Photographs Taken: Friday, March 4, 2016. The First Subject: two female Scientologists; location: AOLA parking lot. The Second Subject: one male and one female, both Scientologists; location: interior of a parked car.

This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on Scientology. For today’s blog, I’m continuing to post findings of a tour I conducted on March 4, 2016, of the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the Church of Scientology’s West Coast headquarters. Today’s blog is part of the “Reconnecting the Disconnected and Declared” series.

These pictures have been provided so that people who have lost loved ones due to Scientology’s toxic “Disconnection” policy can eventually be reunited with them (or at least know that they are alive and well).

Photo Caption: I am standing on the west side of L. Ron Hubbard Way, looking across the street at the parking lot behind the Advanced Los Angeles Organization (“AOLA”), located at 1306 LRH Way, in Los Angeles. Curtains, chairs and traffic cones have been arranged in the parking lot in anticipation of Friday night “Graduation,” something the orgs hold every week. Behind me is Pacifica Cafe; to my right some feet down LRH Way, is Fountain Ave.

Photo Caption: Here I’ve zoomed in on the last photo. In this close-up, we can read signs, on the white wall, which indicate offices that can be reached by crossing AOLA’s parking lot to the building in its rear (that’s the structure with the triangular sign, with a Sea Org emblem at its peak, and reads: “Continental Liaison Office”). From left to right on that wall are the following signs: “Continental Liaison Office, Western United States”; “Flag Service Consultants”; “Freewinds.” Look between the parted blue curtains; seated there are two females who appear to be doing drills on the Survival Rundown.

Photo Caption: These women had been sitting on bench on the west side of LRH Way but, perhaps when I approached with camera in hand, they stole away for a little bit of privacy. I believe the Scientologist who is pointing her finger is a public person. Notice that she has an electronic device in her right hand (it might be a cell phone). She may be the “coach” for the drill they’re doing on the Survival Rundown, as she is directing the other person to “Look at” something. The other person is most likely a Sea Org member (but it’s not easy to discern that from her appearance, although she is wearing blue or dark clothing). She appears to be the “twin.”

Photo Caption: The women are deep in conversation. The “coach” is listening intently to something the “twin” is saying. The “twin” is probably commenting on something; if the “twin” was to “originate” something to the “coach,” the latter would be writing down that origination. (An origination in Scientology indicates to the “coach” that the “process” or “drill” is nearing completion.)

Photo Caption: The “coach” has eyed the photographer.

Photo Caption: The “coach,” with her eye on the photographer, has raised her right arm. (Has she just taken a photo of the photographer?)

Photo Caption: The women are in deep conversation once again. The “coach” appears to be looking for something else for the “twin” to “Look at.”

Photo Caption: The “coach” has, indeed, found something else for the “twin” to “look at”; the “coach” points to that object and the “twin” turns her head to look at it. Here we see a profile of the “twin.”

Photo Caption: The photographer has, once again, captured the coach’s attention.

Photo Caption: The “coach,” pointing away from the camera, now directs the “twin” to look at something else.

Photo Caption: As I returned home, I passed by this car parked near the northwest corner of Sunset Blvd. and Catalina St., in Los Angeles. It’s facing east toward the furthest northern end of PAC Base (mainly its parking lot along Sunset Blvd.). I almost walked by without stopping, but the two people inside caught my attention. “Are those people sitting in the front seat doing Survival Rundown drills?” I asked myself. So I turned around and, sure enough, they’re sitting in a car plastered with “Dianetics” bumper stickers, both not placed on the car’s bumpers, but actually on the lift gate. The car is a Volkswagon GT1. (What would you call that color?)

Photo Caption: “Worried? Stressed? Depressed?” asks the bumper sticker on the back of the Volkswagon.

Photo Caption: I returned to the front of the car and took this photo, the pair inside apparently oblivious that they caught my attention. The “coach” appears to be the guy sitting in the driver’s seat; he’s wearing a sea org uniform.

Photo Caption: In this photo, I see that yes, the guy is the “coach.” Notice that he’s holding a pen, meaning his Survival Rundown clipboard is nearby. A smiling woman sits in the passenger seat. She appears to be having a realization about the process; perhaps she’s about to “originate” something important to the “coach,” which would mean the drill they’ve been doing is near completion.

Photo Caption: Yes, the “coach” holds the Survival Rundown clipboard.

All images (unless otherwise noted) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.