This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. On April 6, 2016, after I attended Phil and Willie Jones’s official unveiling of their “Call Me” billboard, I visited the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the church of scientology’s West Coast headquarters. This is part of the “Reconnecting the Disconnected and Declared” series.

I’ve visited a number of anti-scientology YouTube channels, among them, “The End of Scientology,” by the Angy Gay Pope (“AGP”). I admire AGP’s ability to stand up to and confront Sea Org (“SO”) Security Guards. For someone who isn’t a scientologist (and never was), he is enlightened about the ins and outs of that religion. I appreciate his ability to reply quickly and efficiently to just about anything scientology throws his way while the AGP makes his rounds at PAC Base.

I’ve also admired the AGP’s openness when it comes to good-looking guys (good-looking SO guys, in this case).

For example, in “Eavesdropping with Roy the Pea Brained Cult Bike Guard,” the AGP tries to explain to a SO Security Guard about how he’s being used by Scientology: “They’re using you because you’re so young and cute.”

In that same YouTube video, the AGP declares, “There’s three really hot bicycle guards.”

In his video, “Gay Pope Treats Scientologists Like Celebs—He Spies on Them,” the AGP asks a SO Security Guard to pose for a picture when he says, “Hello, handsome, smile for the camera. That’s good.”

And who could forget “Bugging and Bothering Body Routers of Scientology Hollywood,” where the AGP lays his eyes for the first time on a new SO Security Guard at the corner of Vermont and Sunset with the line, “Hello, handsome!” The appreciative smile on that Security Guard’s face came and went in almost an instant, but the AGP’s camera captured that response for eternity.

This leads up to the reason for today’s blog: The Pacifica Cafe on L. Ron Hubbard Way has a new “dish” on its menu, so-to-speak. While not formally attired as a maî·tre d’ (and not much attired at all for an “Ideal Cafe”), there appears to be one, nevertheless. He may not be a maî·tre d’ nor a waiter, but he’s attentive to the needs of scientology diners. I don’t know if the Angry Gay Pope has laid his eyes on this guy yet, so perhaps today’s blog is a head’s up for him. It would interesting to get the AGP’s take on the Pacifica Cafe’s “catch of the day” (for Wed., April 6, 2016, that is).

The Pacifica Cafe on L. Ron Hubbard Way, in Los Angeles. The building behind the eatery is PAC Base’s Main Building. To the right, and just south of the food joint, is Fountain Avenue. Behind me and to my left (off-camera) is the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”). To right (off-camera) are two more orgs: the American St. Hill Organization (“ASHO”), and the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”). All three orgs are SO orgs. Further up the street and to my right is Sunset Blvd.

This first shot of the guy (I’ll refer to him as the maî·tre d’) in question features a very good-looking young man in a grayish-blue t-shirt. He has thick, wavy brown hair, and he might have missed a good shave this morning. He’s got a great smile and is being quite attentive as a waiter (I’m guessing that’s his post), sets a drink on the table for a female patron or guest. The waiter holds a gray tray in his left hand, and wears a white t-shirt, glasses and has reddish hair. The waiter is serving what appears to be two public scientologists. Everyone else in this photo appear to be SO members: the young guy in the foreground, wearing the light blue shirt, dark blue pants and belt (which has the SO logo its buckle); the girl to the left with her back to camera appears to be wearing a black SO jacket; the guy in front of her with his face turned to the right of the photo looks to be SO. The woman behind our maî·tre d’ might be SO, but she wears a gold vest that might indicate her Class IV Org status.

In this photo, we get a clearer view of the female public scientologist who is getting all the attention. Now that the drink or drinks have been served, it looks as though the waiter is now taking her order, the maî·tre d’ all the while dutifully attentive and willing to please.

The waiter, now standing tall, appears to have finished taking the female scientologist’s order. He receives a final order or suggestion from our maî·tre d’ and will soon be heading for the kitchen. Or to the Rehabilitation Project Force (“RPF”), the SO’s internal prison, if he doesn’t get the order right.

In the next few photos, our maî·tre d’ appears to be getting a table ready for a new guest. In this photo, we see that he wears dark jeans (yes, an unusual outfit for a maî·tre d’ yet perhaps he’s in training or he’s brand new to the post and his clothes have not yet arrived). In his hands he holds a piece of paper (a menu, perhaps) and a pen. In front of him and to his right is what appears to be a female SO waitress.

Our handsome maî·tre d’ walks away from a table, still holding the sheet of paper. His biceps bulge nicely, a bonus for the cafe’s female guests, public scientologists and SO members alike. (I think there may be a reason for him to wear such a t-shirt although I won’t surprised to see him wearing full maî·tre d’ attire in days to come.) Two female SO members in full dress are making their way from the cafe.

Our maî·tre d’ and his biceps have returned to a table he attended to earlier. In the foreground and to his right sits the girl whose order is now being processed. Will her order attain the “State of Clear”? Is she dreaming of that guy’s physique? How much will she have to donate in order to increase her “Status” with the Pacifica Cafe? Meanwhile, a male public scientologist in a sports jersey stands unsportsman-like to the left in the photo.

I wonder if our maî·tre d’ focuses solely on the young, attractive female public scientologists? Here, with his broad back to the camera, he greets a young lady wearing an orange top and sunglasses.

Our maî·tre d’ has handed the patron a menu. As she gazes at the menu, I wonder just how difficult it may be for her to take her eyes off of him. In the foreground, a male SO member walks by; everyone else appears to be self-served (as in not attended by our maî·tre d’). Those seated could be public scientologists, but it’s difficult to tell, especially if a staff member is visiting from an outer org is dining in street clothes.

In this photo, our maî·tre d’ has quickly seated the guy to his right, and looks at someone off-camera with that winning smile. Notice that our maî·tre d’ appears to spend more time with female patrons. At least on Wed., April 6, 2016. At lunch hour. Hmm.


Flunk! Our maî·tre d’ has a rip or tear in his back, right pants pocket.

Here our maî·tre d’ has just greeted the male guest standing behind him. That guy holds what probably is a menu—or is it a Liability Formula?

In today’s last photo of the maî·tre d’, he has just amiably waved at someone to my right. For just a moment though, has he spotted my camera’s eye trained on him?

All images (unless otherwise noted) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.