Recently, I noticed a change in this blog: almost all of my pictures had been replaced by a notice from Photobucket, demanding that a ransom be paid if I ever wanted to see those photos again.

I’m not paying their ransom.

I could, instead, begin uploading all of those photos to a different host (there are alternatives here). What happens, however, if the new site begins charging for third party hosting? I prefer free; that’s why I chose Photobucket originally.

This blog has been quiet for some months, and that is something I’ve done intentionally, but it didn’t start out that way.

I moved some months ago to a rural area. I have my own place; the one thing I don’t have is Wi-Fi at home, which means that I depend on the local library for internet access.

When I made that move, I lost Wi-Fi 24/7. Instead of waking up and checking blogs such as Mike Rinder’s Something Can Be Done About It or Tony Ortega’s The Underground Bunker, I had to limit time spent on the Internet. I no longer could afford to spend time freely checking out the latest anti-scientology news.

At the same time, I discovered a new search feature of the Internet Archive, so I started spending time at that archive getting more information about the late actor Jeff Chandler; some of you may know me as “Jeff Wells,” the pen name I used to author the biography, Jeff Chandler: Film, Record, Radio, Television and Theater Performances (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2005). One cool thing about the Internet Archive is that they have a wonderful motion picture book and periodical library that is almost all searchable simply by text.

So, as I spent less time time online (due to availability and the new search capacity at the Internet Archive), I inadvertently began to spend less time involved with anti-scientology web sites. Soon, I realized just how much better I felt. I then began spending much less time delving into anti-scientology web sites.

I got into scientology at the ripe age of twenty-one; that happened in 1977, and the next 37 years of my life I lay trapped in the so-called “church” of scientology. I escaped in 2014, and have spent the last few years trying to understand why I had fallen into the clutches of the dangerous cult of scientology. Last year, scientology went after me legally; when the anti-scientology community rallied to my rescue both emotionally and financially, scientology dropped the legal proceedings. Meanwhile, a scientology spy in the homeless shelter that I called home for four years succeeded in getting me kicked out.

When I escaped scientology three years ago, I turned to the Internet Archive for books on reincarnation. The subject of past lives is one of the reasons I got into scientology in the first place. Scientology never allowed me the resources to find out very much about reincarnation, and when I turned to the Internet Archive, I also learned more about theosophy, the religion of wisdom.

Theosophy also shed light on the world of the occult; a world that’s both good and bad, depending on one’s approach and intentions. The writings of Madame Helena P. Blavatsky and others from over one hundred years ago helped explain what went wrong with scientology. Scientology is the dark side of the occult; it’s bad karma that just needs to work itself out.

If I spent any time redoing this blog after reposting my photos to another third party host, I’d reopen a door that I’ve already closed. I’d rather not do that, because life outside of scientology is so much better.

This blog, “JennyAtLAX,” will continue, regardless. It’s intentions and direction, however, will change. Instead of reporting on scientology, I’ll be discussing other topics, including reincarnation, theosophy and, in particular, why I wrote Jeff Chandler.

Why did I write Jeff Chandler? Was it because it had been my lifelong goal to become a traditionally-published author? Nope. Is it because I had become impressed with Chandler’s experience as a motion picture, radio and vocal artist? Nope; I had never even heard of Jeff Chandler. I had never even seen any of his motion pictures nor had I ever heard of any of his radio broadcasts or his records.

I didn’t know anything about Jeff Chandler. Yet people have been calling me “Jeff” for as long as I can remember. The book Jeff Chandler is the result of my search into finding out who “Jeff” is. Reincarnation, theosophy and the occult all figures into the story.

Thank you for reading this.