Thanks to Tony Ortega and his excellent coverage of everything anti-scientology (“EXCLUSIVE: See the letter Scientology sent to scare A&E out of airing Leah Remini’s series“), I got to cringe with embarrassment—again—for ever calling the so-called “church” of scientology my “religion,” which I did for thirty-seven years (1977 to 2014).

I’m Fred G. Haseney, and I used to do Photojournalism from the “Big Blue,” also called the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base”), scientology’s west coast headquarters in Los Angeles, California. That is, until they called the police on me for doing nothing more than executing my First Amendment rights. When that didn’t work, scientology then got one of their own—a Sea Org (“SO”) staff member—to lie and falsely accuse me of stalking, for which she filed a Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”). Scientology, for reasons unknown, withdrew that TRO, and it never went to trial. But with proof in both photos and on film that they’d never leave me alone, I fled the City of Angels.

Just because I live 2,700 miles away doesn’t mean, however, that I’ll stop talking about just how creepy scientology is. And their September 9, 2016, letter to A&E about Leah’s upcoming series about scientology, proves just how creepy and slimy they are.

I’m damn proud to be what scientology claims is a “bitter ex-scientologist”; an “apostate.”

When will the world turn its back on scientology for good? When will the IRS revoke their tax-exempt status? When will Congress enact an investigation to disclose the extent of the harm that this mafia-like organization has done to mankind? When will mankind realize that when scientology calls something “good,” it’s really bad, and when they call something “bad,” that it’s really good?

Here are my thoughts as I read the diatribe from scientology’s spokesperson, Karin Pouw, to Executive Producer, Alex Weresow, of Slauson Productions:

“A program about our religion hosted by Ms. Remini is doomed to be a cheap reality TV show…”

The Church of Scientology, in that short statement, tells A&E exactly what it thinks of their network, let alone their shows. Scientology, incidentally, abhors anything not scientology; if you’re not one of them, you’re against them, and God forbid scientology should find that out. I’m not just flapping my lips here, either. Scientology HATES mankind. I should know: as a scientologist, I hated mankind, too.

“…by a has-been actress now a decade removed from the peak of her career.”

Isn’t a church supposed to extol love and patience as well as kindness? With their declaration, scientology rips Leah Remini a new butt-hole. Leah is an opinion leader, and scientology can’t stand that she (a) tells the truth, and (b) has followers.

“Ms. Remini has made a cottage industry out of whining both about her former religion that expelled her…”

How do we know that scientology expelled her before she expelled them? Please don’t believe anything scientology ever says about anyone or anything. I bet scientology will try to say that they expelled me, but I gave that poor excuse for a religion the boot a long time ago.

“…unending bitterness and seething anger…”

Scientology can never simply write anything, they have to use just the right adjectives to send home their hatred. A message to Planet Earth: scientology seethes with bitter anger that you’re not a “Cleared” planet yet.

“… Ms. Remini has doubled down on her obsessive hatred, turning into the obnoxious, spiteful ex-Scientologist…”

In other words, scientology has doubled down on its obsessive hatred, turning into an obnoxious, spiteful so-called “church.” Do you see where I’m going here? Take everything scientology claims that Leah Remini (or anyone else for that matter) has done, and simply replace the name,”Leah Remini,” with “scientology,” and you’ll soon see that scientology is eating itself alive.

“Ms. Remini is a hypocrite. She disingenuously preaches ‘letting go,’ ‘those who are free of resentful thought surely find peace,’ ‘less hate more love’ and ‘If you are depressed, you are living in the past.'”

Scientology, not Leah Remini, is the hypocrite. Imagine, this garbage has spewed from the mouth of a tax-exempt organization. The IRS ought to be ashamed of itself! It’s scientology who “lives in the past,” following the “teachings” of L. Ron Hubbard, as if he was God; scientology is spreading resentment and hate as they refuse to “let go” of advice from LRH that dictates that his church can utterly ruin critics and anyone who questions scientology’s motives.

“… she inexplicably embraces and features on your show the likes of Ron Miscavige …”

Can you believe a church who has so much bad to say about anyone, let alone the father of scientology’s Chairman of the Board (“COB”), David Miscavige? Ron Miscavige wrote a book about his son, David Miscavige, a bestseller, for God’s sake. Maybe, just maybe, Ron Miscavige has something truthful to say about scientology’s wrongdoings. Scientology goes out of its way to make people wrong, but what about scientology? It, too, could be (and is) wrong.

“…Ms. Remini tosses out her principles if she smells a buck.”

The “church” of scientology has been swimming in money ever since the IRS gave them their tax-exempt status. Scientology does bad things daily to people worldwide and the government of the United States of America has been funding their vicious crimes against humanity.

“…Ms. Remini voluntarily participated in the Church’s ecclesiastical ethics and justice procedures due to her ethical lapses.”

Scientology is far from ecclesiastical; every single step of a program to smear critics that their Office of Specials Affairs (“OSA”) gets away with is Black Magic. L. Ron Hubbard, and David Miscavige, pull scientology’s strings, and the organizations seethes evil. The only “ethics and justice” that scientology seeks is just how soon the tombstone will mark perfectly the spot where a critic’s body lies.

“Ms. Remini wasted valuable public resources [by filing a… report with the Los Angeles Police Department]…”

Likewise, scientology has wasted valuable public resources each and every time they’ve called the police on someone, such as myself, for doing nothing more than executing their First Amendment rights. It gets worse when scientology starts spreading lies and rumors about a critic, and that’s exactly what they did with me.

“Ms. Remini’s anti-Scientology antics also have inflamed acts of religious hate.”

In other words: scientology’s anti-Leah Remini antics have inflamed acts of hate. See how simple it is to turn scientology’s crap back on themselves?

Scientology shows little, if any, concern for Erin McMurtry, Brandon Reisdorf or Andre Barkanov. Why their names are even in this letter from a church is unclear. Can scientology forgive? Does scientology love? Scientology neither forgives nor loves and will prove this point over and over again.

“Consider the sentiments expressed by Daniell Koepke…”

Daniell Koepke, author and founder of IAM, the Internal Acceptance Movement, should immediately distance herself from anything scientology, because the very touch of that organization is laced with poison. Scientology is a toxic organization that should be extracted as one would a bad tooth.

“Ms. Remini is now joined at the hip with this collection of deadbeats, admitted liars, self-admitted perjurers, wife beaters and worse.”

I couldn’t stand by and let scientology have its way with fellow New Yorker Leah Remini. Scientology is a deadbeat religion that spews lies, perjures itself… and worse.

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