This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. Normally, I report from the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the so-called “church” of scientology’s West Coast headquarters, located on L. Ron Hubbard Way (“LRH Way”). On Saturday, June 11, 2016, there were three events at scientology’s Celebrity Centre International (“CCI”), located at 5930 Franklin Ave., in Hollywood. This report covers the acting seminar held at 12:30 PM. (The other two events were held later that night and will be part of a separate blog.)

Here are the specifics of this seminar:

“Breaking into the Industry with Actor Gino Montesinos (Dexter, Numb3rs, 24). Attend this seminar with Gino and find out what Scientology tools he uses to make the right industry connections and have a long-lasting career as a working actor. This seminar is based on the book The Problems of Work by author L. Ron Hubbard. Admission is free. Refreshments served.” [A posting of the event at Event Brite misspelled the actor’s name: “Gino Monetsinos.”]

For today’s protest, I carried Phil and Willie’s “call me” sign. Phil and Willie Jones authored a billboard over Glendale Blvd., that went up in April 2016, in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles. That message of love (“To my loved one in scientology… call me”) is directed at their adult children still trapped in scientology’s Sea Org. The billboard and sign are dedicated to stopping scientology’s toxic practice of “disconnection,” in which scientologists are forced to cut all ties forever with people who leave scientology (whether they be family, friends or work associates).

Video Highlights: As I stand on the sidewalk outside an entrance to underground parking at CCI, I’m greeted by a Sea Org (“SO”) Security Guard (“SG”) and a video camera. At 00:08, the SG declares, “I’m documenting this,” and adds, “stop harassing my parishioners and staff. This is private property.” At 00:27, he takes a bold step in my direction, as if he might somehow impinge upon me and make me leave.

Video Highlights: For this video, I’m standing outside the most northern entrance to CCI on Bronson Avenue (it’s an elevated entrance; the entrance to underground parking is half a block south of this location). With an MP3 Player and headphones in place, I can’t hear a lot of what Security Guards say, but I pick up something this SG said, so I ask him to repeat it for my video’s sake. At 00:05, he states, “I’m documenting your harassment and obsession with our staff…” Since I can’t hear what he’s saying, I interrupt him, and at 00:11, he says, “You need to stop harassing our staff and parishioners.”

Video Highlights: For this video, I’m outside of CCI’s elevated entrance to parking off of Bronson Ave. At 00:06, I look behind me to see if I’m being watched or captured on video by the other SG. In the background, a SG on a bicycle crosses to the east side of the street. At 00:15, someone leaves the parking lot; with tinted windows, it’s hard to tell if they’ve seen the “call me” sign. At 00:37, a white bus arrives from “Dearly Departed Tours.” With Hollywood being such a tourist destination, there are all kinds of different tours available. “Dearly Departed Tours” will shuttle you around to the final resting places of many of Hollywood’s most noted celebrities. The best part about the arrival of this bus is that the driver pulls over and excitedly begins taking pictures! He even smiles and waves at me. Even after he resumes driving, he can’t help but pull over near Franklin Avenue in order to tell his customers more about CCI and scientology. At 01:22, the other SG is back. At 01:24, I’m back to being videotaped in stereo. At 01:37, we see, yet again, a SG’s attempt to disguise his identity. At 01:40, I deliver a message for Mike Jones in which I tell him that his parents still love him. At 01:46, I repeat that message. At 2:12, tinted windows on a vehicle prevent me for seeing whether or not they can see the “call me” sign (but the hesitation of the vehicle at the top of the driveway before their descent to Bronson Ave., says otherwise). At 02:18, I point out to the SGs that they’re getting more attention filming me than if they would just leave me alone and do their job. At 02:57, I decide to identify this SG as he wears a name tag: “Jason Jordan, W/O Public Security Officer, CC.” I then say, “Hello, Jason.” I’m assuming that “W/O” stands for “Warrant Officer,” since the Sea Org is a paramilitary organization that used to operate on ships. As a SO W/C, he most likely specializes in directing specific public security-related activities essential to the operation of CCI. At 03:29 as someone arrives at CCI on foot, I tell them to “Beware scientology,” and for him to let Mike Jones know that his parents still love him.

The number of people attending the acting seminar appears to be negligible. I did see my ex-boss, Mike Shaw, arrive just before 1:00 PM, which tells me that he’s most likely on course (that is, scientology training). I last saw Mike Shaw as he returned to LRH Way from the grand opening of Scientology Media Productions (“Flagellation World Tour 2016—Los Angeles—Part 2,” June 4, 2016). The last I knew, Mike Shaw audited daily on Operating Thetan (“OT”) VII, and had to report to Flag for six month checks. Mike Shaw owns Certified Swimming Pools of California, as well as Southwest Certified Construction, in Burbank. His wife, Kari (pronounced: “Car-ee,” with the accent on the first syllable) provides ample support in the everyday affairs of constructing new pools and water features as well as new buildings. They also handle renovating such items and provide superior pool inspections. (When I return to CCI for the other two events, I’ll see Mike Shaw leave shortly after 6:00 PM, which tells me he’s on course all afternoon. In fact, as he drove past me, he stopped and lowered the passenger window so as to say something to me, but a SG waved him on.)

Photo Caption: This is a screen grab from the website, “Dearly Departed Tours.”

Video Highlights: Since I’m being recorded, I delivered a message from Phil and Willie Jones: “Hello, Security Guard, at Celebrity Centre International, on Bronson, near Franklin Avenue. I have a message for Mike Jones. Please tell Mike Jones that his parents still love him. Thank you so much.” Notice that the SG wears a wedding ring.

Video Highlights: For this video, I walked north to the corner of Franklin and Bronson Avenues, with a SG in tow. The sign at the corner reads: “Church of scientology Celebrity Centre International. 5930 Franklin Ave.” At 00:30, the SG asks, “Why do you only come here when we have child events?” This is another foot bullet, an actual lie perpetrated by Sea Org Security, here and at PAC Base. PAC Base Security Guard Jason True is the first SG to have uttered such a lie, and that rumour has spread from PAC Base to CCI. Truth be told, there are three events today, and they have litte, if anything, to do with little boys and girls. (You may recall that on May 1, 2016, scientology called the police on me, concerned that “someone” was taking pictures in an area where there were children.) At 01:14, I cross the street, glad to be rid of that SG, if only for a moment. As I chuckle to myself because of his foot bullets, I notice a guy across the street. He’s seated in an outside patio, enjoying something to drink. We engage in conversation about why I’m being videotaped by scientology’s security. He urges me to not let them intimidate me. At 03:23, I stand at the intersection so that passerbys can see Phil and Willie’s message of love. At 04:10, notice that the SG has not left the area.

Photo Caption: Bold.

Photo Caption: “W/O Jason Jordan, Public Security Officer, Celebrity Centre,” is ‘Clear’ (notice his bracelet).

Photo Caption: A pedestrian passes by, finds humor in the proceedings, and takes a photograph of the SGs filming me. As I said to a number of people (while pointing at SGs as they filmed me), “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Photo Caption: This personalized license plate is just one of many I saw at CCI; it reads: “TNKARBL.”

Photo Caption: Scientologists walk by me as I stand on Bronson Ave. unable to take their eyes off the “call me” sign. Notice the card that hangs from her neck, which reads: “In Session. Co-Audit.” He wears something like, too, because he has a similar red cord hanging from his neck.

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