset, in search of “wogs” or “bodies” for the “shop.”

I had noticed these two BRs back at Sunset and Vermont. Here, we’re one block north of Sunset, on Vermont, waiting to cross the street. As the light changed, the BRs headed east; in the picture are two people, non-Scientologists (in other words, “wogs”). A wog by definition is a “worthy Oriental gentleman. This means a common ordinary run-of-the-mill garden-variety humanoid.” A “wog” is also, as penned by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard (“LRH”), “somebody who isn’t even trying.” The “humanoids” spread out, giving me plenty of room, as I took pictures of the BRs every couple of feet. For a few moments, the “wogs” and I talked.

FRED (to “Wog”): “I’m just taking pictures of Scientologists. It makes them nervous.”
WOG (to Fred): “They make ME nervous!”
FRED (to “Wog”): “They make ME nervous, too, and I was a Scientologist for 37-years!”

The look of astonishment on that “humanoid’s” face is something I should have captured on film, but the BRs were getting away and the light was about to change.

Photo Caption: Two poor suckers; Scientologists, that is, on the “Survival Rundown.”

Photo Caption: A discarded ticket to attend a “free” Dianetic Film.

Photo Caption: A discarded ticket for a “free” Personality Test.

Photo Caption: A discarded ticket to attend a “free” Dianetic Film (in Spanish).

Photo Caption: A discarded ticket for a “free” Personality Test (in Spanish).

Photo Caption: A worker on a crane makes the final touches in decorating LA Org festively.

Photo Caption: A close-up of those Christmas decorations (funny, that coming from a “church” whose “scripture” states emphatically that Christ never existed).

Photo Caption: My “escort” has arrived for the afternoon: a PAC Base Security Guard. LA Org is to his left.

Photo Caption: A close-up of my “escort.” He takes a good picture, doesn’t he?

Photo Caption: The Virgin Mary wards off the evil spirits of the cult of Scientology across the street from LA Org.

Photo Caption: LA Org with a holiday decoration over an entrance on LRH Way.

Photo Caption: The American St. Hill Organization (“ASHO”) with holiday decorations over its entrance. ASHO and LA Org share a few floors of the same building; ASHO is south of LA Org, on LRH Way.

Photo Caption: An entrance to Lebanon Hall on LRH Way is also donned with decorations. Lebanon Hall is the building next to ASHO as you head south along LRH Way.

The only people allowed in Lebanon Hall are Sea Org members, dedicated Scientologists who have signed a Billion Year contract. Lebanon Hall has an auditorium and a large cafeteria (in 1977, I served staff meals three times a day in that facility; later, I would wash all of their pots and pans).

As I prepared to take the photo of the entrance to Lebanon Hall, my “escort,” the Security Guard, pulled up within a couple of feet of me.

FRED (to Security Guard): “I used to be in the Sea Org.”
SECURITY GUARD (with interest): “Yeah?”
FRED: “Yes, in fact, I lived in Lebanon Hall, on the fourth floor, I believe.”

Photo Caption: Two Christmas decorations flank the Pacifica Cafe on LRH Way; this snowman sit to the right of the cafe, in front of the ramp that runs from the Main Building to ASHO.

Photo Caption: This is the other Christmas decoration, sitting to the left of the Pacifica Cafe. The building behind the tree is the Main Building.

Photo Caption: The Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”), it, too, decked out with holiday cheer. AOLA is on LRH Way, south of ASHO and across the street, where it hugs Fountain Avenue. Notice the Security Guard in front of the building. He followed me around for a while.

Photo Caption: Seating outside the Pacifica Cafe. Notice the festive lights wrapped around the tree.

Photo Caption: If you’re eating at the Pacifica Cafe, this big screen television is for your viewing pleasure. Is this Scientology Media Productions’ first attempt at “planetary dissemination”? Dig the closed-captioning: “40400,0,00000 0 TWTWC C WiWiFiFi ® HoHotstspopotsts.” (It’s a Sony.)

Photo Caption: A Sea Org member hands out flyers for an upcoming event at the Pacifica Cafe.

When I walked by a Sea Org member handing out flyers (for a Pacifica Cafe event), I asked him I could have one (please). As he handed me the expensive flyer (which measures four or five inches square, printed on thick, black card stock), my “escort” exclaimed, “No!” in an attempt to prevent me from getting the flyer. Too late, though, for I held it in my hand. My “escort,” however, was not yet finished with me.

“ESCORT” (to Fred): “That flyer doesn’t belong to you. He gave it to you by mistake.”

Those words sunk in. Although I’ve never strayed from the sidewalk or street in my walkabouts at PAC Base (which kept me in the neutral zone, free from Security Guards), keeping in my possession a flyer that I had not been given tome completely freely was yet another thing altogether. These thoughts raced through my mind quickly and efficiently as I realized I would have one hefty challenge on my hands if I was to defy this soft-spoken, polite young man. I acknowledged his warning very politely and with great respect.

FRED (to “Escort”): “If you insist.”

My escort nicely nodded his head in the affirmative as I handed him the flyer and that ended that.

Photo Caption: This sign adorns the top of the Main Building which faces Fountain Ave. This building appears to have an official entrance, but it’s all just a front. There are no Christmas decorations to be found anywhere at this location.

Photo Caption: New grass and lights adorn the sidewalk that runs east and west in front of the Main Bldg. on Fountain Ave. There are six black light poles; these three sit between the entrance to the Main Bldg., and LRH Way, to the east (or right in this photo).

Photo Caption: Another shot of the new grass and lights that adorn the sidewalk that runs east and west in front of the Main Bldg. on Fountain Ave. There are six black light poles; these three sit between the entrance to the Main Bldg., and Catalina St., to the west (or left in this photo).

There’s something odd about the new lighting in front of the Main Blvd. along Fountain Ave. The spacing the the black light poles is all wrong. While it looks fine to the right of the entrance to the Main Bldg., the spacing looks wrong and completely off to the left of that entrance. Are the new light poles really security cameras in disguise?

Photo Caption: Beautifully cultivated foliage outside LA Org along LRH Way.

Recently, I photographed Scientology slaves tilling this area. Those slaves are the Sea Org’s RPF, the Rehabilitative Project Force. Now we get to see the benefits of that slave labor.

After I shot this photo, I waved “so long” to my escort, straddling his bicycle about twenty-feet away.

FRED (to “Escort”): “Thank you. Good night.”

Did I detect a little awe and wonder from my escort when I politely and respectfully thanked him for his service and bade him farewell? (for the evening, that is).

Photo Caption: A fellow Bunkerite recently asked me to take a good photo of this sign for shooping purposes. Here it is (finally), and I hope it’s usable.

Photo Caption: Even Miscavigeville (that is, Scientology Media Productions on Sunset Blvd.) is decorated for the final Christmas stretch.