This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney with his eye on scientology. This blog picks up where blog #185 (“Reconnecting the Disconnected and Declared—April 19, 2016—Part 1“) left off. It represent a visit I made to the Pacific Area Command Base (“PAC Base” or “Big Blue”), the so-called “church” of scientology’s West Coast headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

I’m an ex-scientologist, someone who the dangerous cult of scientology might call a “bitter, disgruntled apostate.” I joined scientology in 1977, and wore blinders for the next 37-years; in 2014, a miracle of sorts happened, and I took those blinders off for good.

This is blog #186.

Photo #1 Caption: Two Sea Org (“SO”) members walk west along the south side of Sunset Blvd., between L. Ron Hubbard (“LRH”) Way and Catalina St. (PAC Base is off-camera and to the right). Behind them and at the traffic light is the intersection of Vermont Avenue and Sunset Blvd., a spot frequented by scientology Body Routers (“BR”). The neighborhood is often heavily congested, in part due to foot traffic with people visiting medical facilities (including Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles). With supermarkets (including Vons and Jon’s) and restaurants (including Subway and Burger King) nearby, the area is ripe for the picking by BRs. Approaching the traffic light in that picture are Los Angeles Metro buses (the orange-colored buses stop at every bus stop; the red buses, or “Rapid,” stop at only major intersections). At this major intersection, you’ll also find the Vermont/Sunset Station of the Metro Subway system.

Photo #2 Caption: As one of the SO members in the last photo walked by me, I shot this picture.

Photo #3 Caption: I shot this picture as another SO member went by me on Sunset Blvd.

Photo #4 Caption: This is a sample of scientology-related litter found near the intersection of Vermont and Sunset, including a “free” ticket for an Oxford Capacity Analysis (“OCA”) Personality Test (as pictured on the left), and a “free” ticket, in Spanish, to see a film about Dianetics.

The OCA ticket reads, in part: “Give yourself the knowledge of you”; “Limited time”; “In just one hour you can test the 10 key personality traits that determine your future success and happiness, and find out how to improve them.” To anyone new to scientology who might be thinking about going with a BR to the Los Angeles Organization (“LA Org”), located at 4810 W. Sunset Blvd: don’t do it! Run! Flee! The ticket claims that it’s for a “limited time”; don’t fall for it.

A Body Router is a member of scientology’s Sea Organization, a pseudo-religion’s pseudo-navy dedicated to turning you into a mindless robot and taking over the world (literally). SO members have signed a Billion Year contract and are in it for the duration. It doesn’t matter whether they make you a scientologist today, tomorrow or next lifetime (scientologists believe in reincarnation); the phrase, “limited time” is only a sales technique designed to make you reach for scientology (as in, “Buy now!”). Notice how the words “success” and “happiness” on that ticket have been printed in BOLD. The only real success and happiness of long duration is for scientology, not you—after they’ve swindled you for every dime.

Photo #5 Caption: This is the scientology cross as seen on top of the Main Building at PAC Base. I shot this picture from the east side of Vermont Ave., where that street meets Sunset Boulevard.

Photo #6 Caption: For this picture, I’m at the northeast corner of Lexington and Vermont Avenues, a couple of blocks south of PAC Base. Kitty-corner from me is a strip mall where I’ve spotted a SO member.

Photo #7 Caption: The SO member mentioned in the last photo is seen here as he readies a container that he’s just filled with water.

Photo #8 Caption: Here are a few close-ups of that SO member as gets ready to carry the container to a nearby car.

Photo #9 Caption: If you’re heading in a southerly direction on the subway toward downtown Los Angeles, one stop away from the Vermont/Sunset Station is the Vermont/Santa Monica Station at the intersection of Vermont Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. I shot these photos on Vermont Ave., at Los Angeles Community College (“LACC”), between Santa Monica Blvd. and Melrose Avenue. The top picture is the main entrance to LACC, temporarily fenced off due to a major remodel of the facility underway at the time. The photo on the left is a 1950’s-style restaurant across the street (“Time to eat,” reads the sign above a clock over the establishment’s front door). That morning, I encountered a film crew busy at work in the facility. For this photo, I’m facing south. For the photo on the right, I’m across the street, still on the same side of Vermont, but facing north. To my right is a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant.

Photo #10 Caption: Here is a sampling of scientology-related litter across the street from LACC, another location with heavy foot traffic that would attract a BR. On the left is pictured, in Spanish, a “free” ticket for an OCA Personality Test. On the right is a “free” ticket to see a film about Dianetics, which reads, in part: “Films show every hour,” and “The story of Book One.”

Photo #11 Caption: This is a sampling of the scientology-related litter I found during my visit on April 19, 2016, to and around PAC Base. The “free” tickets are in English and Spanish, and are offered for an OCA Personality Test or to see a film about Dianetics.

Photo #12 Caption: Here’s a calendar page from April 2016, with the days “19” and “24” circled in red. To the right is a photo of Simi, a beautiful dog, owned by ex-scientologist Cece Marie Gangle Smith; a canine who’s smile apparently unnerved PAC Security Guards to the point of action. That’s Cece in the car holding Simi and taking photos. Attached to the car door is a sign, “To my loved one in scientology… Call Me.”

Where does today’s blog sit in the scheme of things? It represents a visit I conducted around PAC Base on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 (see the circled area in the calendar). Five days later, on Sunday, April 24, 2016, two events took place:

  • Ex-scientologists Lynn Fountain Campbell, Cece Marie Gangle Smith, her dog, Simi, and I conducted a peaceful “Call Me” protest at PAC Base.
  • As a result of that protest, PAC Security Guards performed a “lockdown” of the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”), at 1306 LRH Way, which prevented anyone from getting in or out of the building. The “Call Me” sign is a message of love from ex-scientologists Phil and Willie Jones to Emily and Mike, their adult children, Sea Org members trapped in scientology. I suppose that locking down AOLA “protected” scientologists on the Operating Thetan (“OT”) Levels from seeing our protest.

One more event occurred, although I don’t know exactly when it happened: someone from scientology followed me in order to find out where I lived. That person could’ve been a PAC Security Guard, a member of the unit in charge of scientology’s clandestine activities, the Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”), or someone OSA hired to follow me.

Photo #13 Caption: This is a calendar page from May 2016, with the first three days circled in red. In the picture to the right that I shot on May 1, 2016, a PAC Security Guard apparently tells a police officer where to find me because someone at PAC Base had just called the police on me.

Today’s blog also took place a few days before other events that would occur at the beginning of May 2016:

  • On Sunday, May 1, 2016, I joined Phil and Willie Jones, for a peaceful “Call Me” protest at PAC Base. As a reward, someone at PAC Base called the police on me. Thanks be to God, I did not get arrested.
  • I strongly believe that OSA launched a campaign to ruin me, to shut me up as a critic of scientology, and to remove my presence from and around PAC Base. At the time, I had been living at Hope Again, a faith-based transitional home located three blocks west of PAC Base. I moved into Hope Again in October 2012, exited scientology in August 2014, and began JennyAtLAX blogs, writing against scientology, the next year.

I believe that OSA’s campaign against me was two-fold: that they would strike from OUTSIDE Hope Again while striking from INSIDE Hope Again.

  • On Monday, May 2, 2016, Janet Weiland met with Hope Again’s Pastor Ross, in attempt to get him to make me stop going to PAC Base. Janet Weiland is the Vice-President of the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles (with an office behind AOLA). She is also known as “Scientology’s Spymaster,” infamous for the underhanded activities she has conducted and/or has been responsible for, all in the “name” of L. Ron Hubbard and scientology.
  • On Tuesday, May 3, 2016, OSA, I believe, proceeded to attack me from INSIDE Hope Again by “planting” a spy who I’ll be referring to, in future blogs, as “Pat.” I believe OSA sent “Pat” to Hope Again, where “Pat” convinced them of his “homelessness,” where upon they took him in. Once inside Hope Again, “Pat” proceeded (I believe) to make my life a living hell, doing everything he could (all under he direction of OSA) in order to get me kicked out of Hope Again. In less than three months, “Pat” would succeed in doing just that. (I acknowledge the possibility that “Pat” may really have been homeless, that he may have been legitimately accepted into Hope Again’s program, but that someone in OSA “called in a favor” by getting “Pat” to get at me from within the transitional home. “Pat” may have been paid to do what he did.)

Sailing Into Port.

Sailor, though the darkness gathers,
Though the cold waves surge and moan,
Trust thy bark to God’s great mercy,
Falter not, sail on, sail on.

Chorus.—Sailing into port, what matter,
Drooping sail or shattered mast?
Glory, glory fills the harbor,
There we’ll anchor safe at last.

Sailor, though with streamers flying
Yonder proud ship mounts the foam.
And with bands of music playing.
Gains the port and welcome home.

Sailor, though the lightning flashes,
Though thy sails be rent and torn.
Peace shall come on Hope’s bright pinions
And deliverance with the morn.

Written by Philip P. Bliss. [1]

All images (unless noted otherwise) © 2015—2017 Fred G. Haseney. All rights reserved.


[1] Whittle, Daniel W. Memoirs of Philip P. Bliss. (New York, A. S. Barnes & Co., 1877).

Calendars courtesy Microsoft Outlook.


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