This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. Today’s blog is a follow-up of a blog that I posted in late March 2016 (“Reconnecting the Disconnected and Declared—March 10, 2016-Part 1“). That blog preceded the dedication of the very first “Call Me” billboard, an event I blogged about in early April (“Reconnecting the Disconnected and Declared—Call Me Billboard Dedicated“). As I selected pictures for this post, I found an unpublished photo I took on March 8, 2016, and have included it as photo #7.

I shot these pictures at the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the so-called “church” of scientology’s West Coast headquarters, in Los Angeles. I used to be a scientologist (from 1977 to 2014). As a “disgruntled, former apostate,” I used to report from PAC Base and other scientology facilities in Southern California, beginning in 2015. I used to, that is, until their CIA-like branch, the Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”), decided to “fair game” me. I escaped scientology in 2014, but I fled the wrath of OSA in late July 2016. I now live a comfortable 2,700 miles away from PAC Base, and am playing “Catch-Up” with all of the unpublished blogs and photos I accumulated when I realized that my days in Los Angeles were numbered.

Have you been “Declared” a “Suppressive Person,” or an enemy of scientology? Has your loved one “Disconnected” from you so as to ensure their “good-standing” in scientology? This blogs aims to reconnect the two.

This is blog #184.

Photo #1 Caption: This Sea Organization, or Sea Org (“SO”) member is also a “coach” on the Survival Rundown (“SR”). Notice that she carries the traditional SR white clipboard and blue pen. In the distance is Kaiser Permanente Medical Center on Sunset Blvd. Between her and that facility is a scientology sign (as seen from behind) that reads, “Open House—All are Welcome,” followed by the same words translated in Spanish: “Casa Abierta—Todos Son Bienvenidos.”

Photo #2 Caption: This SO member is a “student” on the SR (her “coach” is pictured in the last photo). Her name tag is pinned to her vest upside-down. In the photo to the right, I’ve zoomed in on that name tag (after turning it right side-up); it reads: “Camille Chang-Gilhooly,” and “Technical Training Corps.”

Who is Camille Chang-Gilhooly?

Camille Chang-Gilhooly is the second wife of the late David James Gilhooly III, born on April 15, 1943. A sculptor in Northern California of considerable prominence, Mr. Gilhooly helped found, in the early 1960’s, the Bay Area funk art movement at University of California (“UC”). The son of a veterinarian, Mr. Gilhooly favored frogs artistically. Frogs are much more funnier than human folk, he figured. His creation, “Frog World,” contained a universe of frogs, complete with mythologies and histories.

From his first marriage, he had four children: Andrea, Abigail, David and Peter. Mr. Gilhooly, who taught at Cal State Sacramento and UC Davis, married Camille in 1983; twelve years later, they moved to Oregon. They had three sons: Hakan, Kiril and Sorqan.[2]

Public collections that hold works by Mr. Gilhooly include the National Gallery of Canada, in Ottawa, Canada, and Stanford University, in Palo Alto, California. [3]

Mr. Gilhooly attributed his success as an artist to hard work and a belief in scientology. [4]

I shot this photo a few weeks before the anniversary of Mr. Gilhooly’s death: on April 15, 2016, he would have been 73-years-old.

What is the Tech Training Corps (“TTC”)?

Scientology’s TTC exists to produce an over-abundance of well-trained technical personnel (auditors, Case Supervisors and supervisors), so that for every person on an administrative position in an org, there would also be a tech person. When announced in 1975, anyone on full-time training (at any scientology organization above the Mission level) automatically became a part of the TTC. [5]

Photo #3 Caption: Later, I captured the SR “coach” and “student” (Camille Chang-Gilhooly) as they walked along an entrance off of Catalina Street into the parking lot behind PAC Base.

Photo #4 Caption: L. Ron Hubbard, incidentally, wrote a short story with the name “Gilhooly” in it. Under the pseudonym “Barry Randolph,” he authored, “When Gilhooly Was in Flower,” published in the pulp magazine, Romantic Range, in August 1938. [6]

Photo #5 Caption: I believe this gentleman is a SO member, although he isn’t in uniform and has just exited The Fountain, a residence for out-of-town scientologists at PAC Base for training and/or counseling. The facility, located a 4816 Fountain Ave., is located on the south side of that street, where L. Ron Hubbard (“LRH”) Way and Fountain meet.

Photo #6 Caption: This is my escort for the morning, PAC Security Guard Parker Osmon, straddling a bicycle.

Photo #7 Caption: As mentioned earlier, I shot this picture on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. These SO members are doing the SR; the “coach” is on the left; the “student” on the right. They are standing on the southeast corner of LRH Way and Sunset Blvd. As is the case more often than not, the coach holds the traditional white clipboard (and I believe he’s holding the required blue pen).

Photo #8 Caption: I caught this picture of two SO members deep in conversation along LRH Way. Behind them is one of the parking lots, along Sunset Boulevard, for PAC Base; Kaiser Permanente Medical Center sits across the street. To their right and barely noticeable through the foliage is a member of the Estates Project Force (“EPF”), in a blue t-shirt and pants. She’s doing “MEST” work, or tending to the grounds. “MEST” is an acronym for “matter, energy, space and time.” As the EPF is a platform from which a Sea Org member emerges, and since the SO used to be on ships, it is important for an EPFer to “run on the decks,” to work very hard and raise his or her level of confront on the MEST universe.

Photo #9 Caption: As the women in the last photo carried on their discussion, a woman wearing dark sunglasses and carrying an iced beverage passed by them. To her right, you can catch a glimpse of the EPFer. The pole just this side of the EPFer is for security purposes: at the end is a camera with an all-seeing “eye.”

Photo #10 Caption: Here we see the woman pictured in the last photo as she enters an entrance to the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”), from LRH Way. She is, most likely, a public scientologist.

Photo #11 Caption: Here is a better picture of the entrance to LA Org. The paved street is LRH Way. Notice LA Org’s sign, “Church of Scientology Los Angeles.” The building at this entrance is two stories tall; to its left, the building increases in size by two floors. In 1977, I worked on the fourth floor (just out of the camera’s sight) as an EPFer on Project 90-3 during the very first, or initial renovation of what used to be Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. I wore the hat of Draftsman for that project.

Photo #12 Caption: I took this picture mid-morning, and it looks like lunch has arrived early. I took this picture from the sidewalk as I looked in an easterly direction at a private (SO-only) horseshoe-shaped entrance, located at 1404 N. Catalina St. This van is owned and operated by Fresh Grill, LLC, located at 111 E. Garry Ave., Santa Ana, California 92707. Their brands include the Brown Bag Sandwich Company (“Get Hungry!” is its logo) and Fresh Grill (“Fresh Food, Fresh Ideas!”). Phone in your order: 714-444-2126, or send it by Fax: 714-444-2667. Find us on the Web at; “Like” us on Facebook!

Photo #13 Caption: Here is a shot of some of the products that Fresh Grill delivered that day, items such as “Very Berry Salad,” “Italian Style Grilled White Chicken Wrap,” and “Health Nut Turkey Breast on Multi-grain.”

Throw Out the Lifeline.
(Copyright, Biglow & Main.)

Throw out the life-line across the dark wave,
There is a brother whom someone should save;
Somebody’s brother! oh, who then, will dare
To throw out the life-line, his peril to share?

Throw out the life-line!
Some one is drifting away;
throw out the life-line!
Some one is sinking to-day.

Throw out the life-line with hand quick and strong:
Why do you tarry, why linger so long?
See! he is sinking; oh, hasten to-day
And out with the life-boat! away, then, away!

Throw out the life-line to danger fraught men,
Sinking in anguish where you’ve never been:
Winds of temptation and billows of woe
Will soon hurl them out where dark waters flow.

Soon will the season of rescue be o’er,
Soon will they drift to eternity’s shore;
Haste then, my brother, no time for delay,
But throw out the life-line and save them to-day.

Written by E. S. Afford (also known as “Edwin S. Ufford”), 1888. [1]

All images (unless noted otherwise) © 2015—2016 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.


[1] A Prayer Book for the Public and Private Use of Our Soldiers and Sailors (Philadelphia, Bishop White Prayer Book Society, 1917).

[2] “David Gilhooly Dies at 70; a Leader of Bay Area Funk Art Movement,” Los Angeles Times, September 15, 2013.

[3] David Gilhooly (Wikipedia).

[4] “How to Be a Famous Artist,” by David Gihooly and Camille Change (2004).

[5] Hubbard, L. Ron. Technical Dictionary of Dianetics and Scientology (Los Angeles, Bridge Publications, Inc., c. 1981).

[6] Romantic Range, August 1938.


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