“Every Communist revolution begins as a rape of the present and continues as a cannibalization of the past.” — David Horowitz, The Black Book of the American Left, Volume 1

In 2020, this is what’s happening in the United States; in Seattle, Washington’s “Autonomous Zone,” in particular.

Don’t let the U.S.A. become the U.S.S.A.*

An example of the cannibalization of America’s past comes courtesy of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat-California, who believes that the names of Confederate leaders as well as the statues of those men need to be removed from Washington, D.C.

“These names have to go… the statues have to go…” said Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi shows great distaste for the President of the United States. As she denounced this country’s heritage as being peopled by “white supremacists,” she added, “He [President Donald Trump] seems to be the only person left who doesn’t get it.”

Pelosi’s further cannibalization of America’s past can be seen in a letter she wrote to the Joint Committee of the U.S. Capitol. In that letter, she stated that the Confederate statues in the building are a “grotesque affront” to American ideals; that they “pay homage to hate, not heritage.”

Meanwhile, rioters in Seattle’s “Autonomous Zone” raped America’s present by commandeering a six-block section of an American city. Further, the rioters have demanded that the city’s police department be defunded by 50 percent, as repeatedly called for by Nikkita Oliver, Seattle Peoples Party leader. Oliver says that such defunding will then increase funding for CBOs (community-based organizations).

Her statement and party affiliation seethes of Socialism.

Anyone freely associated with this zone should not be dealt with or reckoned with lightly; they have, in effect, denounced their American citizenship. They are treasonous to America and should be treated as Her enemy.

America is not racist; some Americans are racist. Police are not racists; some police are racists.**

*A take on “U.S.S.R.,” the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
**I’ve paraphrased radio talk show host Dennis Prager.

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