This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on Scientology. Today’s blog concludes the findings of a tour I conducted on Friday, March 4, 2016, of the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the Church of Scientology’s West Coast headquarters, in Los Angeles. Today’s blog is Part 5 of that tour, in the “Reconnecting the Disconnected and Declared” series.

Photo #1: An exterior shot taken along Fountain Avenue (looking west), in front of the Main Bldg., between L. Ron Hubbard Way and Catalina Street, in Los Angeles. To the right with his arm on a bicycle’s handlebar is a Security Guard (“SG”). To the right are three Sea Org (“SO”) members: the first is a male individual, wearing a long-sleeved white shirt, silver-backed vest and black pants, an outfit worn by members of LA Org. The other two female SO members are members of the Estates Project Force (“EPF”), dressed in blue t-shirts (which has, on the front of the shirt, the SO logo and the words “Estates Project Force”). One female SO member has her face turned to the camera.

The EPF handles buildings and grounds maintenance at Sea Org (“SO”) properties; they’re directed by the Estates Manager and supervised by the EPF MAA (Master at Arms). An EPF MAA assembles the EPF for their meetings, called “musters,” which happen often. An EPF MAA also maintains their schedule and conducts group activities. SO properties at PAC Base that deliver services (training and spiritual processing) to Scientology public include the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”), the American Saint Hill Organization (“ASHO”) and the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”).

Photo #2: An exterior shot taken along Fountain Avenue (looking east), between Catalina Street and L. Ron Hubbard Way, in Los Angeles. This male individual is a SO member on the EPF. He wears the traditional garb of a SO EPFer. Notice the SO logo and the words “Estates Project Force” on his t-shirt.

An EPFer categorized as “Category A” is a new SO member who has just arrived after signing a billion year contract. An EPFer needs to get his “basics in” before he’s given a job in the SO (also known as being “put on post”). A “basic” for an EPFer is “running on the decks,” much like a sailor would do (the SO began at ships on the open sea). When you observe EPFers at work, they move continually and will often run from place to place. If, for someone reason, an EPFer doesn’t make it onto post, he becomes a “Category B,” and will be returned to the EPF until “handled.”

The Estates section of an org is responsible for an attractive, clean org which, in return, affords good production as well as assets and promotional value. There is an Estates section in every org, not just the Sea Org. This section is part of the org’s Dept. 21, Office of L. Ron Hubbard (“LRH”).

Photo #3: An exterior shot of the parking lot behind PAC Base, between LRH Way (off camera, to the left) and Catalina St. (which is behind the wall that the EPFers are working near). I’m standing on Sunset Blvd., looking south at the EPF as they wrap up maintenance chores. On the left, straddling a bicycle and with his back to the camera, is a SG who is apparently in charge of evacuating the EPFers to another location because I’m taking their picture. The older SO member wearing a beard and mustache is a long-time SO member.

Item #1 of “The Code of a Sea Org Member”: “I promise to help get ethics in on this planet and the Universe, which is the basic purpose of the Sea Org.” LRH has stated that Scientology has three primary objectives: getting ethics, tech and admin “in.” “Ethics” refers to the ethical or decent values of an individual. “Tech” refers to the technology of Scientology. “Admin,” refers to the administrative activities of an org (or life in general). A bank robber is “out-ethics”; a non-Scientologist (“wog”) is out-ethics in the eyes of a SO member. Once a wog gets into Scientology and onto a course or spiritual counseling, they are considered to be “in-ethics”; their actions are supportive of Scientology. Ethics need to be “in” first in order to get tech “in”; likewise, tech has to be “in” before the SO can get admin “in.” If a person or group does not support Scientology’s activities 100-percent, they are considered to be “counter-intention” and “out-ethics.”

This is why SO members often look so serious. The inhabitants of planet Earth are, in their eyes, lost souls; Scientology, and the SO in particular, is their only salvation. Without Scientology, a SO member reasons, every man, woman and child is doomed to an eternity of suffering. The EPF is the “future” of the Sea Org; any protection of them is understood.

Photo #4: Prior to evacuation, the EPFers wrap up cleaning; quietly, calmly, they prepare to leave the area.

Item #2 of “The Code of a Sea Org Member”: “I promise to uphold, forward and carry out Command Intention.” “Command Intention” is forwarding any activity that gets ethics in on the planet; this would encompass projects by David Miscavige, Scientology’s leader. Those activities include opening “Ideal Orgs” and Scientology Media Productions (“SMP”). The Sea Org whatever it takes to get Scientology known and wogs to flood Scientology orgs.

Command Intention is as pure and decent as the person from whom it originates. Command Intention has a “trickle down” effect, which means that it’s interpretation can be subject to change depending on how someone (your senior, for example) sees it. Command Intention can become “counter intention” (“CI”) if not carried out to the fullest. If it’s ascertained that a SO member has CI, then that person may be reassigned to the Rehabilitation Project Force (“RPF”).

Photo #5: EPFers continue to wrap up their activities in the PAC Base parking lot.

Item #5 of “The Code of a Sea Org Member”: “I promise to uphold the fact that duty is the Sea Org Member’s true motivation, which is the highest motivation there is.” Everything else to a SO member means absolutely nothing. If you’re not in Scientology and/or a SO member, you’re nothing, and what you’re doing is meaningless. Recently, I happened to pass a female SO member as she walked past me on Vermont Avenue. I blurted out, “It must be awful for you, as a Sea Org member, to have to live among us wogs. It must be so uncomfortable for you.” (I’m not a wog, but put myself into that category for the sake of the moment.)

Photo #6: EPFers continue to wrap up their activities in the PAC Base parking lot. The male EPFer wearing the blue baseball cap looks like Scientologist and actor, Tom Cruise. I wonder if his Sea Org Recruiter got bonus points for that cycle. “What a find!” must have run through someone’s mind at the time.

Photo #7: EPFers proceed to depart from their work location.

Item #6 of “The Code of a Sea Org Member”: “I promise to keep my own personal ethics in and uphold beyond all compromise the honor, integrity and true discipline that is the Sea Org’s heritage and tradition.”

Item #15 of “The Code of a Sea Org Member”: “I promise to do my part to protect and further the image of the Sea Org.”

Photo #8: After leaving their work area, the EPFers “muster” or gather before proceeding to a different location. In this photo, they’re in the middle of the parking lot behind ASHO.

Item #16 of “The Code of a Sea Org Member”: “I promise to come to the defense of the Sea Org and fellow Sea Org Members whenever needed.”

Photo #9: A SG positions himself and his bicycle between the EPFers and myself. The EPFers are not supposed to look, I would guess, but curiosity piques a female EPFer’s interest (she’s the one wearing glasses) because she looks my way.

Photo #10: As the EPF leaves the parking lot, another female EPFer looks my way.

Item #17 of “The Code of a Sea Org Member”: “I promise through my actions to increase the power of the Sea Org and decrease the power of any enemy.”

Photo #11: In an earlier photo, a female EPFer wearing glasses looked my way. Here, as she enters a building, she looks my way again.

Item #18 of “The Code of a Sea Org Member”: “I promise to make things go right and to persist until they do.”

As stated so aptly and wisely to EPFers in a YouTube video presented by Darth Xander (“Scientology Public – Ignorance Is Bliss“), “It’s all downhill from here.

All images (unless otherwise noted) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.