This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on Scientology. For today’s blog, I’m continuing to post findings of a tour I conducted on Friday, March 4, 2016, of the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the Church of Scientology’s West Coast headquarters, in Los Angeles. Today’s blog is Part 4 of the “Reconnecting the Disconnected and Declared” series.

In 1968, L. Ron Hubbard (“LRH”) authorized to be sent a public questionnaire and a short history of Dianetics and Scientology to all Organization and Public Executive Secretaries (“Secs”) as well as to Distribution Secs. This appears to have been a worldwide effort.

LRH then instructed those Secs to get ALL of the addresses of the following (remember that in 1968, they had to use actual telephone directories because the internet didn’t exist,and neither did search engines or online directories such as the Yellow Pages): members of the National government and governmental agencies; members of the State or Provincial government; members of the local city government or council; newspapers; press agencies; public information agencies; local civic groups; doctors; psychiatrists; members of mental health groups; churches and ministers; reform groups; political party headquarters and their members; tradesmen; business associations; schools, colleges, and universities; police; lawyers; children groups; womens’ groups; mens’ groups.

LRH’s next instructions told the Secs to print enough copies of the question and history of Dianetics and Scientology to mail it to ALL of the addresses. This task included preparing envelopes, address stickers, and return address envelopes. Then they had to prepare for a second mailing to ALL. (I wonder who paid for all of this?)

After the first mailing, all Secs were instructed to keep statistics on everyone mailed; all replies were to be counted and kept carefully; all answers and results were to be summarized and categorized. Four weeks after the first mailing, all summaries and questionnaire were to have been sent to the Public Exec Sec Worldwide (“WW”) who in turn would check them over and then mail them to the Sea Org (“SO”), who would then summate the Code of Reform.

LRH, through this questionnaire, wanted input on what would make Scientology’s conduct more acceptable. LRH wanted a “Code of Reform” for his own church.

I don’t know what the results were of that 1968 questionnaire, but I have an idea what the results would be to such a questionnaire in 2016.

You can actually answer these questions, anonymously, online (“Scientology Needs ReformScientology Needs Reform“).

Here is that 1968 questionnaire:

“Dear ______________:

Scientology is new. It contains many answers to the behavior of Man and is a practical philosophy which can be applied to make changes for the better. But it is new, and being new it has had somewhat of an impact upon the community. We desire to establish a Code of Reform which we will publish; and being an active member of the community, we request your help in establishing this Code. You can do this by kindly answering the following questions and returning it to us in the self-addressed, return envelope enclosed.

  1. What reforms if any would you like effected in what you may have heard of or know of Scientology organizations or policies?
  2. What changes in conduct or what conduct would you suggest to Scientologists?
  3. What services would you like Scientology to perform in the community?
  4. How could Scientology better fit in with the aims and purposes of your area of interest?

Thank you for your assistance in this project. We shall mail you a copy of the Code of Reform when all results to this questionnaire have been tabulated and the Code of Reform published.

Sincerely yours,
Organization Secretary” [1]

LRH saw the need for a Code of Reform in his own church, yet the results were never summated or issued publicly (not to my knowledge, that is); it appears that the Reform never took place. What we see today is thinly disguised as “Scientology”: a toxic “disconnection” policy that affects one’s family, friends and work associates; a membership organization that invites its members to outdo and outbid each other in order to gain higher and greater “statuses”; a church that sees such status as much more important to their survival than training or auditing; a church whose spiritual counseling appears to make people worse; a leader, David Miscavige, who would rather see his own father left for dead; a mafia-like organization that hides under the cloak of being a “church” and thus so uses public funds to further their harmful activities, etc., etc., etc.

Scientology today simply begs for such a Code of Reform.

It’s interesting to note that two important events happened as the 1960’s became the 1970’s: criminal activities within the church of Scientology (including the break-ins of governmental offices) and Hubbard’s seclusion from society and eventual descent into madness.

Those people I photograph (Scientologists, whether public or staff, Sea Org or not), support an organization seriously in need of change.

For this photo, I stood on the west side of L. Ron Hubbard Way, in Los Angeles. To the right stands the American Saint Hill Organization (“ASHO”); the the left (actually over the head of the male SO member pictured), is the ramp from ASHO to the Main Bldg. The well-dressed SO member has just exited Lebanon Hall; the address for this location is “1320 L. Ron Hubbard Way.” A sign to his right reads, “Sea Org Recruitment Office,” “You May Qualify,” and “Applications Accepted.” A door to that office is to the right. In the man’s right hand is a document and a pen. He is going to meet someone and I will soon photograph them walking a couple of blocks away (please see the next picture).

I’m standing on the west side of Vermont Avenue, looking at Sunset Blvd., in Los Angeles. The male SO member as seen in the last photo has since met a young man, probably a public Scientologist; maybe even his younger brother. I wouldn’t doubt that the SO is a recruiter and that he’s met the young man for recruitment purposes. In that earlier photo, the SO member carried a document and pen; in this photo, he holds the document in his left and the pen in his right hand. Is that document a Billion Year Sea Org Contract? Is the SO member just waiting for an opportune time to hand that blue pen to the other guy and suggest that he sign on the dotted line? Buyer beware! Behind the SO member is a bald man who wears glasses and a Scientology staff member’s outfit (white, long-sleeved shirt, brown-and-black vest). That man is a Body Router (BR”), possibly a BR-in-training,a a non SO staff member from an outer org sent to Los Angeles in order to learn the “ropes” of being a BR (you’ll see more of him later in this blog).

For this picture, I stood on the west side of LRH Way, a few feet away from the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”), 1413 LRH Way, in Los Angeles. A SO member walks toward me carrying a hand cart with paper products on it. Notice that his belt buckle has the “Sea Org” logo on it. He wears a wedding ring on the fourth finger of his left hand. Behind this man, further north on the sidewalk at an entrance to the parking lot, is a Security Guard (“SG”) and his bicycle. To the SG’s right are two people; the guy to the far right is a SO member; the woman in the middle is most likely a pubic Scientologist.

For this picture, I stood on LRH Way, south of ASHO (that org’s entrance can be seen to the left). To the right is LRH Way; it’s paved with bricks and half a block away, the street meets Sunset Blvd. For this shot, I focused on two SO members about to cross the street. Their outfits are almost identical, which indicates that they work for the same org. She is not wearing a tie; on her left wrist may be a “Clear” bracelet; on her right, a watch. A pen is clipped to her vest. She wears a name tag, but I didn’t stand close enough to see its inscription. He wears a watch on his left hand. Behind them are two female SO members who would later go out of their way to avoid having their photo taken.

For this picture, I’m still on the west side of LRH Way. I’m looking south toward Fountain Ave., with the ramp between ASHO and the Main Bldg. on my right. The male SO member pictured is walking either to Pacifica Cafe or Lebanon Hall. He wears a light blue shirt, blue sweater, tie, dark pants and shoes. He wears a name badge on his sweater and insignia on his left collar (which probably denotes his “rank”). He carries a small package in his left hand.

Here I stood near the intersection of Vermont Ave. and Sunset Blvd., in Los Angeles. This major intersection is a favorite for BRs; plenty of SO members use this thoroughfare for its easy access to the subway or bus lines, restaurants, supermarkets and shops. Two SO members walk west along Sunset Blvd., most likely returning to PAC Base. As I took multiple pictures of them, I sensed that they found some pleasure in it. At one point, the male SO member turned around to see if I was still taking pictures, and then the female SO member turned and gave me one of the nicest smiles (and waves) that I’ve ever seen from a SO member. She has a cell phone (and could take her own pictures with it) in her right pocket.

I bet that this public Scientologist, who just exited ASHO and walks north along LRH Way, is Susan Ochart. Susan used to be the Flag Banking Officer (“FBO”), at what used to be one of Scientology’s biggest “Front Groups,” Sterling Management Systems (“SMS”). I handled financial administrative duties for Susan; I also reported to her from the Treasury Division. While I haven’t seen Susan for years, this is how I envision she would look like today (that is, if she darkened the color of her hair). Susan has since found employment as teacher and/or principal for a school further east along Fountain Avenue; her husband, Ben, still works at SMS. Susan is one of the most able, brightest individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working for.

A male SO member (on the right, the one holding the clipboard and pen) is the “coach,” while the guy wearing the hooded pullover and baseball cap is his “twin” on the Survival Rundown. They are standing on the west side of LRH Way, in front of ASHO, in Los Angeles. The SO member wears a name badge on his vest and insignia on his left collar. The baseball cap may read, “Andre’s Automotive.” In this succession of three photos (from left-to-right), the “coach” has commanded the “twin” to notice things in the environment, and the “twin” points out what he sees.

The “coach” and “twin” in the last photograph have since relocated to the parking lot behind LA Org and ASHO, and are standing near Catalina St., which parallels LRH Way, one street to the west. They are still conducting Survival Rundown drills. The “twin” holds a bottle in his right hand (but I don’t think using it is part of their drills). While the two carried out such drills, SO Security Guards quietly and discreetly evacuated a small group of new SO members on the Estates Project Force (“EPF”), most likely because of my activities. (Pictures of that evacuation will be part of Part 5 in this series.)

With the entrance to ASHO in the background on the left, two SO members walk south along LRH Way, in Los Angeles. They are most likely from two different SO orgs due to the style of their clothes. He holds a clipboard through which, backward, the words “Survival” (along its top) and “Rundown” (along its bottom) can be seen. Their belt buckles display the “Sea Org” logo. His red shirt proudly displays the word “Bridge” (for “Bridge Publications”) on its left side. They both wear name tags. The man is the “coach” and has asked the “twin” questions; in the middle picture of this succession of three photos, he has written her answers onto a worksheet attached to the clipboard. Notice how, with ease, she lifts her right foot over a piece of concrete (yes, it’s painted blue much like everything at PAC Base) as they walk along the sidewalk.

This is long-term Sea Orger, Ray Rodriquez, as a PAC Base Security Guard on a mountain bike. (Thanks to Chuck for identifying the SO SG in an earlier blog, “Happy Thursday Before 2:00 PM,” January 16, 2016.) On March 4, 2016, I learned that PAC Base security measures are different when I’m taking pictures along LRH Way than when I’m a block to the west on Catalina St. When I’m on LRH Way, security may watch me from a distance and follow me, but they pretty much leave me and Scientologists alone. When I turn the corner from LRH Way onto Fountain Ave., and head west to Catalina St., and head north on Catalina toward Sunset Blvd., however, all bets are off, as far as security is concerned. On March 4, 2016, as soon as I turned onto Fountain, heading toward Catalina, Ray and his trusty steed stood between me and all SO members. Ray purposely positioned his well-fed physique between me and those I wanted to photograph so that I would risk losing the shot. Ray never said anything to me; he rarely looked in my direction, yet stood always in my path as soon as we were away from the public Scientology viewing area along LRH

I told Ray a few things, too. After he had effectively blocked me from taking a few photographs, I commented, “It’s you who are antagonizing the situation, not the other way around.” At one point, Ray followed me everywhere, up and down the street and then back to LRH Way (where he did get one public Scientologist sitting outside of AOLA to evacuate). Then, as I returned to Catalina St., hoping that he had become bored with me, there he was again, following me. So, I did exactly what any other good Photojournalist would do: I purposely walked from Fountain to Catalina; waited for him to turn the corner; then I doubled back onto Fountain; waited for him to turn the corner; then I doubled back to Catalina. The only pictures I took at this point were of Ray, over and over and over again. At one point, as Ray bicycled in the street, I suggested he get proper head gear to protect his head. When Ray warned others for the umpteenth time about my presence, I stated, “You can’t make them all run away.” I then added, “I’m here to help the disconnected reconnect.” Ray did, in fact, leave the area completely; it appears he may have been instructed to.

Here Ray warns a SO member of my pending approach. He had already warned another female SO member who fled the area. In the first picture, you can almost hear Ray warning her and how she kind of looked at me, not directly per his advice, finally comprehending his warnings.

Of the two photos here, the left picture is the entrance to LA Org from LRH Way; across the street from that entrance sits a statue of the Virgin Mother Mary, overseeing all activities in and out of LA Org and along LRH Way. God Bless the neighbor who erected that Marian artwork!

Here we’re at the northwest corner of Vermont Ave. and Sunset Blvd. In an earlier photo, we saw this BR from a distance; now we get to see him in action. In the first of three photos, the BR notices me noticing him. In his hands he holds “free” Personality Test tickets to hand out to unsuspecting individuals. He hopes to find a target, someone he’ll soon love bomb and drag back to LA Org for indoctrination. The passerby, however, does just that: she passes by, and I stop to validate her by declaring, “Good choice.” The BR might have gotten a better understanding of where this human being was coming from if he had only read what’s printed on the front of her sweatshirt: “I JUST WANT TO DRINK COFFEE, CREATE STUFF AND SLEEP.” Notice in the third picture that she actually looks at the ticket with distaste and apprehension, a ticket that she later returned to the BR.

Walking along LRH Way from LA Org to Sunset Blvd., is a fairly new BR (new to me, at least). In her right hand she holds free “Personality Test tickets.

All images (unless otherwise noted) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.


[1] L. Ron Hubbard Executive Directive 14 International (“LRH ED 14 INT”), “Broad Public Questionnaire,” August 1, 1968.