This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. Today, I’m reporting from the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the so-called “church” of scientology’s West Coast headquarters. Today, Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker posted the Suppressive Person (“SP”) declare of Dani and Tami Lemberger (“There’s nothing quite like when Scientology cancels your superhuman powers with a ‘declare’“, June 9, 2016). For this blog, I’m going to give my two cents regarding that SP Declare, interspersed with photos and videos taken today (Thursday) at PAC Base, before 2:00 PM.

Photo Caption: Welcome to PAC Base! As I walk south along L. Ron Hubbard Way (“LRH Way”), I discover that I’m soon to have security in stereo. To my left is an unidentified PAC Security Guard; on my right, with an ever-present JVC Everio Camcorder in his right hand, is PAC Security Guard Odo G. Huber. Behind Odo is a sign for the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”).

1. How can the Church of Scientology International (“CSI”) ascertain whether or not a scientologist has “pretended to show ethics change”? This sounds like something straight out of espionage thrillers such as I Spy or Mission: Impossible.

Photo Caption: Ladies and gentlemen, meet PAC Security Guard Everio, and his “Handler,” Odo G. Huber.

2. The Lembergers were under a Non-Enturbulation Order for over THREE years? Where’s the justice in that? A Non-Enturb Order is issued as a last step before declaring a person an SP and is designed to get a scientologist back on track. I had a Non-Enturb Order issued in 1978 shortly before I left the Sea Org (“SO”). The Lembergers Non-Enturb Order tied their hands and acted more like a gag order than the proper Ethics gradient.

Photo Caption: Phil and Willie’s message of love gets a wave of sorts as a public scientologist spies their message from the sign that I’m carrying. He’s sitting with a female SO member in front of ASHO. It’s Thursday before 2:00 PM, so you can bet that she’s not shooting the breeze with him because she wants to. No, she’s most likely a Sea Org Recruiter, or a Registrar, hoping to max out all of his credit cards (and then some).

3. Who determines what an “ecclesiastical” crime and high crime is? God? What gives scientology the right to flick a scientologist off their collective shoulder?

Photo Caption: This is a close-up of the last photo. Thank you, public scientologist, for reading with interest the “call me” sign.

4. How does CSI, or anyone for that matter, know whether or not a scientologist has given a “false attest” to a training course done, perhaps, decades before? Stating that only goes to show how ignorant scientology really is because if the church knew that someone falsely attested to a training course, then the church also allowed that person to “squirrel” their application of scientology’s “technology.”

Photo Caption: While I appreciated this scientologist’s t-shirt (“Be all you used to be”), I didn’t jump at the chance to turn off my MP3 player in order to catch his comment (something I’m always leery to do while protesting). Updated June 14, 2016: this is public scientologist Tom Carter of Kentucky. We had a lengthy conversation this morning; he’s a good guy. He also wore the same t-shirt today!

5. The “church” of scientology prides itself on writing reports; such a report includes “time, place, form, and event.” A scientology report is to provide the specifics of what happened. CSI’s SP Declare is nothing more than a generality in triplicate.

Photo Caption: Thank you, scientologist, for reading Phil and Willie’s message of love. In fact, two more people were captured in this photo doing the same thing (check out the woman and man to his right). That man sat for the longest time as he absorbed the “call me” sign.

6. I applaud Dani’s refusal to “pick up the cans” for any auditor in scientology because, by 2011, scientology had already squirreled its very own “technology” (with the alteration of an important e-meter “read,” the “Floating Needle,” or F/N). There’s no quicker way to make a scientologist ill (spiritually, mentally and even physically) than to deliver non-standard “technology,” and that is exactly what scientology has done, under David “Let Him Die” Miscavige’s dictatorship.

Photo Caption: Across from LA Org is a statue of Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, which oversees scientology’s activities along LRH Way. The home owner replenishes the flowers often with donations from the neighborhood.

7. Anyone currently under DM’s rule are not scientologists and are only pretending to be such. The Sea Organization and public scientologists are “turncoats and squirrels” to L. Ron Hubbard (for whatever that’s worth). DM has created and has since demanded that scientologists study and apply anti-scientology propaganda, thinly disguised as scientology technology. An SP Declare Order such as this only contributes to the lies and rumors that scientology spreads about those who have left that narcissistic, anti-social and psychotic organization. Anything that can divert a scientologist’s attention from The Bridge to Total Nothing can only enhance the survival of the species.

Photo Caption: Despite the protection afforded by the Virign Mary statue, someone (or someones) have been accused of various wrong doings against the homeowner as noted in this sign on the fence to the north of that statue. The sign reads: “Was threatened ‘to get off the street or else.'” “I am getting the ‘or else’s.'” “Hit and run.” “Set up the Lie Detector machine. I will happily go on it.” “Mercury poisoning by OT 8 Bruce Set.” “Theft, break-in in garage. Took everything valuable.” (Shades of what happened recently to an ex-scientologist, Joyce, who is also homeless).” “Phone tapping and more.” Update: As pointed out by blog reader bboy, “Bruce Set” may be “Bruce Settle,” a New OT VIII as reported at the website, The Truth About Scientology.

8. The “church” of scientology is not ecclesiastical; it is anti-Christ and belittles Christianity. To be “ecclesiastical,” one has to believe in God and adhere to basic, decent principles, such as confessional privilege. The “church” of scientology, on the other hand, has gone out of their way to pick my Pre-Clear (“PC”) and Ethics Folders clean as would a vulture on a carcass, in search of wrongful deeds that I confessed to long ago. There’s nothing more anti-religious than breaking the principle of confessional privilege. As a result, PAC Security has, among themselves, circulated lies and rumors about me. Thus, the SO has engaged in “malicious rumor mongering” in order to “destroy the… repute” of a former scientologist.

Photo Caption: As I left PAC Base, I gave Odo a hearty wave and he returned it with a smile!

9. For scientologists to continue to adhere to scientology, now declared (at least by this blog) a suppressive group, they’re guilty then of what scientology itself labels a “suppressive act.” Failure of a scientologist to disavow and disconnect from a suppressive group is demonstrably a suppressive act itself.

10. Anything calculated to disrupt scientology’s activities and to stop the flow of public up the The Bridge to Total Nothing is to be applauded.

11. CSI has barred the Lembergers from entry into any of scientology’s premises? I’d like to see scientology bar a Suppressive Person access to a scientology facility in the United States when it acts as a polling place. Head’s up, American Suppressives everywhere! A presidential election is coming your way this November. Make sure you go to your nearest scientology-sponsored polling place and dare them to ask you to leave!

The Lembergers were offered “tools” in order to “get KSW in on their lives”? The whole trick to breaking scientology’s bubble world and to break free from those shackles and restraints is to get KSW (“Keeping Scientology Working”) out of your life. The purpose of KSW is to “preserve” the “technology” of scientology but, in doing so, it disallows critical thinking (such as “the toxic practice of disconnection is wrong”). Undo KSW; unravel that “technology.” As Phil and Willie Jones “call me” billboard and protests declare, what scientology needs now is love, sweet love.

Video #1 Highlights [this video is being edited and will be reposted shortly]:

00:02: A female Body Router (“BR”) for LA Org walks with two people she’s been trying to get to go to the org with her. She’s given the person to her right a “free” ticket to see a dianetics film. Notice all the “free” tickets in the BR’s hand and vest pockets. As she walks by me (while I hold a “call me” sign), her eyes are drawn to it.

00:15: At the southwest corner of LRH Way and Sunset Blvd., is a sign for the church of scientology of Los Angeles which reads: “Take your free personality test.” “Entrance on Sunset.” “All are welcome.”

00:25: I’m walking south along LRH Way. Notice the red brick-lined street. The Sunset entrance to LA Org is to my right. Notice the sign which, when translated into scientologese, reads: “Body Thetans over 6000 Pounds Gross Prohibited.”

00:35: It’s lunch time and the parking lot isn’t very full.

00:49: Sea Org (“SO”) members sentenced to hard labor on the Rehabilitative Project Force (“RPF”) are responsible for the beautiful grounds to my right.

01:10: I doubled back to the sidewalk to LA Org’s Sunset Blvd., entrance because there’s PAC Security Guard Odo G. Huber, entertaining, I believe, an outside vendor. I would guess that Odo needs a quote by 2:00 PM for some security work to be done. I stood here hoping to catch Odo’s attention; at least I gave him the opportunity to retrieve his trusty camcorder so her can follow me around (which he does a little while later).

01:35: To my right is an entrance to LA Org off of LRH Way. A Sea Org member exits the front door, notices me briefly, and continues on her way.

01:50: There are more birds than people on LRH Way. Notice the benches along the sidewalk, beautiful and empty.

02:15: The stairs ahead and on my right are for the American Saint Hill Organization (“ASHO”). The blue building across the street and on my left is the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”).

02:34: Two SO members descend ASHO’s front steps.

02:55: Here I stand at an entrance to Lebanon Hall, a facility that has SO housing, a cafeteria and an auditorium. Notice the female SO member as she walks by, because she’s going look over her shoulder at the “call me” sign again.

03:30: Two male SO members stand under the ramp which leads from ASHO to the Main Bldg. As that female SO member approaches the entrance to Lebanon, she’ll pass a sign (off-camera) that urges public scientologists to join the Sea Org.

03:10: Notice the two female SO members walking side-by-side toward me. I may be wrong, but I think the girl on the left may have disconnected from her father, so as she passed me, I called her on it.

03:24: As two SO members approach the entrance to Lebanon Hall, the sign for a SO Recruiter’s office can be seen to their right.

03:28: I turn and wait for two SO members to walk by and see Phil and Willie’s message of love.

03:44: Here I capture two people on the dreaded Survival Rundown (“SR”). The lady on the left, a SO member, is the “coach,” the person trained to deliver the commands necessary to do the drill that they’re doing. The guy is a public scientologist, her “twin,” the person who is to carry out her commands. If you listen carefully, you can hear her deliver a command in a soft, monotone voice, perfect for purposes of hypnosis.

04:00: It’s a perfect time for these people to leave the bench on my arrival. Behind them, posted on the side of the ramp, is a sign which reads: “Attend the Maiden Voyage Anniversary Events.” There will be four events (get your “Call Me” signs ready!): “Unleashed (Opening Night)”; “Vision (Source Night)”; “Freedom (IAS Night)”; Expansion (Ideal Org Night).”

04:15: This is the Pacific Grill & Barbecue (“PGB”) on LRH Way. Behind PGB sits the east wing of the Main Bldg. To my left is “The Fountain,” apartment homes for out-of-town scientologists doing training and/or auditing at PAC Base.

04:35: As a public scientologist walks past me, he takes a gander at the “call me” sign. The SO member who walked with him had a sense of purpose in her step; perhaps she’s taking him to the SO Recruiter.

04:40: PAC Security Guard Roy Rodriguez has arrived on his trusty steed, a mountain bicycle. Good luck blocking me, Roy. As I turned away from him, I spotted a male SO member escorting a public scientologist, whose attention is no longer on the other guy but on the “call me” sign. As they walk by, they both read the sign.

04:49: Another SO member notices the “call me” sign.

04:55: Behind AOLA (on the right), is the Continental Liaison Office (“CLO”) for the Western United States (“WUS”). In those hallowed halls you’ll find many Sea Org offices, including Janet Weiland’s lair in the Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”). Mrs. Weiland and I have developed a rather unique relationship. Recently, I enlisted the aid of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office to get her to leave me alone; to stop following me; to prevent Sea Org members from spreading lies and rumors about me. More on that in a later blog.

05:06: After turning back to PGB, the “call me” sign and I capture the attention of more scientologists.

05:24: As I end this video, I capture the attention of a public scientologist walking across the street from AOLA.

05:36: End of video.

Video #2 Caption: About eight minutes later, as I stood outside of PGB on LRH Way, I decided to put on a show, of sorts, for public scientologists and Sea Org alike. So, as PAC Security Guard Odo G. Huber video taped me, I video taped him. For thirty seconds, we had perfect “TR 0,” which is a scientology training routine in which two people face each other comfortably without flinching. Of course, we performed an extremely shorter version of it, without course supervision, and we confronted each other with a “via,” as L. Ron Hubbard would put it: our cameras.

Phil and Willie received some very positive feedback from a Sea Org member whose identity will remain anonymous. That SO member said that the “call me” sign is an excellent form communication and a good promotional tool. To that I replied, “I admire your dedication and all the hard work involved.”

As I crossed Sunset Blvd. at Vermont Ave., I slowly passed a few people. A young woman adjusted her purse and, as she did, she gave Phil and Willie’s “call me” sign a big thumbs-up.

All images (unless noted otherwise) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.


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