This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. Today, I’m reporting from the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the so-called “church” of scientology’s West Coast headquarters. On Saturday evening, June 4, 2016, Los Angeles hosted the Flag World Tour, the preparation of which turned PAC Base into “Fort Scientology,” a facility shielded scientologists from protesters and the outside world. They were also protected by a squad of PAC Security Guards and police officers. This blog picks up where Part 1 left off (“Flagellation World Tour 2016—Los Angeles—Part 1,” June 6, 2016).

Photo Caption: This map, courtesy Google Maps, points out, in yellow, all of the sidewalks that were closed to everyone except residents. The church of scientology shut those sidewalks down just to “protect” the area that’s contained in the red square (the one with the number “3” in it).

They closed the sidewalks on the east and west sides of L. Ron Hubbard Way (“LRH Way”). They also closed the sidewalks on the east and west sides of Catalina St., which made it impossible to effectively deliver Phil and Willie’s message of love. Why? Because many scientologists drove from Catalina St. into the parking lot behind the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”) and the American Saint Hill Organization (“ASHO”). After they parked, I’m sure they were ushered to the seating area.

They also closed the north and south sides of the sidewalk along Fountain Ave., from Catalina St. to New Hampshire Ave. Scientologists may have been able to use the parking structure located where LRH Way meets Fountain Ave., but protesters were not allowed anywhere near them.

The numbers on the map (1-23) correspond with the next 23 pictures.

Photo #1 Caption: This is the sidewalk along the west side of Catalina Street. For this picture, I’m standing on Sunset Blvd., looking south toward Fountain Ave. The city permit made it illegal for anyone (except residents) to walk on this sidewalk during the event. About halfway down the block are two people, a Sea Org (“SO”) “coach” and a public scientologist, her “twin” on the Survival Rundown (“SR”). Please steer clear of the SR.

Photo #2 Caption: This is the sidewalk along the east side of Catalina Street. For this picture, I’m standing on Sunset Blvd., looking south toward Fountain Ave. The city permit made it illegal for anyone (except residents) to walk on this sidewalk during the event. Notice one of the policemen hired to patrol the event. Notice the orange and white blockades leaning against the palm tree to the right which carry signs forbidding non-residents to pass (those blockades were moments away from being put into place).

Photo #3 Caption: I took this picture from the north side of Sunset Blvd., where LRH Way meets that street. The sign in the background (“Church of scientology”) points out LA Org. The sign in the foreground proclaims just how “friendly” scientology is; it reads: “Open House—All Are Welcome.” “Casa Abierta—Todos Son Bienvenidos.” “Free Personality Testing.” “Films Shown Every Hour.” “Tours of Our Public Information Center.” The sign in the middle (“Flag World Tour”) hangs over the event stage. The red square on the map is this rather small area, wrapped in white sheets to keep prying eyes from looking in. Those sheets also keep prying eyes from looking out.

Photo #4 Caption: This is an unidentified SO PAC Security Guard at the southeast corner of Catalina St.

Photo #5 Caption: This is PAC Security Guard Odo G. Huber at the southwest corner of LRH Way and Sunset Blvd.

Photo #6 Caption: This is LRH Way, a photo that I took from the north side of Sunset Blvd. To the right (off-camera), is the staging area for the Flag World Tour. On the cross walk are orange and white barricades forbidding any non-residential traffic. The guy on the left is assembling what will become a curtain of large white sheets; a curtain that will be pulled back just far enough to let authorized people to walk or drive by. This elaborate set-up has LRH Way divided in half by what appears to be more white sheets. Residents can drive up and down LRH Way, but only on the east side. The barricade prevents anyone from seeing event goers seated at tables between that barricade and LA Org. At the end of the street, where LRH Way meets Fountain Ave., is The Fountain, apartment homes for out-of-town scientologists who are in town doing scientology training or auditing (spiritual counseling).

Photo #7 Caption: This is scientology hiding from mankind. I took this picture from the north side of Sunset Blvd. If you followed the crosswalk to the other side, you’d be on the southeast side of LRH Way. To your right: the Flag World Tour staging area; to your left: LRH Way, only in this photo, it is covered completely by a curtain of white sheets.

Photo #8 Caption: With the curtain to LRH Way pulled back, we see, from left-to-right: an unidentified PAC Security Guard (who may be Parker Osmon); PAC Security Guard Odo G. Huber; two members of the Los Angeles Police Department (“LAPD”) hired to “protect” scientologists from… whom? Peaceful protesters carrying a message of love (“To my loved one in scientology… call me”)?

Photo #9 Caption: Some of the parking for the event took place away from PAC Base. The bus in this picture shuttled them o the event. When the bus pulled up to unload passengers, the vehicle stretched from one side of LRH Way to the other, making it impossible to see inside or out.

Photo #10 Caption: A sign on that bus reads: “Owned and operated by Archangels Transportation. PUC/TCP 32793. MC 860790. USDOT 2486267. CA 450827.”

From the website, “Quick Transport Solutions, Inc.,” Archangels Transportation is a California transport company, an active carrier, and is located in Monterey Park.

Photo #11 Caption: An unidentified PAC Security Guard stands on the northeast corner of LRH Way.

Photo #12 Caption: PAC Security Guard Parker Osmon defends the northeast corner of Fountain and New Hampshire Avenues.

Photo #13 Caption: This is LRH Way as seen from the south side of Fountain Ave., looking north toward Sunset Blvd. On the right is the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”). On the left side are various buildings, including the Main Bldg., Lebanon Hall and ASHO. Near the east side of LRH Way is PAC Security Guard Roy, with his bicycle. Standing to his left is guy who might be outside security hired for the event.

Photo #14 Caption: As seen in the last photo (from left-to-right): a well-dressed security man and PAC Security Guard Roy.

Photo #15 Caption: This police car is parked at the southwest corner of LRH Way and Fountain Ave.

Photo #16 Caption: This police car is parked on the west side of Catalina St., near Fountain Ave.

Photo #17 Caption: An LAPD police officer and an unidentified PAC Security Guard study the event permit at the northwest corner of Fountain Ave. and Catalina St. The orange and white barricades declare: Sidewalk closed (except to pedestrians).

Photo #18 Caption: I met with LAPD officers Juarez and Vides, from the Rampart Patrol Division, in Los Angeles. In this photo, the police officers approach me; the officer closest to the camera holds a copy of the event permit. In front of her is a Sea Org member walking by. The police officers were warm, helpful and eager to do their job.

Photo #19 Caption: This page of the event permit details the sidewalk and street closures.

Photo #20 Caption: For this photo, I’ve zoomed in on the top portion of the page.

Photo #21 Caption: For this photo, I’ve zoomed in on the middle portion of the page.

Photo #22 Caption: For this photo, I’ve zoomed in on the bottom portion of the page. One police office had a concern of my taking photographs of the permit (for which I asked permission). The other police office saw nothing wrong with it.

Photo #23 Caption: As a fellow protester talked with a police officer, I snapped a few pictures of activity on the sidewalk along the east side Catalina St. In this composite, you can see four consecutive pictures that show Sea Org members on the sidewalk, a couple of them enjoying a cigarette. Scientologists arriving by car would drive half way up Catalina, turn into a driveway on the right and park behind LA Org and ASHO. As I prepared to take another photo, a police officer told me, “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to stop taking pictures now,” which also meant that we had to leave the area. I replied, “Okay, officer, we’ll be going now,” and she thanked me for that.

Photo Caption: Lynne Fountain Campbell and, later, Steven Mango, provided peaceful protesting support in their vehicle with magnetic “call me” signs affixed to their cars. On foot, Doug Kramer and I carried “call me” signs. When we left the police officers in photo #23, we walked from Catalina St. along Fountain Ave., to Edgemont St., then north to Sunset Blvd. We then crossed to the north side of Sunset and walked to LRH Way. When we arrived, we found a professional photographer who had set-up for a photo shoot, but not for scientology or the event; rather, for the lighting provided by the “wall” to the left. Part of Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, that “wall” is actually a row of many uniquely designed silver metal tubes that act as a way to secure the facility, but provide light as well. The gentleman in the picture is Traveler, Photojournalist and Artist Noel Marcantel.

Photo Caption: This is a screen grab from Mr. Marcantel’s website. With a friend, he conducted an impromptu interview and took professional photos of Doug and I, individually and together, as we held the “call me” signs.

Photo Caption: We sent Phil and Willie’s message of love to these three love-starved male scientologists.

Photo Caption: In this photo, notice the two women in conversation. The woman on the right is a Sea Org member, perhaps an Event Ambassador. The woman on the left is public scientologist Jamie Fisher of “Fishy Photo.”

Photo Caption: In this composite, we see Jamie Fisher on Facebook. The picture to the right may look familiar to Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker, because Tony posted that picture (with the caption: “Bonus photos from our tipsters—Jamie Fisher has seen the light, and it is Xenu-powered”).

Doug and I didn’t have very many scientologists to send Phil and Willie’s message of love to. A few scientologists parked at Kaiser; when they exited the garage on their way to the event, they walked right by us. Now, I’ve never met Ms. Fisher, and a street light blocked me from getting a good view of her, but I knew who she was. I approached Ms. Fisher as I wore the “call me” signed hanging from around my neck. I could only remember the “Foto” part of her business name; she offered me the rest (“Fishy”). I told her that I’m anti-scientology, and that I’ve been following her on FB as she moved up scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom.” She’s sweet and lent me a kind, respectful ear.

Here’s what she doesn’t know. I’ve been following Ms. Fisher on FB ever since Tony’s blog of January 9, 2015. Why? Because Mrs. Fisher is a very good friend of someone I’ll call “Pat,” and “Pat” is the daughter of someone I’ll call “Alice” (I’ve promised Alice not to reveal their identities). Alice is Pat’s mother. Both are scientologists. One day, scientology declared Alice a Suppressive Person (“SP”) and, almost overnight, Alice lost her daughter, Pat, because of scientology’s toxic practice of disconnection. I promised Alice that somehow, we would find her daughter.

One day, as I looked through the FB photos of Photographer Jamie Fisher, I found pictures of Pat! Over the next few months, I checked back at Ms. Fisher’s FB page and found more recent pictures of Pat. Alice had not seen any of these pictures; through them, she found herself reconnected, in a way, to a daughter she’s lost to scientology.

In late fall 2015 and as I walked by a scientology org, I saw Pat inside (she had since joined staff). I went inside, camera in hand.

FRED: Is your name ‘Pat’?
PAT: Yes, it is.
FRED: How dare you disconnect from your mother? She loves you so very, very much!
PAT: I’m sorry, but you’ll have to leave now.
FRED: I’m sending the pictures I’ve just taken of you to your mom; they’re going to be my Christmas present to her.

With that, I walked out. Later, I sent Alice those pictures. At least Alice knows Pat is and that she is okay. And those photos I sent Alice turned out not be Christmas presents, because the day I took those pictures also happened to be Alice’s birthday!

Photo Caption: A male public scientologist, most likely a “twin,” and a female Sea Org member, most likely the “coach,” walk past me on their way to PAC Base. They may be on the Survival Rundown; while she appears to be carrying the traditional blue pen for that service, the clipboard she totes is brown, not white.

Photo Caption: As the “coach” waited for the light, I shot this photo of the worksheet that a coach would normally carry around while on the SR. A coach writes down what the twin says, much like an auditor would for a Pre-Clear (“PC”). The worksheet entry, written at 7:35 PM, reads, in part, “I used to not be able to do…”

Photo Caption: Lynn Fountain Campbell always has a friendly smile. Here she waves at me from her car. Phil and Willie’s message of love can be seen on the side of her car.

Photo Caption: As the sun went down, the light diminished as did my ability to take a decent picture. Here stands one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met, Doug Kramer, with “call me” signs hanging from his neck and his car. He gives me a big “thumbs up,” an excellent end to a most excellent day.

Without much of a scientology public to promote to, those of us on the north side of Sunset Blvd., promoted to those scientologists we could. In addition, we raised Phil and Willie’s message high to those who passed us by, on foot and vehicle, especially when the traffic light at LRH Way turned “red.” As a result, we heard horn’s honk and saw one person take a picture with a thoughtful, smiling face. Someone walked by and said that they hoped my loved one would call me soon. Two others walked by and gave me an “amen,” and said that we were doing the right thing against such an evil cult. A non-scientologist neighbor of PAC Base on Catalina St., actually pulled over in his car as we prepared for the event, and thanked us for what we were doing.

All images (unless noted otherwise) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.


Stop Scientology Disconnection.


Los Angeles Police Department Rampart Community Police Station.

Noel Marcantel Photography.

Fort Knox (“Entrance to Fort Knox”).