This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. Today, I’m reporting from the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the so-called “church” of scientology’s West Coast headquarters, located on L. Ron Hubbard Way (“LRH Way”). I left home early in order to do some reconnaissance work on the setups along LRH Way for the Freewinds Maiden Voyage XXVIII Anniversary. This Saturday is the first of four such events. As I approached the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, however, I discovered that nurses are on strike. Hundreds of protesters with picket signs were across the street from PAC Base. Some were banging drums; other held megaphones; some carried noise makers. So I ran home and returned with a protest sign of my own, courtesy Phil and Willie Jones.

Phil and Willie’s billboard projects have helped enlighten mankind about scientology’s toxic practice of “disconnection.” Similar to shunning and excommunication, disconnection occurs if you leave scientology and become a critic of theirs. Disconnection is enforced, never voluntary, and can affect a person’s family, friends and work associates. Scientology will declare such a critic a Suppressive Person (“SP”), and the minute that happens, all scientologists will cut their ties with the SP—if they want to continue with scientology, that is. Being declared an SP means you risk losing your spouse, child, grandparent, friend, boss and/or work associate. Phil and Willie’s adult children are still trapped in scientology’s Sea Organization.

Phil and Willie’s message of love is “To my loved one in scientology… call me.” It began as a billboard over Glendale Blvd., in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles. Next, smaller signs with a metallic backing were made available, perfect for affixing on the sides of a car so protesters could drive around PAC Base and other scientology facilities. Soon, signs with a corrugated backing were created, perfect for carrying while a protester goes about on foot. I carried one such sign today; affixed to it: a mini-camcorder. This allowed my hands to be free so I could take pictures.

Mark “Marty” Rathbun helped inspire my protest today because of a 2014 blog (“Enemies of Scientology Depopularized to the Point of Total Obliteration“). Specifically, he made available a revealing document from the the “Investigations Bureau 4A” of the Office of Special Affairs International (“Investigations Statistics Issue“). In that document, I learned a few things about OSA Int “Investigation Aides.” A guard statistic (“stat”) measures outstanding attackers. A local attacker is worth 5 points; the more points an Aide gets, the worse his stat or condition becomes. These points are marked on an inverted graph (or an upside-down graph), with “zero” at the top; anything below zero is not good. The more points, the worse it gets for the Aide and OSA Int. As a threat ages, a penalty is imposed. A local picket, at Org level (such as a “call me” protest at PAC Base) is 20 points. The dozen or so raids in Russian scientology facilities by the FSB recently (“Russian security service conducts raids on Church of Scientology,” June 21, 2016) earned an OSA Int Invest Aide 1200 points, since a raid at Org level is worth 100 points. Time to rescale that graph!

Video: “Call Me” Protest—PAC Base—June 23, 2016


  • 00:01: Here I’ve joined the protest against Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. We’re on Edgemont St., walking south to Sunset Blvd. The building sign across the street reads: “Kaiser Permanente, 1505 Edgemont.” A protester in front of me holds a sign which reads: “Kaiser Open for Premiums. Closed for Safe Patient Care.” Another protester holds a sign which reads: “Kaiser RNs [Registered Nurses] are the Heart of Patient Care.” A protester’s t-shirt reads: “Save one life you’re a hero. Save a hundred lives and you’re a nurse.” A protester bangs a drum while others bang noise makers; some blow whistles. A large protest sign near Kaiser’s entrance reads: “On Strike for Our Patients and Our Future.”
  • 00:34: As the protesters march east onto Sunset Blvd., notice the Self-Realization Fellowship building cross the street. That facility sits on the south side of Sunset Blvd., between Edgemont Ave. and Catalina St., next door to PAC Base.
  • 00:43: The sign on the left points to the Emergency Room (“ER”), Patient Drop Off and Parking. I spoke to a protester who told me that anyone walking into the ER would not be denied care today.
  • 00:50: I spot a PAC Sea Org (“SO”) Security Guard (“SG”) on a bicycle across the street, so I excuse myself from the protest for a moment so as to let the SG know that I’m across the street The noise from Kaiser has gotten the attention of PAC SGs.
  • 01:04: I pause for a few moments so people can read Phil and Willie’s message of love as they wait for a light to change.
  • 01:25: As I got back in the protest line, I ask a protester if she missed me (that’s the lady I had been standing with earlier).
  • 01:36: Notice the vans and trucks parked on Kaiser’s side of the curb. A protester told me that even though special “No Parking” signs had been posted, Kaiser parked those large vehicles on purpose so as to keep people who drive by on Sunset from being able to see the demonstration.
  • 01:41: I pause for a few moments in case the two protesters who are standing curbside would like to read the “call me” sign. One does, and I thank her for that.
  • 01:50: The protest line passes portable toilets to my right. Protesters chant, “No Contract, No Peace.” As a protester exits a toilet, another protest looks at him and chants, “No Contract, No Pee Pee!”
  • 02:28: The protest line approaches the entrance to Kaiser.
  • 02:41: Across the street, you can see the “Church of Scientology” sign, the one that flashes messages over Sunset Blvd.
  • 02:50: Notice the men in black standing outside Kaiser’s entrance. Don’t they look like outside security as hired by scientology for past events? These security guards are from Pinkerton. Kaiser Permanent, like scientology, means business.
  • 03:07: Here we can see PAC Base, with Catalina Steet to the right. If I remember correctly, it’s at this point that another PAC SG bicycled by on the other side of the street, and this is when I stepped to the curb and showed him the sign.
  • 03:42: That’s quite a setup for protesting gear.
  • 03:45: Protesters read the “call me” sign; one waves as I walk by.
  • 03:53: A protester reads the “call me” sign and I thank him for doing so.
  • 04:20: For scientology’s Flag World Tour event, held on Saturday, June 4, 2016, protesters on foot were forced to demonstrate from this side of Sunset Blvd., when scientology’s event permit forbade protesters from walking on the sidewalks of LRH Way, Catalina St., and much of Fountain Ave. On the right, notice that cars have slowed down as the light at LRH Way has changed to “red.”
  • 05:00: I step out of the protest line so drivers waiting for a “red” light can read the “call me” sign. One such driver smiled and gave Phil and Willie Jones a big thumb’s up.
  • 05:25: I turn to look at LRH Way. A vehicle passes the protest, and the driver beeps the horn for the protesters. (End of video.)

Photo Caption: I shot this picture so you could see my setup for today: with the “call me” sign hanging from my neck, I had my arms free to take pictures. The sign in the background says “Kaiser Permanente,” but this facility is further west from the one that sits across the street from PAC Base.

Photo Caption: Phil and Willie’s message of love gets attention from protesters at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center.

Photo Caption: More protesters at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center see the “call me” sign.

Photo Caption: More protesters still see the “call me” sign.

Photo Caption: This is LRH Way as seen between two light towers setup for the “Maiden Voyage 1” event.

Photo Caption: In this composite of three consecutive pictures, a Sea Org member reads the “call me” sign as he approaches me on the east side of LRH Way.

Photo Caption: When I caught this scientologist taking pictures or video of me, I started taking pictures of him. I stood here for a few moments. Notice the girl in the background. She’s read the “call me” sign and appears amused by our antics. Soon, I would cross the street and take this guy’s picture right in front of him. He didn’t know what to make of that.

Photo Caption: The Sea Org member on the left happily takes pictures or video of me as she walks by. The other girl’s jacket’s logo reads: “Church of Scientology San Francisco Foundation.” The other logo reads: “We did it!”

Photo Caption: I captured a lot of scientology staff as they turned onto LRH Way from Fountain Avenue. The “call me” sign captured their attention, too.

Photo Caption: More staff benefit from Phil and Willie’s message of love.

Photo Caption: The “call me” sign communicates!

Photo Caption: It’s official! Scientology has pulled the event permit for Saturday, June 25, 2016. It begins at 8 AM and ends at 11:55 PM. It’s a celebration!

Photo Caption: Protesters be warned! Temporary signs along Fountain Avenue have been posted in anticipation of Saturday’s event. This sign reads: “Tow-Away. Temporary. No Stopping 11 AM to Midnight. Saturday Only.”

Photo Caption: The “call me” sign captures the attention of two people on the Survival Rundown (“SR”). The “twin” is on the left; the “coach” holds the traditional white clipboard.

Photo Caption: Most of the towers and trusses setup along LRH Way point from the east side to the west side, which indicates that staging will be set up in the area where the trees have been removed. Notice the stack of orange barricades on the left side of the street.

Photo Caption: I shot this picture of two people doing drills on the SR from the west side of LRH Way. I last saw the woman on the right at the Grand Opening of the Scientology Media Productions.

Photo Caption: PAC Security blocked traffic from LRH Way as early as 9 AM today. Workers are getting ready for some serious event setup.

All images (unless noted otherwise) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.


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