This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. Today, I’m reporting from the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the so-called “church” of scientology’s West Coast headquarters. Ladies and gentlemen, the Sea Organization (“SO”), scientology’s protector of the Golden Age of Nothing Tech II and mankind’s only hope for salvation, sailed into Los Angeles on Saturday, July 16, 2016, in the form of the fourth (and, hopefully, final) Maiden Voyage Event. All hail Xenu!

Each year, the Maiden Voyage event praises the launch of the Freewinds, scientology’s ship which is the home to OT (“Operating Thetan”) 8. This year, scientology forced down the throats of their followers not one, but four such events, on L. Ron Hubbard Way (“LRH Way”), in the City of the Angels.

“Maiden Voyage 1: The Irresistible Power of OT Unleashed,” occurred Sat., June 25, 2016, an event I didn’t get to protest at because of a Temporary Restraining Order. My accuser, Beatriz Castro Macias, settled with me out of court. Her lawyer, Kendrick Moxon, and my lawyer, Graham E. Berry Esquire, ironed everything out in order for the case to be dismissed (it never reached court).

“Maiden Voyage 2: Honoring LRH’s Iconic Literary Vision,” held July 2, 2016, and “Maiden Voyage 3: Propelling a Global Movement for Freedom,” held July 9, 2016, came and went without my coverage.

“Maiden Voyage 4: Strategic Advances for Unbridled Expansion,” took place last night. This event celebrated, in part, the “Ideal Org” campaign.

Photo Caption: When I arrived outside Rite Aid in the Barnsdall Park Shopping Center on Sat., June 25, 2016, I spotted this suspicious character eyeing me from across the street. When I took his picture, he turned away immediately. I kept an eye on him, and while he continued his conversation, he turned back to look at me at least two more times. Every time he did this, I shot more pictures until he hightailed it out of there. For this photo, I’m standing on the south side of Hollywood Blvd. Vermont Ave. is off-camera, to my right; when Hollywood meets Vermont, Hollywood becomes Prospect Ave. as it continues east.

Photo Caption: Within a few minutes, a Process Server attempted to serve me. He’s in this car as it speeds away from Dan, Derek, Doug and I, four protesters as I prepared to take his picture.

Photo Caption: Here’s a close-up of the Process Server’s license plate number. Any takers? Let me know what you find out. The Process Server is a white American, in his 50’s. He might stand five-feet-nine; his hair, light-colored; physical build: slightly overweight. At the time, he had a huge hospital-issued bandage over the his left cheek.

Photo Caption: Before the event, two “Handlers” (they’re the scientologists with their back to the camera), with a third, unidentified scientologist. They’re probably working for the Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”), although the only one who is an OSA Sea Org member is most likely the unidentified guy. I took this picture from the west sidewalk on Catalina St. as I walked south from Sunset Blvd. to Fountain Ave. The three guys are sitting at event tables set up outside of the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”).

Photo Caption: At the corner of LRH Way and Sunset Blvd., I spotted these two scientologists on the Survival Rundown (notice the tradition white clipboard and blue pen). Notice the guy in the background on the left. He’s one of OSA’s “Handlers” who has just spotted me. Check out his interest and excitement!

Photo Caption: A few moments later, I shot this photo of the Survival Rundown participants. Notice the OSA “Handler,” as he approaches Sunset Blvd., because the guy can’t take his eyes off of me! In a few moments, he will radio in my presence or an updated report on his surveillance.

Photo Caption: Here are those two OSA “Handlers” standing on LRH Way, where it meets Sunset Blvd. My admirer (the guy on the right) is checking out a text message about the protesters, no doubt.

Photo Caption: Police, PAC Security and OSA “Handlers” graced almost all of the corners around PAC Base. Here we see LRH Way where it meets Sunset Blvd.

Photo Caption: This is PAC Base and LRH Way as seen from the north side of the sidewalk along Sunset Blvd. Notice the traffic cones: they used to be orange, but are now white. Special bright green cones now help mark “no parking” spaces or sections.

Photo Caption: This is a close-up of the “Maiden Voyage” banner over LRH Way. For this photo, I’m standing on Sunset Blvd., looking south. Blue! Everything is blue! Dig the “Shrub Tech”!

Photo Caption: In this close-up, I’m looking south along LRH Way. Under the “ide” of the word, “Maiden,” one can see a sign facing LRH Way that depicts the Valley Org under construction.

Photo Caption: Three Los Angeles Police Officers command the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Catalina St. The African-American police officer, Mr. Jefferson, confirmed for me the fact that protesters would be able to walk on Catalina St., being limited to the sidewalk on the west side of the street. Likewise, we were able to walk on Fountain Ave., more specifically, the sidewalk on the south side of the street. Notice the nicely dressed African-American couple, scientology event attendees who were busy taking pictures of me when they thought I looked somewhere else. This event boasted eight police officers, as did “Maiden Voyage 3” (up from seven police officers at “Maiden Voyage 2” and five for “Maiden Voyage 1”). What or whom are they protecting?

Photo Caption: I thought, at first, that these two scientologists were out doing a drill for a course or auditing action. The Sea Org member on the right does carry a clipboard, but it’s not the white one used on the Survival Rundown. They are walking north along Edgemont St., toward the parking lot at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center where scientologists would soon be directed to when they ran out of parking at PAC Base. I believe they’re both Sea Org members, and are working on an Event checklist. Do you know either person? Have they “disconnected” from you so as to serve scientology, the Sea Org, L. Ron Hubbard (LRH”), and David Miscavge (“DM”) for the next billion years?

Photo Caption: I shot this photo as I walked south along Catalina St. Notice the scientologist sitting in a chair to the left of an entrance and exit into the parking lot at PAC Base. The next photo will zoom in on him.

Photo Caption: The scientologist mentioned in the last photograph turned away quickly when I attempted to take a close-up of him. Perhaps he has something to hide?

Photo Caption: This scientologist, most likely a Sea Org member (perhaps a new one, an EPF’er on the “Estates Project Force”) walks along Catalina St., toward Sunset Blvd. Notice his “Ideal Org” t-shirt. It appears he is wearing traditional an EPF outfit. He may even be part of the renovations crew for the Valley Org. Can you say “slave labor”?

Photo Caption: The Underground Bunker’s Succulent Duck (“SD”) greeted me with five hugs and a handshake, all but one representative of fellow Bunkerite’s happiness that the TRO found an appropriate dismissal (the handshake, incidentally, took the place of a kiss). For this photo, SD and I are following the signs setup after parking spaces ran out at PAC Base. This sign is in front of Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, just west of the entrance on Sunset Blvd.

Photo Caption: This sign for event parking sits at the northwest corner of Edgemont St., pointing north toward parking for event attendees. Notice the guy walking past the sign on the right.

Photo Caption: A smashing sound followed a loud yell accompanied the toppling of scientology’s event parking sign. I suspect the guy as seen in the last photo may have had something to do with this, but I can’t be sure, because I didn’t witness it.

Photo Caption: A toppled scientology sign laying unattended in the street is the perfect way to end this, a return to PAC Base with my eye on Scientology!

All images (unless noted otherwise) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.


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