As reported by Tony Ortega at the Underground Bunker (“In court today: Flop filmmakers who met in Scientology face 75 years for Ponzi scheme,” November 15, 2016), film director, producer and writer Dror Soref faces criminal prosecution for his alleged participation in a Ponzi scheme to bilk film backers out of millions of dollars.

The Bunker went on further to reveal the connection between scientologists Dror and Michelle Seward (who also faces criminal prosecution in the case).

The motion picture thriller Not Forgotten (2009) ties not only scientology, Soref and Seward together, but, allegedly, other scientology celebrities (or scientologists looking for such status).

Photo #1 Caption: Screen grab of the movie’s title taken from Not Forgotten at YouTube.

Connections Between the Cast of Not Forgotten and Scientology

  • Actress Virginia Pereira (previously married, from 2000 to 2016, to Dror Soref) is cast as “Karen” in the film; Virginia Pereira is listed as a scientologist at The Truth About Scientology (“TAS”).
  • Actor Greg Serano is cast as “Deputy Valdez” in the film; a Greg Serano can be found at TAS.
  • Actor Jim Meskimen is cast as “Redd Holden” in the film; Jim Meskimen can also be found at TAS.
  • Actress Adriana Paz is cast as “Pregnant Maid” in the film; an Adriana Paz is also listed at TAS. (The entry, incidentally, shows Ms. Paz completing a scientology introductory course shortly before the September 11, 2009, release of Not Forgotten.)
  • Actress Carmen Perez is cast as “Carolina” in the film; a Carmen Perez can be found at TAS.
  • Actor Greg Safel is cast as “Canta” in the film; a Greg Safel can also be found at TAS.
  • Actress Elena Lyons is cast as “Newscaster” in the film; an Elena Lyons can be found at TAS. (UPDATE: Elena Lyons is Mrs. Grant Cardone. Thanks, M from Toronto, for the tip at today’s Underground Bunker.)
  • Actress Tamra Meskimen (wife of Jim Meskimen) is cast as “Bored Waitress” in the film; Tamra Meskimen can be found at TAS.
  • Actress Karen M. Hudson is cast, uncredited, as “Bus Rider” in the film; a Karen Hudson can be found at TAS.

Connections Between Key Executives and Crew Members of Not Forgotten and Scientology

  • Tomás Romero is listed as an “associate producer” of the film; a Tomas N. Romero can be found at TAS.
  • Michelle Seward is listed as an “executive producer” of the film and, as reported by Tony Ortega, can be found at TAS.
  • The movie credits Grant Cardone as “executive producer” (see the YouTube Channel, “TheKing Game), while film credits for the movie at IMDb do not. Mr. Cardone, nevertheless, can be found at TAS.
  • Dror Soref is listed as a “producer” in the film and, as reported by Tony Ortega, can be found at TAS.
  • Musician and composer Mark Isham contributed musically to the score of the film, and can be found at TAS.

Photo #2 Caption: Screen grab of Grant Cardone’s association with Not Forgotten. (Source: YouTube)

Photo #3 Caption: Screen grab of Mark Isham’s association with Not Forgotten. (Source: YouTube)

In Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter (“HCOPL”) from May 16, 1980, Issue II, “Ethics, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology & Scientologists*,”  L. Ron Hubbard (“LRH”) outlines how scientology Ethics Policies work to keep scientologists in line. Free of personal suffering, those policies help guide a scientologist toward increased understanding and spiritual freedom.

When a situation arises, however, that keeps a scientologist from realizing their potential, when it jeopardizes the “technology” of scientology and those who use it, scientology removes the gloves and comes out fighting.

A PTS (or “Potential Trouble Source”) is someone who is connected to an individual or group that goes against the mores and ethical values held sanctified by scientology. If scientologist Joe Blow’s brother murdered their mother, a scientology staff member, then Joe would be labeled “PTS” by the church of scientology. Joe would then be unable to receive scientology services (courses or spiritual counseling) while still “connected” to his brother. Joe would, as a result, be pressured by scientology and the policies of LRH to cut all ties (or “disconnect”) from his murderous brother.

The church of scientology would declare Joe’s brother a Suppressive Person (“SP”), someone who had actively sought out, by his actions, to damage, destroy, suppress or oppress scientology. When Joe’s brother murdered their mother, he committed what scientology refers to as a “Suppressive Act.” The act of murdering their mother would impede Joe’s progress up scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom.” The act also affected adversely to their mother’s health and well-being.

An SP’s behavior and actions are anti-social; correctly identifying the SP and removing the SP from a PTS’s environment can evoke changes for the better in the life of a scientologist.

LRH states further that life for a scientlogist can change for the better through an understanding of the mechanisms of an SP and the PTS.

As Tony Ortega reported, Soref faces six dozen criminal counts. Investors provided millions of dollars for a major motion picture that ran in just four theaters in the United States and, overall, garnered less than $150,000 in receipts. The effects of what happened to Not Forgotten have, undoubtedly, affected the well-being of a number of scientologists who are also actors and actresses. There can be no doubt the flap that Not Forgotten has caused within the church of scientology.

People make mistakes from time-to-time, but an SP specializes in wrongdoings. The Ethics Officer at scientology’s Celebrity Centre International (“CCI”), located at 5930 Franklin Ave., in Hollywood, California (not to mention the Office of Special Affairs) would most likely state that Soref fits the bill.

Even without a conviction, it is safe to assume that each and every scientologist associated with Dror Soref and Not Forgotten has, or will soon, cut all ties with Soref. It appears that this may have already happened or begun, what with Soref’s wife leaving him and with Grant Cardone’s apparent disassociation with the movie.

If an active scientologist is caught connected to an SP, that causes problems for the person as well as for scientology. SP’s halt scientology’s progress in conquering the world (and that is exactly what scientology is up to, no matter how pretty they may try painting themselves in the media).

Tony Ortega’s report on Dror Soref makes me wonder if scientology actors and actresses (not to mention the crew) were made to believe that they could earn an amazing return of 10-to-18 percent for their participation in Not Forgotten.

LRH states that a good scientologist is expected to follow the laws of the land (how this doesn’t apply to the clandestine activities of their Office of Special Affairs is beyond me). Further, LRH writes that not to follow the law is a violation most extreme of everything scientology.

If scientology declares Dror Soref an SP, it will be done by public announcement in writing (especially for the benefit of any scientologists involved in the production or investment of Not Forgotten).

An SP, once declared, no longer has the protection and service of scientology. A scientologist who does not “handle” an SP found in his environment risks being handled the same way the church would an SP.

All and any scientology certificates held by a declared SP are cancelled, including any awards. An SP forfeits all the privileges and rights afforded a scientologist. Scientology services are not available to an SP. His only terminal is the Ethics Officer in a scientology church. In some cases, an SP’s only terminal is the International Justice Chief (“IJC”). An SP, says LRH, lives in their “own private hell.”

While LRH declares that “disconnection” policies do not exist in his church while at the same time promoting communication and understanding in the matters of a PTS with an SP, such communication cannot exist while the PTS is actively on lines (that is, on course or receiving spiritual counseling).

No matter how extreme or severe the matter is, scientology’s policy is that they will never completely shut the door entirely on a Suppressive Person.

“You must,” L. Ron Hubbard declares in CAPITOL letters, “keep the door open only if it’s just a crack.”

*Clicking on the link to the HCOPL will activate an immediate download; opening the PDF in your browser may not be possible.

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