Photographs Taken: Friday, March 4, 2016. Subject: Sea Org Member Amber Morrow, D/FBO MORE.

This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on Scientology. For this report, I circled the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the Church of Scientology’s West Coast headquarters. I also received assistance from Karen De La Carriere in understanding the post or job (“D/FBO MORE”) of a Sea Org member (Amber Morrow) who is the main subject of Part 1.

With this report, I change gears, with my focus on “Reconnecting the Disconnected and Declared.” If you know anything about the Church of Scientology, you’ll know that they’ll go to great lengths to keep their members in line. Scientology creates a bubble world for their adherents, filtering everything negative or bad about their church (even if that news is true). If you’re in Scientology and you question their motives, you will be sent to the Ethics Department for reprogramming. If an Ethics Officer rules that you are in a “lower condition” (that is, in any other the “conditions” of confusion, treason, enemy or liability) you may have to buy your way out of the Ethics Officer’s office; you may have to make a sizable donation to the International Association of Scientologists (“IAS”), or to an “Ideal Organization,” or you may have to buy a library of books by L. Ron Hubbard . Such books have been revised and updated by the leader of the Church of Scientology and Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center, David “Let Him Die” Miscavige, so I guess you could say they’re written by both Hubbard and Miscavige. At least Miscavige got rid of those pesky semi-colons!

If doing a lower condition doesn’t “fix” the problem, and you begin questioning and speaking out, Scientology will do just about anything to get you to shut up.

If reprogramming is unsuccessful, Scientology will kick you out of their church. In other words, you will be excommunicated, and anyone you know who is a Scientologist (that is, friends, family and/or coworkers) will excommunicate themselves from you. Officially, this is called being “Declared a Suppressive Person.” If you’re a Scientologist and you find yourself declared, you may lose your job if you work for a Scientology Front Group or for a company owned or operated by a Scientologist. If you’re a declared Scientologist, and you have children, a wife or husband, or parents, or aunts, uncles and/or grandparents who are also members of the Church of Scientology, you can kiss that relationship (or those relationships) goodbye. If you’re a Scientologist who receives his “marching orders” and you have, today, 199 Facebook “Friends” who are also Scientologists, tomorrow you will have ZIP, NONE, ZILCH Scientologist Facebook “Friends.” Scientologists will drop someone declared a Suppressive Person faster than a hot potato.

In order to stay in Good Standing in the Church of Scientology, you have to “dance the dance” and “walk the walk.” When Scientology says jump, you ALWAYS say, “How high?” If you’re a Scientologist, you always wear a happy face, carry a smile, and breathe happy thoughts. A Scientologist in Good Standing goes to course, gets auditing, supports financially the IAS and the “Ideal Org” movement, even if it means going bankrupt. Why? Because it’s for the “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics,” didn’t you know? Scientology proclaims that they’re mankind’s only hope, and that your spiritual eternity, and the spiritual eternity of every man, woman and child on Earth depends on what you do, right now, in Scientology. Scientologists do not believe in Jesus Christ, the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. They do, however, believe that L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige are as much “God” as they can or could be.

A couple of pictures that I have taken of Sea Org members (dedicated paramilitary staff members who have dedicated the next billion years to serving Hubbard and Miscavige) who have disconnected from family members have found their way into the hands of those family members they have left behind. Yahoo! That’s a “win” for us! (Gee, maybe I should “post a graph” and start “keeping stats.”)

Scientology proclaims harmony, trust and love when they promote the “ARC Triangle”: “A” for Affinity, “R” for Reality, and “C” for Communication. ARC equals Understanding, Scientology states. But when an Ethics Officer “Declares” a Scientologist Suppressive and forces their friends, family and/or coworkers to disconnect from them, all Scientology really succeeds at is the opposite of affinity, reality, communication and understand. David Miscavige’s foul “Disconnection” policy is contributing to Scientology’s demise; each time a Scientologist is Declared a Suppressive Person, an angel loses her wings; all Scientology is doing with official “Declares” is to cause heartache.

Photo Caption: For this photo, I’m standing on the sidewalk, on the west side of L. Ron Hubbard Way, in Los Angeles. I’m facing south, looking at LRH Way as it meets Fountain Avenue. The American St. Hill Organization (“ASHO”), located at 1413 LRH Way, is behind me about one hundred feet and to my right. The Pacifica Cafe is also to my right, south of ASHO. Straight ahead and on the left is the newly renovated building for public Scientologists to stay at when they’re in town for services: “The Fountain.” To the right of that building is a parking structure that Scientology uses primarily for staff, Sea Org members and storage. Reportedly, that garage also houses dumpsters that have been scrubbed with toothbrushes by members of Sea Org’s Gulag-like reconditioning prison, the Rehabilitation Project Force (“RPF”).

Photo Caption: Here I’ve zoomed in on the last photo. In this picture, I’ve focused on a female Scientologist who is also a Sea Org member. She is walking north along LRH Way. Behind her are two people: the “coach,” a Sea Org or staff member, stands to the female Scientologist’s right, and is dressed in uniform; the “twin” is the guy to the coach’s left, and wears a gray hooded jacket and baseball cap. They’re on the Survival Rundown. On the right side of the picture, a Sea Org member dressed in uniform, most likely a staff member from the Los Angeles Organization, stands outside the cafe. On the left side of the picture, on his trusty bicycle, is a Sea Org member who wears the hat of “Security Guard.”

Photo Caption: Here I’ve zoomed in on an earlier photo of the female Sea Org member. In this photo, you can see her belt buckle, which has the emblem of the Sea Org. In her right hand, she carries what looks to be a cell phone. What’s that in her left hand? See the next photo for the answer to that question.

Photo Caption: For this photo, I’ve zoomed in on an earlier photo of the female Sea Org member; more specifically, the piece of paper she’s carrying in her left hand.I’ve turned the picture upside down so you can get a better view of her “CSW.”

A “CSW” is a “Completed Staff Work.” What is a CSW? Let’s say you want to take day off from the Sea Org (good luck). It’s up to you to solve the problem as to how your post, or your job, is going to covered while you’re away (because, God forbid, your statistics, or stats—the production you would normally do if you did not take a day off—might crash or go down). A CSW is addressed to your senior (or supervisor, if you need time off from course). The body of a CSW is made up of three parts: 1. The Situation (“My mother is sick and there’s no one to fix her dinner tonight.”); 2. The Data Necessary to the Solution (“Mom just got the flu. My sister, Lara, is out of town, and somebody has to make sure mom gets a good meal”); 3. The Solution (My junior, Jane, will take care of my post while I’m gone, so please allow me the night off”). After the “Solution,” a good CSW will have the phrase, “This is okay,” followed by two lines: the first line is marked, “Approved”; the second line is marked, “Disapproved.” You will not be able to leave until a CSW is signed, and sometimes a CSW has to be signed by more than one person (in this case, however, this CSW appears rather painless as it’s addressed to one person).

The CSW that she’s carrying is measured 8″ by 11″; it’s folded in such a way so that anyone can easily see that it is a “CSW,” but no one will be able to read its contents. Folding a CSW in such a way helps maintain privacy.

Photo Caption: This is another photo of the female Sea Org member as she approaches me on LRH Way. The male Security Guard and his trusty bicycle are no longer in view. In this photo, you get to see the right side of the face belonging to the “twin” on the Survival Rundown. He’s talking, or listening to, his “coach.” The twin has what appears to be a goatee and mustache. The Sea Org member on the right has turned ever so slightly, and you can get a better (but not perfect) view of his face.

Photo Caption: This is a close-up of the last photo. Behind the female Sea Org member, you can see a full side view of the “twin” on the Survival Rundown; he’s wearing jeans and sneakers. The Security Guard, straddling his bicycle, can be seen behind the “twin.”

Photo Caption: This is a close-up of the female Sea Org member. Perhaps you know her. Maybe she’s your daughter. Or wife. Or ex-wife. Or your mother. Or a friend.

In Scientology, you don’t have to get “Declared a Suppressive Person” to lose touch with a friend, family member or co-worker. All you have to do is (A) join the Sea Org and (B) dedicate your life and the next Billion Years to serving Hubbard and Miscavige. If you’re a Scientologist, you’re automatically a Super Being, and everyone else, especially non-Scientologists, are, basically, pond scum (that, incidentally, is not true, but many, if not all, Scientologists believe it anyway. Why? Because it came straight from the horses… er, Hubbard’s mouth). Your job for the next Billion Years, will be to “Clear” the planet. That means you’re only purpose will be to get every man, woman and child into Scientology. At the same time, you will destroy Psychiatry and eradicate all street drugs. Ready? Set? Go!

Photo Caption: Here I’ve zoomed in on the female Sea Org member’s necklace and name tag. The necklace may have the emblem of the IAS. Her name tag says: “Amber Morrow,” and “D/FBO MORE.

A Google search of “Scientologist Amber Morrow” tells us that a few things about “Amber Morrow.” At LinkedIn, she works administration at the Church of Scientology in Melbourne, Australia, and has performed those duties from June 2007 to the present (eight years, ten months). LinkedIn also states that she attended the Athena School, from 2000 to 2007. Wikipedia reports that Athena School‘s teaching approach is based on the works of, you got it, L. Ron Hubbard. The Athena School is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Another Google result for “Amber Morrow” reveals that “Amber and Lara Morrow” blew $5,000 when, in 2012, they donated it to the Sydney Ideal Org and made its Honor Roll. Multiple “Morrows” made that list: Glenn and Gayle Morrow (perhaps they’re Amber’s parents) became “Humanitarians” (along with 28 others) when they coughed up $100,000 for Sydney’s Idle Morgue. Amber and Lara Morrow became only “Silver Contributors” when they, along with 87 other people, forked over  a measly $5,000 for Sydney’s Ideal Morgue.

Here’s what Karen De La Carriere wrote regarding Amber’s post, “D/FBO MORE”:

“Deputy FBO for Marketing of Org Resources for Exchange.

“FBO = Flag Banking Officer.

“The Flag Banking Officer is one of the only posts in a non Sea Org Class V organization and is there to make sure that the local org is not committing any financial irregularities in accordance with Hubbard financial policies. The FBO also ensures that the org sends up to management any monies or fees they’re supposed to pay. In other words, the FBO is there to ensure that money is flowing up the lines to management.

“The D/FBO MORE is a junior to the Flag Banking Officer. I don’t believe that this person has to be a Sea Org member, but, their direct senior, the FBO is always Sea Org. The D/FBO MORE is there to ensure that the org is following all Hubbard policies to promote and market Dianetics and Scientology materials to the public. Management provides a lot of promotional materials to orgs as well as marketing programs which include targets to get certain promotional activities done. The FBO and D/FBO More are there to ensure that the local org executes the targets on those programs that Management orders and provides.

“IMO*, another purpose of the FBO, although not outright stated in its purpose is to have eyes and ears for the Sea Org and Management right there in the local org as a report line. Anyone who has been on staff for a while has probably experienced a Sea Org ethics mission come in and shake things up and possibly get rid of and Declare a couple of people. Well, a lot of the information the Sea Org gets to decide where an Ethics Mission needs to be fired off to comes directly from reports from the FBO who’s right there on the front lines to observe things.

“Hope that helps.

“Hammering out of existence incorrect technology would include $cientology itself!”

It helped a lot! Thank you very much, Karen De La Carriere!

* IMO = In my opinion.

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