This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. Today, I’m reporting from the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the so-called “church” of scientology’s West Coast headquarters. More specifically, I’m reporting further on the preparations made on May 28, 2016, for the Grand Opening of Scientology Media Productions (“SMP”), located at 4401 W. Sunset Blvd., about ten blocks east of PAC Base. This blog continues where the first three parts left off (“Scientology Media Productions—Grand Protest—May 28, 2016—Part 1,” “Part 2,” and “Part 3“).

Photo Caption: Let’s start with a few more “before” pictures, in which scientologists and Sea Org (“SO”) members are on L. Ron Hubbard Way (“LRH Way”), getting ready to be shuttled to SMP for the event. In this composite, we see a person reading the “call me” sign that I have hanging from my neck. For the photo on the right, I’ve zoomed in on that person. Notice that in her purse is an “Admit One” ticket. For this picture, I’m standing on LRH Way, looking at the front steps to the American Saint Hill Organization (“ASHO”). The sign I’m carrying, incidentally, is a smaller version of the one that Phil and Willie Jones first posted in April 2016 as a billboard on Glendale Blvd., in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles. The sign’s message (“To my loved one in scientology… call me”), is aimed at Phil and Willie’s adult children still trapped in scientology and unable to have anything to do with their parents (or anyone who happens to speak out against scientology).

Photo Caption: In this composite of two consecutive photos, I’m standing on LRH Way looking down a sidewalk that leads to the Sunset Blvd. entrance of the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”). Here we see people heading for their shuttle buses. In each photo is an older couple wearing a white or light colored hat. She’s Mary Lee Krackow (I’ve known her since the 1980’s); she’s most likely with her husband, Eric.

From the web site, Truth About Scientology (“TAS”), Ms. Krackow has completed L 10 (1982); the Philadelphia Doctorate Course for OTs (“Operating Thetans”; 1983); the False Purpose Rundown (1986), Student Hat (1987), Administrative Training (1997); the Solo NOTS Auditor Certainty Course, Part I (1997) as well as the Ability Congress Course (aboard the Freewinds, 2002). She’s also on the Honor Roll of the International Association of Scientologists (“IAS”) and Clear #10,715. Mr. Krackow has been public at Flag in Clearwater, Florida (where he’s done OT VI and the Solo NOTS Certainty Course, Parts I and II). On the Freewinds, he’s done an OT Debug and various Congress Lecture courses.

Eric and Mary Lee Krackow have also attended meetings for the Valley Org OT Committee (“OTCC”) Mr. Krackow’s duties for OTCC have included collecting stats for the Volunteer Ministers (“VM”) Program (meaning that if you used any “Scientology Handbook” technology during the week, you qualified as a VM). They’re really pushing the VM stat, rather than instilling in their followers doing charitable activities simply because they want to, because it’s the right thing to do—not because they need to do it in order to raise the VM Program’s stats.

Photo Caption: For this photo taken during SMP’s event, I stood on Hoover St., watching a crowd on top of the parking structure as they watched the event. In this composite, notice the two guys who have turned their attention away from the event and have looked, instead, at Phil and Willie’s message of love.

Photo Caption: For the rest of this blog’s photos, I’m back at PAC Base, on LRH Way. In this composite of two consecutive photos, a woman prepares something to eat at the Pacific Grill & Barbecue (“PGB”). As she takes a drink (as seen in the photo on the right), her eyes lock on Phil and Willie’s message of love. Behind her is a big screen television.

Photo Caption: As two scientologists enjoy a snack at the PGB, they notice the “call me” sign (as has the keyboard player in the photo on the left).

Photo Caption: These scientologists have just returned from the event via a shuttle bus. I’m looking north toward Sunset Blvd., with ASHO to my left. A few people in this picture notice the “call me” sign, including the blond-haired lady on the left who, in the next composite, will go to great lengths to block the sign from view.

Before the event, hardly anyone looked away or blocked their eyes from the “call me” sign. After the event, however, some people went out of their way to make believe Phil and Willie’s message didn’t exist. Come on, scientologists; think for yourselves. Scientology’s practice of disconnection is toxic; free yourself from the shackles that bind you. Pick up the phone and call that loved one now!

Photo Caption: In this composite of three consecutive photos, a scientologist demonstrates her indoctrination into scientology’s “Prison of Belief.” Notice in her hand a program for SMP’s event. Update: The lady holding the event bag so as to cover her face is Stephanie Brownell. Former Celebrity Centre International (“CCI”) Universe Corps; last known post: NOTS Case Supervisor (“C/S”) at the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”). Thanks to BBJ for the identification.

Photo Caption: As this couple walked south along LRH Way, I took a few pictures of them. In those photos (not shown here), they looked to the left, then to their right, then to the left again, all the while avoiding the “call me” sign. Finally in this photo, I captured the guy’s eyes locked on target.

Photo Caption: As this scientologist walked toward me, he took a drink from a water bottle. His eyes, meanwhile, took in the “call me” sign.

Photo Caption: In this composite of two consecutive pictures, a distinguished, well-dressed man contemplates Phil and Willie’s message of love. Update: He’s perennial Registrar, David Light. Thanks to KC and CP for the identification.

Photo Caption: On the right is a bus that has just returned event goers to LRH Way. With her back to me is a protester holding a “call me” sign high. In front of her and to her right, two more protesters bring Phil and Willie’s message of love to a love-starved crowd. In the center of the photo is Roy, a Sea Org Security Guard who often stood between protesters and the crowds. Notice the ladies on the left. They’re carrying bags of event souvenirs, including an event program. In fact, of the two women, the one on the right carries a flier proclaiming an upcoming seminar. (More on that in an upcoming photo.)

Photo Caption: As protesters demonstrate with their “call me” signs, two male scientologists go out of their way to cover their faces from them and my camera. In this composite of three consecutive photos, one man in a suit, wearing a dark tie, uses his hand to cover his eyes. The other guy, in a suit with a lighter-colored tie, uses his event program to block his view.

Photo Caption: As these scientologists crossed LRH Way, their eyes locked on “call me” sign affixed to Phil and Willie’s vehicle as it drove ever so s-l-o-w-l-y by the Pacific Grill & Barbeque.

Photo Caption: Before the event, the girl in this picture checked in “VIPs” as they arrived at LA Org (remember she’s the one with the nice manicure and red nail polish). Now that the event is over, she’s back on LRH Way handing out event fliers. The guy on the right (who I’ll call “Reg,” short for “Registrar, which is, most likely, his job or post), is a Sea Org member who may work for the IAS. Between the two of them, we’ll see, in the next few pictures, the extent to which Sea Org controls their members. In this photo, notice the woman in the middle as she passes Ms. Manicure and Reg. Ms. Manicure holds event fliers while he carries cards in his vest pocket. Those cards may promote an upcoming event. Those cards might, however, help Reg to get a scientologist to make a pledge so as to increase an IAS “status.” In one or more picture of Reg, notice his name tag as it’s unique.

Photo Caption: Here we see Reg in action. In this composite of four photos, Reg finds his “mark,” or victim. In the second picture, Reg reached into his vest pocket. In the third photo, he hands his mark one of those cards. In the forth photo, his mark reads the card. This is all Reg did. Time and time again he went after a “mark” so as to sell him or her on their next IAS status, their next “Ideal Org” (or course or auditing level).

Photo Caption: Reg finds another mark in this composite of three consecutive photos. The mark is the scientologist in the white t-shirt, sweater and jeans. I’ve indicated with red circles those cards.

Photo Caption: Three scientologists, most likely Sea Org members, descend on shuttle passengers as they return from the event. I’ve circled in red the event fliers that each woman holds.

Photo Caption: Sea Org members in action pass out event fliers to public scientologists.

Photo Caption: An ever-smiling Ms. Manicure descends upon unsuspecting scientologists as they disembark from a shuttle bus, as shown in this composite of three consecutive pictures. One scientologist doesn’t even have her foot on the sidewalk before she’s approached by Ms. Manicure. This kind of activity is not unlike the kind I saw done recently to unsuspecting passengers as they disembarked from Metro buses near the intersection of Sunset and Vermont (“Scientology Goes After Metro Riders“).

Photo Caption: This is the event flier that the Sea Org ladies were handing out to event goers on their way home.

Photo Caption: When I first saw this guy, a Body Reg (“BR”) for LA Org, I complimented him on his awesome suit. Later, when I shot this picture, it appeared that he had returned from the SMP event with a lady friend. Good for him, I thought. In reviewing this photo, however, I realized that he had left the event and went right back to work! In red, I’ve circled “free” Personality test tickets that a BR would normally hand out to unsuspecting people at or near the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Vermont Ave. This BR’s expertise and good looks hav captured the attention of this stranger who is returning to LA Org who will, most likely, spend the next two hours being mishandled, evaluated and invalidated.

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