This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. Today, I’m reporting from the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the so-called “church” of scientology’s West Coast headquarters. I’m also reporting from Scientology Media Productions (“SMP”), located at 4401 W. Sunset Blvd., about ten blocks east of PAC Base.

Photo Caption: On a street light pole across from SMP, I found a sign protesting scientology. In the photo, I’m referring to the white piece of paper.

Photo Caption: Here’s a close-up of that sign.

Photo Caption: Here’s a close-up of that sign, closer still.

Photo Caption: The top portion of the sign reads (I’ve filled in on the grammar): Theft, May 30, 8:00 AM (near Jon’s market), item stolen: Lots of art by Joyce (very personal pictures); extra large brown faded suitcase; small suitcase with red and black straps; a real fox collar, black, large; one cheap imitation cheetah fur coat; $5 leather coats (yellow, red, grey, two black, from Hollywood and Western); mostly size “6” clothing and shoes; Rhinestone jewelry [here she drew a picture of a crown]; Rhinestone shoes, black and gold western-style; imitation leather boots…

Photo Caption: The middle portion of the sign reads (continuing): … imitation swede boots (orangish); many Jon’s and Albertson’s [supermarket] bags with items purchased. Other pertinent info: Scientology is doing an illegal con. They claim to worship the violent Fake Lord Buddha. Scientology says, “Federal” doesn’t like them and the Jews do not want their people going there (indicating synagogue).They get people in on the pretense of self-improvement, then do amateur hypnosis, try to get people out of Christians to worse [she may have meant, “to get people out of Christianity, only to get worse”].

Photo Caption: The bottom portion of the sign reads (continuing): … They have coned [I think she means “conned”] all over Vermont Ave., by coincidence, the Old Hypno building is down the street on Vermont. Scientology is involved in major robbery, taking illegal confessions, getting people’s personal and bank information, did robbery of credit cards and unions. [unreadable] grocery stores, used clothing including Goodwill, pawn shops, beauty supply, McDonald’s, Burger King, $5 Leather.

I need to point out that I know Joyce, who used to live in the Franklin House (a house owned by a scientologist and rented to scientologists), located near the intersection of Franklin and Vermont Avenues, in the Los Feliz District of Los Angeles. That is, until she found herself evicted and soon living on the streets. I’ve known Joyce for years because of our association with scientology. She’s an intelligent, rather cultured and somewhat attractive, petite, blonde-haired lady. While her writings ramble a bit and may not seem completely coherent at times, I can understand where she’s coming from: living on the streets is not fun. Joyce has seen better days, and may good days return her way.

Photo Caption: Dear PAC Base: Where’s your “All Are Welcome” sign? Have you changed your mind? Respectfully, The City You Hate.

Photo Caption: While Joyce searches in vain for her belongings and justice, three Sea Org members arrive at PAC Base, coffee in hand. Notice that they’re all walking in step.

Of course, this brings to mind scientology’s toxic practice of disconnection. Are any of these women someone you know? Is one of them your daughter? An ex-wife? Your mother, aunt or sister? Perhaps an ex-boss or ex-coworker? Have you spoken out against that “church,” only to lose your loved one, co-worker or friend to scientology forever? Thank goodness ex-scientologists Phil and Willie Jones came along with a message of love for their adult children still trapped in scientology: “To my loved in scientology… call me.”

Photo Caption: Those three Sea Org members just passed the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Vermont Ave., where, behind this wall, another protest against scientology lies hidden. Notice the red arrow.

Photo Caption: In the flower bed as pointed out by the red arrow in the last photo, lies trash including (from left-to-right): a “free” Oxford Capacity Analysis Personality Test ticket and an unopened dianetics DVD The green container once held medical marijuana.

Photo Caption: This is a close-up of what a citizen thinks of dianetics and scientology. Here here!

Epilogue: Shortly after finding Joyce’s protest sign, I ran into her. After the theft of her possessions, she’s taken to pushing a shopping cart with what little she has left.

Before I escaped scientology in 2014, and while I still drank their kool-aid, I saw Joyce, day-after-day, on the streets. One day in an effort to “help” her, I suggested that she go to a scientology org and ask for help, not knowing that her association with that so-called “church” may ended with her eviction. Joyce, of course, took offense at my suggestion. From that day forward, she refused to accept any more “help” from me. Only after leaving scientology for good did I realize that what Joyce had said about scientology is true, and I told her so. Even then, she didn’t warm up to me although the help I’ve been carrying has been in the form of business cards that offer transitional housing, a food pantry and a soup kitchen in the neighborhood.

When I saw her today, I said that I had read her sign and handed her a few dollars. As usual, she said that she couldn’t accept my help. As I handed her the money, I asked her to make believe that someone else had given it to her… please… and she did.

All images (unless noted otherwise) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.


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