This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. The Freewinds Maiden Voyage XXVIII Anniversary is coming to the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the so-called “church” of scientology’s West Coast headquarters, located on L. Ron Hubbard Way (“LRH Way”). The excitement is building as final preparations get underway for the first of four such events:

Saturday, June 25, 2016, Opening Night (aka “Unleashed”): “The Irresistible Power of OT Unleashed!”

Scientologists are to be seated by 7:30 PM; the events start at 8:00 PM. If you’d like to join in the festivities (that is, join the protest), and you haven’t yet confirmed or RSVP’ed, show up with a protest sign at 6:30 PM, on the north side of Sunset Blvd., where that street meets L. Ron Hubbard Way.

Posters and fliers with artwork for the “Call Me” campaign are available at the “Graphics” page at Stop Scientology Disconnection. For purchase are magnetic signs for the sides of your automobile. Posters that read, “[Fill In Name] call me,” are available for download in PDF and JPG formats. Also available in PDF and JPG are posters that read: “to my loved one in scientology… call me.” In addition, there are “Call Me” fliers (3 such fliers to a page) available in PDF format. UPDATE: A special graphic has been made available, perfect for “Call Me” business cards. There’s also a Facebook “Call Me” banner for your social media needs. Thanks, Phil!

Buy a magnetic sign, borrow one from someone who has extra, or make your own sign and help us support Phil and Willie Jones in their drive to stop the toxic practice of disconnection. Free their adult children who are still trapped in scientology. See you at the event!

Photo Caption: At 7:30 AM, the parking lot behind the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”) is roped off and empty except for one car. In this composite photo, the lone car sits in the lot on the left. I’ve circled a sign on that car’s dashboard. Follow the arrow to the picture in the bottom right-hand corner, where I’ve turned that sign upside down for easy viewing. The sign reads: “Reserved Parking During Events Street Closures. L.R.H. Way Neighbor. 1422 LRH Way Resident.” In the upper right hand-corner, courtesy Google Maps, we learn that “1422 LRH Way” belongs to the woman who owns and maintains the Mother Mary statue that oversees the proceedings on LRH Way.

Photo Caption: This is an entrance from LRH Way into the parking lot behind LA Org. It may be blocked off for everyone except residents.

Photo Caption: Here I’m looking south along LRH Way, where trusses and lighting stands have been erected. An entrance to LA Org is to the right. At the end of the street is Fountain Ave; the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”) is the blue building on the left side of the street.

Photo Caption: The game plan that PAC Security has for me has changed. In this photo is a Security Guard (“SG”) who walked with me every step of the way. In the past, such a SG would keep their distance. I commented about having my own personal escort and at the end of my walk today, I thanked him for that opportunity. He’s a very polite, courteous and respectful young man. I couldn’t have asked for a better escort.

Photo Caption: This is the Golden Age of Chairs Tech Phase II.

Photo Caption: The end of the street is completely blocked by an elaborate stage.

Photo Caption: Here’s a closeup of that stage. You may notice a huge string of speakers hanging from the left and right sides. Those speakers are products of Meyer Sound.

Photo Caption: Here’s a shot of the chairs setup on LRH Way as seen from the east side of the street. In the background, the posters have been changed for the event (earlier in the week, there had been four such posters, one for each of the next four weeks). On the left side of the photo, on the grass to the left of a bench that someone sits on, three light fixtures have been removed and lie disassembled.

Photo Caption: During the event for the Flag World Tour, chairs were setup in the parking lot behind LA Org. Before those chairs were setup, a black tarp such as this was laid first. This is the parking lot behind AOLA where tables and chairs will most likely be set up. There won’t be parking here, that’s for sure.

Photo Caption: Here’s another picture of the stage. On the left side of the photo are the steps to the stage which are also quite close to AOLA’s front door. Ropes tied from the stage to the orange barricades help anchor the setup, preventing gusts of wind from blowing it away or knocking it over.

Photo Caption: This is the right side of the stage. Circled in red is a sound system by Meyer Sound. From their website: “With its exceptional precision and headroom, the patent-pending LEOPARD reproduces the audio source with extraordinary accuracy, captivating audiences with both power and subtle musical detail.”

Photo Caption: This is a bank of LEOPARD speakers from Meyer Sound. From their website: “A loudspeaker of many hats. A truly multipurpose system, LEOPARD is ideally suited to everything from mid-sized touring and live theatre to worship and live performance installations, and from symphony music to heavy metal.”

Photo Caption: From Meyer Sound’s website, this picture may give you an idea as to the use of a speaker system such as this.

Photo Caption: Here I stand at the corner of LRH Way and Fountain Ave., looking north at the back of the stage.

Photo Caption: The chairs setup in this photo represent, perhaps, only a quarter of the chairs to be setup. The red arrows point out the speakers that line both sides of LRH Way, almost to LA Org’s front door. Just imagine all that sound bouncing off of Kaiser Permanent Medical Center, the building seen at the end of LRH Way.

All images (unless noted otherwise) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.

(The shirt logo for today’s “featured image,” taken in front of a sign for LA Org on LRH Way reads: “Pacifica Bridge. I’m staying through OT V.” That’s “Operating Thetan Level 5,” the highest level of auditing one can achieve at PAC Base. For levels higher than OT 5, one must travel to the Flag Land Base, I believe, located in Clearwater, Florida.)


Stop Scientology Disconnection.


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