This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. Today, I’m reporting from the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the so-called “church” of scientology’s West Coast headquarters. More specifically, I’m reporting on the preparations made on May 28, 2016, for the Grand Opening of the Scientology Media Productions (“SMP”), located at 4401 W. Sunset Blvd., about ten blocks east of PAC Base.

For today’s protest, Phil and Willie Jones and Cece Marie Gangle Smith provided signs so that some of us could drive around PAC Base and SMP with magnetic “call me” signs affixed to the driver’s and passenger’s doors. The “call me” sign is a smaller version of the billboard that Phil and Willie maintain (“To my loved one in scientology… call me). Phil and Willie left scientology, yet have two adult children who not only have continued with scientology, but have “disconnected” from their parents. The toxic practice of disconnection is the only way a scientologist can stay in scientology if they’re connected to someone who leaves and speaks out against that church. In today’s blog, In addition to “drive-bys,” a “walk-by” takes place when an individual protester carries a “call me” sign with a corrugated back. I carried the sign that hung by twine around my neck; with the top of the “call me” sign waist-high, I could then have my arms free to take pictures.

(Note: Newly numbered, this is Blog #145 (old Blog #69), edited February 1, 2018, in order to link the pictures with their new home at the Internet Archive.)

Photo Caption: The “call me” protesters met at Rite Aid in a nearby parking lot. Pictured here are, from the left, are Willie Jones, the Angry Gay Pope (that masked stellar individual), and Steven Mango.

Photo Caption: As we walked down a road through the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center on our way to LRH Way, I turned to snap a photo of our soon-to-be walk-bys. Like synchronized swimmers, the “call me” signs moved into place for this perfect shot.

Photo Caption: When the protesters arrived at LRH Way, we decided to get a picture taken with this “Welcome” sign and out “call me” signs. This woman had other plans, because she took it away (it had been sitting on the sidewalk, leaning against something, for all to see. From this point forward, I’m going to call this woman “Balloon Lady”; she also wore the hat of “Handler.” And that’s who she became: my Handler. Soon, she would replace that “Welcome” with a huge bunch of festive balloons. She didn’t hand any of the balloons out as souvenirs; they were devised, in a bunch, to block me from taking pictures. Balloon Lady followed for for well over an hour, up and down LRH Way, in my way, always attempting to prevent my camera from capturing its targets. I’m assuming she has an association with the Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”); that telephone rarely left her ear. I found her to be polite and courteous, and never had a problem getting her balloons in the face of this six-feet-four protester.

Photo Caption: So, who attended SMP’s Grand Opening? I managed to snap a couple of pictures that included what appears to be a list of event attendees. This list covers event attendees with names that started with the letter “E” to the letter “M.” The woman who had this list stood on L. Ron Hubbard Way (“LRH Way”) and greeted event arrivals as they drove into the parking lot behind the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”).

I’ve picked one name, “Paul Krynen,” and this is what the website, “The Truth About Scientology” revealed about Mr. Krynen:

Paul Krynen has completed L 11 New Life Rundown (scientology publication: Source 84; date: 1992-11-01); State of Man Congress Course (Freewinds 49, April 1, 2003);
The Route to Infinity Course (Freewinds 59, September 1, 2005); Dianetics 55! Book Course (Advance 208, September 1, 2011); Golden Age of Knowledge Courses (Advance 224, February 1, 2014); Golden Age of Knowledge Courses (Advance 225, April 1, 2014).

Paul Krynen is also a Patron Meritorious of the International Association of scientologists (“IAS”), per scientology publication Impact 114, 2006-09-01. As reported by Tony Ortega (“Here are the wealthy people keeping Scientology alive,” March 17, 2014), a “Patron Meritorious” has given $250,000.00 to the IAS. In Impact 122, Paul Krynen became a scientology whale when he joined a list of people who have given $500,000.00 to IAS.

Photo Caption: The attendance of whale Paul Krynen might explain why this entrance had someone who stood by and waved a “VIP” (“Very Important Person”) sign. For this photo, our team of walk-by protesters had recently arrived on LRH Way. I’m on that street, facing south, with the driveway to LA Org’s parking lot in front of me. Notice the red arrow pointed to the “V.I.P.” sign. Other red arrows indicate a VIP’s arrival; a Sea Org (“SO”) Security Guard who just reported our arrival to headquarters; a tall red-haired man wearing sunglasses, the security guard who locked down the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”), located at 1306 LRH Way, during our very first “call me” protest (“Reconnecting the Disconnected and Declared: Lockdown at PAC Base! April 24, 2016″).

Paul Krynen is also Clear, per the scientology publication From Clear to Eternity Newsletter, 2006-11-01. Per the WISE Directory, Paul Krynen is a Chiropractic, his office, Krynen Chiropractic, Inc., is located at 2733 Pacific Coast Hwy., Ste. 101, in Torrance, California.

Photo Caption: The next list of VIP “whale” SMP event attendees, holds names that started with the letter “N” to the letter “Z.” The next whale is Gregory A. Winteregg, of Clearwater, who attended the event with his Sandra and, I’m assuming, their children, Neil and Kat. According to the Operation Clambake Message Board , Mr. Winteregg is a “Founding IAS Patron with Honors,” which means he’s donated at least $100,000 to the IAS. As also noted in that website, Greg has also done the Flag L’s and is a Flag Operating Thetan (“OT”). Mr. Winteregg is a dentist by profession. Per the Ex scientologist Message Board, Mr. Winteregg has also donated at least $100,000 to the Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida.

Photo Caption: In this photo, taken at LRH Way’s “VIP” entrance to the parking lot behind LA Org, we have the lady with red fingernail polish (as seen in earlier pictures holding the “VIP” attendees list). A red arrow points her out, while the other arrow points out the “VIP” sign, now turned facing the other direction as “VIP Man” awaits the next whale’s arrival.

Photo Caption: Seated at Pacific Grill & Barbecue (“PGB”) on LRH Way, I founds Missy Henderson; in this photo, she’s dressed in orange with red hair. As I stood there and snapped multiple pictures of her, I urged Missy to call her brother, Matt, and end the disconnection. It had been my understanding that Matt is no longer is associated with scientology and had been declared a Suppressive Person (“SP”). I’ve learned, however, that it’s Missy’s brother, Mike, who had been declared an SP. Well, at least I’ve given the Henderson clan something to think about. Matt, if I remember correctly, used to be in the Commodore’s Messenger Org (“CMO”). Missy may have heard me, but she never looked at me, not even while I took multiple photos of her.

Other scientologists who attended the event who have given much of their time, effort and money to scientology’s cause include Missy’s sister, Melanie DeCrescenzo Lekas. Melanie used to be my boss at Atlas Natural Health Foods (where we had a Purification Program Center). When I saw Melanie, as she crosses Vermont Ave., on her way to LRH Way (I’m assuming that she had parked with many other scientologists at Hollywood Presbyterian), I urged her to call her brother, Matt, and extended my sympathy for the recent loss of her mother, Diane Henderson. I also saw Chel Stith, Melanie’s sister, on the west side of Sunset Blvd., making her way to SMP’s event entrance. I also know Marcy Sargeant, another of the Henderson sisters, The Hendersons are an awesome family of individuals.

Another former boss of mine, Michael Shaw, also attended the event. Mike is the owner of Certified Swimming Pools of California and Southwest Certified Construction. When I handled the position of Office Manager for Mike, he was mid-OT VII. As the buses returned event attendees from SMP to LRH Way, I greeted Mike as he descended one of those buses. We exchanged greetings, and I asked him to please say “hello” to his wife, Kari, for me.

Photo Caption: Missy’s companion, per what I’m calling an official ticket to the SMP event (in fact, it is; it reads, “Admit One” on the reverse side), is Julia Synovec, of Pasadena, whose ticket also reads, “Gate A.”

Photo Caption: I shot this of an event attendee’s official “Admit One” pass. On the reverse side, you’d be able to see his name, just as shown in the photo of Ms. Synovec.

Photo Caption: Shuttle buses stretched as far as a Body Thetan’s eye could see along LRH Way. I’m standing on Sunset Blvd., looking south at Fountain Ave. American Saint Hill Organization (“ASHO”), located at 1413 LRH Way is on the right, with the Main Bldg. to the south of it. The Fountain can be seen where LRH Way meets Fountain.

Photo Caption: For this composite, I shot a picture of what appears to be visiting dignitaries as they stood outside LA Org’s entrance from the parking lot.

Photo Caption: In this composite, Balloon Lady arrives after having turned over the “Welcome” sign to another. In the photo, she demonstrates her ability as a Handler as she effectively blocks my view of Welcome Man as he greeted new event arrivals or, perhaps, guests boarding shuttles for departure. For this photo, I’m standing outside of LA Org, on LRH Way, looking north. That’s Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in the background.

Photo Caption: Balloon Lady tried, but she couldn’t prevent a message of love, courtesy Phil and Willie Jones, from reaching these event attendees on ASHO’s front steps. Three out of four attendees read the “call me” sign that I have hanging from around my neck. If ASHO has an icon, it’s a lion, and that’s a sculpture of a lion that lays at ASHO’s front door. I looked at this young couple tending to their little boy, and I just couldn’t help but pray that disconnection never tears this beautiful family apart. Do these people have any idea what’s in store for them the longer they stay in scientology? Please get out. Now.

Photo Caption: A protester extended her arm and said, “Take a picture of the ‘call me’ sign with the event sign,” as the Balloon Lady attempted to spoil our fun.

Photo Caption: Protesters, to the right walking along LRH Way toward Fountain Ave. pass the PGB. The red arrow points out the man’s eyes as they’re locked on Phil and Willie’s message of love. To their right is Roy, a SO security guard, straddling a bicycle.

Photo Caption: Two event attendees, awaiting the departure of their shuttles at PGB, can’t help but see the “call me” sign I carry.

Photo Caption: In that last photo, a woman who sat at a table in the background locked eyes on the “call me” sign. In this photo, taken moments later, her eyes are still fixed on the sign. There’s something touching about this, too, because it gives one the feeling that she’s lost in thought because of the sign’s message. It is perhaps because of her gaze in my direction that her companion turns to look my way and sees “call me.”

Photo Caption: I don’t mind standing in front of a total stranger, “call me” sign draped from my neck, and take their picture. For this photo, the object of my desire, this scientologist sitting at PGB, obliged the beck and call, and read the sign. On the table in front of him is an “Admit One” ticket, for the “Golden Age of Dissemination” event at SMP.

Photo Caption: With parking over a block away at Hollywood Presbyterian, most scientologists had to walk to LRH Way in order to be shuttled to the event. Here, many arrive at AOLA and are captured by Phil and Willie’s message of love, including a young man in a suit and tie.

Photo Caption: There were a handful of people sitting on this ledge outside of AOLA when I suggested that two “call me” protesters form bookends so I could take their picture. Those people who had been sitting there, however, scattered.

Photo Caption: Just seconds after I took that last picture, Roy, the SO security guard showed up to “restore order.” I couldn’t help but post this picture because it’s just so cool. Who would ever have thought that protesting could be this much fun?

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