This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on Scientology. Keslow Cameras may not yet be on your radar, but they’re on mine now. Why? Because I think they may have had their eye on me. This afternoon, I headed in the direction of the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the Church of Scientology’s West Coast headquarters. A helicopter had been hovering over the area, so I grabbed my camera and went to investigate.

Photo (1) Caption: Interior of the station wagon with its rear door open, revealing a film crew of four. The cameraman straddles a Keslow Camera as he notices that I’ve taken his picture. The man to his right had just returned to the car from a gas station. I really doubt that I had been the object of this film crew’s affection, but what is their rear door doing open? Why is he looking at me? What or whom are they filming?

As reported by KABC Channel 7 and KTLA Channel 5, two cars, racing down Edgemont Street, tried to become one as they sped across Fountain Avenue, just a block from PAC Base. The result: the loss of one human life and four cars wrecked.

Photo (2) Caption: Interior of the station wagon. The cameraman has met my gaze.

As I left PAC Base and walked west along Sunset Boulevard, I saw the strangest thing. In the back of what looked like a station wagon (as the vehicle sat too low to bean SUV or a Minivan), sat a guy facing me with a huge camera pointed in my direction. I really don’t think this crew of four would be wasting their time taking shots of me, but they’re definitely in business. What I can’t figure out is their set-up: how can they be driving city streets and filming at the same time? It looks like they’ll need that rear door/hatch open, and I don’t think it’s legal to drive around like that. It’s funny though how I caught the cameraman looking at me as I snapped their photo.

Photo (3) Caption: Interior of the station wagon. “Keslow” has been circled in red.

Photo (4) Caption: This is a screen grab from Keslow Camera’s website.

A director and a Keslow Camera have been responsible for some big Hollywood motion picture and television productions, such as Sleepy Hollow; Disney’s Tomorrowland; Welcome to Yesterday; Sex Tape; Catch .44; Chuck; Divergent; Empire State; Haywire; Hitchcock; Jupiter Ascending; Lone Survivor; and Tom Cruise’s Oblivion. In fact, in the photo of Tom Cruise in a crowd of people, that’s a Keslow Camera aimed at him, much like the one that may have been aimed at me (or Sunset Boulevard).

Photo (5) Caption: This is a screen grab from a YouTube channel which discusses how a Keslow Camera captured actor Tom Cruise in the motion picture Oblivion.

Photo (6) Caption: Exterior of Tom Cruise in a crowd. That is a Keslow Camera aimed at Tom, much like the camera I saw aimed in my direction.

It’s amazing how efficient technology has made film production. this is my first experience with a Keslow Camera; I’m going to be more eagle-eyed while out-and-and-about with my camera-in-hand.

Photo (7) Caption: Call me paranoid, but is there a connection between the fact that Keslow Camera’s Los Angeles office is in Culver City, California, and a job interview (for an administrative-press writing position, not at Keslow Camera) that I had in Culver City last Friday? The only job in months that I’ve been “this” close to getting?

All images (unless otherwise noted) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.

Keslow Camera Website

Oblivion and Tom Cruise Screen Grabs from YouTube’s “FileMaker Pro camera rental system developed for Keslow Camera by ScottWorld.”