New scientology and dianetics trash has arrived in the gutters of the City of Angels, including new “Free” tickets used by Body Routers (“BRs) from the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”), for two films: “An Introduction to Scientology” and “The Story of Book One, Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health,” and Source, the Magazine of the Flag Land Base, Issue 240. Scanned herein are those tickets and some of pages from Source.

“Free” Ticket: An Introduction to Scientology (Front)

“Free” Ticket: An Introduction to Scientology (Rear)

“Free” Ticket: The Story of Book One, Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health (Front)

“Free” Ticket: The Story of Book One, Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health (Rear)

Source, Magazine of the Flag Land Band, Issue 140 (Cover)

Source, Page 31, Flag News

Source, Page 32, Flag News

Source, Page 33, Flag News

Source, Page 35, My Flag Story

Source, Page 36, My Flag Story

Source, Page 37, My Flag Story

Source, Page 39, My Flag Story

Source, Page 41, Flag Graduates

Source, Page 42, Flag Graduates

Source, Page 43, Flag Graduates

Source, Page 44, Flag Graduates

Source, Page 45, Flag Graduates

Source, Page 46, Flag Graduates

Source, Page 47, Flag Graduates

I read Tony Ortega’s website, “The Underground Bunker” and Mike Rinder’s blog, “Something Can Be Done About It” regularly. These two websites are the most valuable sources of information available about scientology outside of scientology.


The new tickets being used by LA Org’s BRs coincides with what Mike Rinder has reported recently: that the executives of the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”), the American St. Hill Organization (“ASHO”), and LA Org have been removed from post. I would imagine that each org has to change their operating basis, thus new “free” film tickets from LA Org. The ticket itself for “An Introduction to Scientology” is quite large; they’re spending more money on marketing and promotional (although the correct condition might indicate that the org should economize). That means such litter will be easier to see and quite easy to become an eyesore for Hollywood Blvd. and Los Angeles.


Source Issue 140 is difficult to read, now that I’m no longer in scientology’s bubble world. After 37-years, I escaped in August 2014, and with every blog I read from Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder, the truth about scientology (and not their fabricated, unproven lies) becomes more clear.


On the cover of Source, we hear about how super duper Super Power is, but I’ve learned that although developed by L. Ron Hubbard decades ago, it might not have included the processes it has now; LRH also designed it for staff, not public. Super duper fund raising amassed a ton of money for Super Power.

If you’re currently a scientologist and are reading this, are you wondering why I don’t capitalize the “S” in the word “scientology” or the “D” in “dianetics”? Have you wondered why scientologists are paying for their own buildings and renovations? Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, scientology orgs and missions owned their own buildings or rented them; they never owed money to or paid homage to the Sea Org’s “Landlord Office.” You, the scientologist, didn’t fund anything except 1. training; 2. auditing; 3. your annual membership and any materials you needed (books, etc.). Did you know that the International Association of Scientologists (“IAS”) is, basically, bogus and does nothing but raise massive amounts of money for the leader of Scientology, David “Ruthless” Miscavige and his humongous real estate empire? Have you ever known a time without scientology fund raising, the IAS or “Ideal Orgs”? Did you know that as far as LRH is concerned, IAS and Ideal Orgs don’t exist (not in the way you know them, that is)?


On page 3 of Source, we have what should be called “Flog News,” because that’s what the Flag Land Base should be doing to itself for all the lies it tells its public and public-to-be in their attempt to lure you in. It’s a big con, this thing called scientology, didn’t you know?After reading Ortega and Rinder, I’m well aware that “Fourth Dynamic Salvage Campaigns” are nothing more than a photo shoot and a way to worm scientology’s proverbial head up the butts of every elected official on Teegeeack (planet Earth, that is). Flog claims that their fourth dynamic salvage campaign centers reach over 20,000 a week. Okay, Flog, that’s a generality. Please be specific. Tell us exactly how many people are being “reached” weekly. Who are they? Where are they? How are you going about reaching them? Is it an ad in some newspaper that they just might read and you’re counting that as a “statistic,” a “stat”? When I served scientology as a Sea Org (“SO”) member in 1977-78, and again in 1979-1980, I couldn’t count any stat that could never be clearly identified. Okay, I can accept “33,821” visitors to those centers as an exact figure or stat (I’m assuming those “centers” make comprise the pretty, new ghost townsfor TWTH, CCHR and others erected in downtown Clearwater).


Almost daily, Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder, and their readers work hard to get “Flag Crimes Exposed,” which leads us up to page 32 of “Flog News.” I wonder how much of an ego blow it’s going to be when the next ex-scientologist-to-be discoveres the bubble world that he or she has been living in, sheltered from the real world, by scientology? LRH developed a paranoia in which he stood convinced of his greatness and how scummy the rest of us are. So, with every page of scientology dribble that a scientologist reads, the more and more he or she becomes convinced of his or her greatness and how scummy the rest of the world is. It isn’t true. You might be great, but please don’t be great “for LRH” and because he wrote about such things. In this article, scientology makes you fear certain people, groups and organizations, including psychiatry and psychotropic drugs. All this does is stir a scientologist’s hate and disgust for the wog world (that is, the world outside of scientology; an evil, corrupt place that only scientology can salvage… yeah, right; think again, dear scientologist).


Over now to page 33 of Source, for “Flog Service,” where, again, we are bombarded with generalities (for example, “10,000 Golden Age of Knowledge Basics Extension Courses”). Please, Flog, tell us who did those courses, what those courses were, in what country they were delivered and when. See the lead-in phrase, “Rocketing Up the Bridge.” Dear scientologist, did you know that scientologists are “rocketing” up and down the Bridge? Did you know that OT VIII’s are being made to redo the Bridge, beginning with the Purification Rundown? Every time they redo a Bridge action, it looks like it may be counted again, thus giving an appearance that people are flooding scientology. The actual truth of the matter is closer to this: there aren’t that many more people in scientology today than they were last year or ten years ago, and the “stats” you’re hearing about are people already in forced to redo training and processing they’ve done before. Now let’s go to “Flag Extension Courses Booming.” Extension courses were designed, I believe, for LA Org (or Missions), for new people to scientology; to keep them connected especially when they had a schedule that kept from coming into the org or mission on a normal basis. I think an Extension Course is run by Division 6. In the past, Flog would never lower themselves to talk about menial, non-Bridge actions such as “Extension Courses”; they focused instead, on the L’s and getting public up the Bridge, through LA Org, then over to ASHO, then to AOLA and on their way to the Freewinds via Flag, especially for Flag-only services.


Beginning on page 35 of the Source, we read “My Flog Stories” from people who recently went to Flog for services. Rudi Marashlian has completed the Cause Resurgence Rundown. From what I understand, people on that service are made to run around a pole all day long. It’s a good thing that Rudi is a Fitness Coach, from Sylmar, Calfornia; he probably had the stamina needed for that Bridge “action.” Notice that in each “success story,” each graduate steers clear from giving an exact win. Nothing specific is ever said by anyone about the success they’ve experienced on a scientology course, rundown or auditing action. Rudi’s generalities including plenty of “10X” this and “10X” that; ooh, he built thetan muscle! He had “wins,” “cognitions,” “theta energy resurgences” and “abilities regained.” What exactly are all of those accomplishments? When exactly did he have them? How could I get them? Exactly when should I do a particular step in order to get the desired result? Rudi said nothing specific about anything , yet people are paying Flog millions of dollars every singe month for exactly what he is being so vague in describing. Only scientology could convince the world it can salvage its eternal freedom. You do know that scientology is laughing all the way to the bank?

I’m skipping pages 36 and 37 of more “Flog Stories,” so I can review Mikhail Plotnikov (“MP”), the little boy on page 39. MP is what, fourteen years old? How can a child declare, “I recovered all my perceptions and I am a new person”? A child is not yet a new person, so how can he or she become one through the Super Power Rundown (I can’t believe scientology delivered that process to a kid). It’s like putting a child on the Purification Program, in order to run out all the toxins. The body of a child can’t have the kind of toxicity that an adult has; putting a child through such grueling measures, no matter the rundown, is making monsters out of boys, because the child is studying the bloated ego of LRH.


Let’s turn to page 41 and read about “Flog Graduates.” There are scientologists ascending—and descending—the Bridge daily. People in orgs worldwide are being forced to pay again for a service they’ve already taken. An OT VIII will be made to redo the Bridge, beginning with the Purif. Did you know that anyone doing the “Survival Rundown” risks serious spiritual and mental injury? Why? Because it can force a person to redo an auditing process they’ve done before to completion. This rundown also has so many rundowns it can make your head spin (and guess what? That’s what you’ll risk if you spend even a minute on that rundown).

In looking over the names of those who have “graduated” FLOG services, I can’t help but wonder how many of these poor souls have been ushered in from the former Soviet Union, Taiwan or other, similar places, where people such as Tony Ortega or Mike Rinder might not yet have a voice. These countries, and others, are ripe for the picking, so-to-speak, because scientology’s well-deserved bad press and own overts (harmful acts against themselves and others, including their toxic “disconnection” policy) haven’t clouded those societies—not yet, that is.

Speaking of “new” OV VII, how many times have the OT Levels been redone? How many “new” OT VII variations are there? Likewise, how many “old” OT VII variations have there been? And when counting weekly stats, has Flog counted all of them? Has Flog charged all of them full-price for the “privilege”?

Look at all the people doing “Super Power,” an action that LRH never intended to be a Bridge action. Look at all those people running around a pole all day long, people who have survived that ordeal to “graduate” yet another non-Bridge action (LRH never had that step on his Bridge to Total Freedom).

I’m not saying that what LRH had was perfect or right, but the deviation from what LRH designed for scientologists is astounding. It’s even more astounding that a scientologist laps it up like a cat would milk.

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